Democrat Governor Wants To Make Vaporizers Harder To Get In His State

E-Cigarette News Jan 16, 2019 0

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is once again taking a stand against vaping, but critics are concerned he’s focused on the wrong things The fight over how to handle vaping is ongoing, with little signs of stopping. Legislators around the country... Read more

Latest Craze Promises To Protect From Harsh Cold And Flu Symptoms

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Restrictive Vaping Regulations May Soon Be Replaced

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The UK has stated they plan on reviewing controversial e-cigarette regulations once Brexit is... Read more

Yet Another Nation Sees Its First Vaping Ban

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A large city in China has become the first to pass a ban on... Read more

How One Group’s Push For Vaping Could Change Everything In This Country

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Wahine Maori, or Maori Women, have been stepping up over the last several months... Read more