Scientists Target Ecig Vapor in New Research Project

E-Cigarette News Nov 29, 2015 0

When Trevor Robinson started smoking as a teenager, he never dreamed it would become an addiction that would be hard to escape. By the time he was in his twenties, he was smoking two packs a day and knew... Read more

Man Suffers Broken Neck After Ecig Explodes, But Something Doesn’t Add Up Hot

E-Cigarette News Nov 25, 2015 0

Cordero Caples claims his ecig exploded, which left him with a broken neck, burned... Read more

Big Tobacco Warns FDA Regulations Will Remove Nearly All Ecigs From Market Hot

E-Cigarette News Nov 22, 2015 0

When most people think of Big Tobacco, they imagine devious men in suits cooking... Read more

Experts Speak Out Against Recent Surge in Public Ecig Bans

E-Cigarette News Nov 20, 2015 0

Maine is the latest casualty in the war on ecigarettes. Last month, state legislators... Read more

New Legislation Would Make It Illegal for Remote Workers to Use Ecigs at Home

E-Cigarette News Nov 14, 2015 0

In today’s world, a significant percentage of professionals work from home offices, choosing to... Read more

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