Research Proving No Ill-Effects Of Second-Hand Vapor Mounting

E-Cigarette News Nov 15, 2017 0

While it’s well understood that second-hand smoke can lead to cancer, more and more research shows that this is not the case for second-hand vaping Concerns over the safety of vaping have existed for nearly as long as e-cigarettes... Read more

England On Track To Be Smoke-Free By 2040 Hot

E-Cigarette News Nov 10, 2017 0

Report indicates that based on current trajectory, England will achieve its goal of 5%... Read more

FDA Extends Another Deeming Rule Deadline

E-Cigarette News Nov 8, 2017 0

With only ten hours left, the FDA delayed the deadline for manufacturers to submit... Read more

Are Vape Batteries Safe? Of Course, They Are!

E-Cigarette News Oct 29, 2017 0

Much is made over the safety of e-cigarette batteries by anti-vapers, but the statistics... Read more

Vaping Banned In New York Public Spaces Starting In 30 Days

E-Cigarette News Oct 25, 2017 0

Vaping has been added to New York’s Clean Indoor Air Act, prohibiting their public... Read more

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