FDA Threatens To Kill Vaping If This Stipulation Is Not Met

E-Cigarette News Nov 19, 2018 0

As part of their recent blitz against teenage vaping, Commissioner Gottlieb has said teenage vaping rates must drop significantly or harsher regulation will follow In the decade since vaping first became widely popular, there has been a lot of... Read more

Vaping Soon To Be Banned In Another Major Destination

E-Cigarette News Nov 15, 2018 0

Hong Kong has changed their mind on vaping and is now looking into full... Read more

You Won’t Believe What A New Study Is Teaching Us About How To Market Vaping

E-Cigarette News Nov 12, 2018 0

A new report finds that one of the primary causes of poor public perception... Read more

The Vaping Community Won’t Believe What The FDA Has Planned Next

E-Cigarette News Nov 7, 2018 0

Commissioner Scott Gottlieb recently announced a “new action plan” on vaping that could change... Read more

How To Best Utilize Vaping As A Harm Reduction Tool, According To Science

E-Cigarette News Nov 5, 2018 0

A new study indicates the best way to improve the efficacy of vaping as... Read more

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