You Won’t Believe Which State Is Cracking Down On Vaping Now

E-Cigarette News Jan 29, 2020 0

Lawmakers In Washington Propose Sweeping Crackdown On Vaping Industry Following the announcement of a federal ban on flavored vapor products by the FDA, a number of states and localities have announced various prohibitions of their own. Unfortunately for vapers... Read more

California Proposes Most Prohibitive Vaping Ban To Date

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Viggo Series Pod Vape Review

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Vaping Remains Banned, Illegal Cannabis Cartridges Sold Openly

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Illegally operated retail outlets and dealers operating through platforms like Twitter make purchasing illicit... Read more

Research Shows Flavors Aren’t The Reason Some Teens Try Vaping

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Data from the CDC’s National Youth Tobacco Survey indicates flavors are actually what appeals... Read more