California Proposes Most Prohibitive Vaping Ban To Date

E-Cigarette News Jan 10, 2020 0

State Lawmakers Propose A New Vaping Ban That Would Go Even Farther Than The Recently Enacted Federal Version The new decade has not been kind to the vaping industry or the many who have quit smoking thanks to it.... Read more

Viggo Series Pod Vape Review

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Vaper Empire has done it again with their latest offering, check out this pod-based... Read more

Vaping Remains Banned, Illegal Cannabis Cartridges Sold Openly

E-Cigarette News Dec 30, 2019 0

Illegally operated retail outlets and dealers operating through platforms like Twitter make purchasing illicit... Read more

Research Shows Flavors Aren’t The Reason Some Teens Try Vaping

E-Cigarette News Dec 18, 2019 0

Data from the CDC’s National Youth Tobacco Survey indicates flavors are actually what appeals... Read more

Vaping Not A Gateway To Teen Smoking, Study Finds

E-Cigarette News Dec 4, 2019 0

Data Debunks Myth Of So-Called Teenage Vaping “Epidemic” Anti-vaping activists have long attempted to... Read more