Two Health Experts Explain Common Misconceptions About Vaping

E-Cigarette News Sep 17, 2017 0

Dr. Tim Chico and Prof. Peter Hajek critique some of the most commonly referenced concerns over e-cigarettes. The annual ERS International Congress Conference was held last week in Milan, Italy. Leading experts in the field of respiratory conditions met... Read more

Connecticut Governor Adds 75% Vaping Tax to Budget Proposal

E-Cigarette News Sep 12, 2017 0

40% tax implemented in Pennsylvania lead to mass closure of shops across the state,... Read more

Canada’s Bill S-5 Could Prove Unconstitutional If Enacted

E-Cigarette News Sep 11, 2017 0

Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation released a devastating critique in non-partisan think tank... Read more

Scotland Works Toward “Smoke-Free Generation”

E-Cigarette News Sep 7, 2017 0

Scotland’s 2013 tobacco control policy overhaul has been effective over the first four years... Read more

Scientific Consensus For Vaping As A Smoking Cessation Tool Progressively Growing Stronger

E-Cigarette News Sep 5, 2017 0

More large studies find strong correlation between frequent E-cigarette use and successfully quitting smoking.... Read more

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