Vaping Soon To Be Banned In Another Major Destination

E-Cigarette News Nov 15, 2018 0

Hong Kong has changed their mind on vaping and is now looking into full bans of e-cigarettes It’s discouraging to see how common it’s become for a government to decide to ban vaping. What is even more disheartening is... Read more

You Won’t Believe What A New Study Is Teaching Us About How To Market Vaping

E-Cigarette News Nov 12, 2018 0

A new report finds that one of the primary causes of poor public perception... Read more

The Vaping Community Won’t Believe What The FDA Has Planned Next

E-Cigarette News Nov 7, 2018 0

Commissioner Scott Gottlieb recently announced a “new action plan” on vaping that could change... Read more

How To Best Utilize Vaping As A Harm Reduction Tool, According To Science

E-Cigarette News Nov 5, 2018 0

A new study indicates the best way to improve the efficacy of vaping as... Read more

How Updated Warning Labels Could Significantly Benefit The Vaping Industry In The UK

E-Cigarette News Oct 29, 2018 0

Thanks to their decision to leave the EU, the UK may soon have to... Read more

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