Massive Win! For The Third Year In A Row, California Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Ban Vaping

E-Cigarette News Oct 22, 2018 0

The regulation would prevent people from using e-cigarettes while in parks or on beaches throughout the state of California Dealing with all the vaping regulations is one of the most challenging things about being a vaper. Most countries have... Read more

The Potential Danger Of Repealing Vaping Bans

E-Cigarette News Oct 17, 2018 0

Critics worry that plans to allow vaping in the United Arab Emirates could ultimately... Read more

Another Win For Vaping! New Research Indicates Vaping Doesn’t Stain Teeth Like Smoking

E-Cigarette News Oct 15, 2018 0

The study indicates both Heat-not-Burn devices and traditional vaporizers significantly reduce the level of... Read more

Insane Tax Implemented Overnight Outrages Vaping Community

E-Cigarette News Oct 10, 2018 0

Vapers in Bahrain were given no warning when the government decided to place a... Read more

How A Vaping Flavor Ban Could Actually Help Big Tobacco

E-Cigarette News Oct 8, 2018 0

A study conducted by Yale researchers concluded that a flavor ban would likely lead... Read more

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