How Safe Is Vaping THC In Public?

E-Cigarette News Oct 13, 2017 0

Vaping is generally associated with e-liquids and smoking cessation, but they have long been used for THC extraction. As e-cigarettes continue to grow in acceptance and prevalence, does that make it safe to use them in places you couldn’t... Read more

WHO Warns Researchers Not To Work With PMI’s New Foundation For A Smoke-Free World

E-Cigarette News Oct 8, 2017 0

WHO says that the Philip Morris International backed, Foundation For A Smoke-Free World has... Read more

From Cig-A-Likes To Forced Air Technology, A Quick Breakdown Of Different Types Of Vapes

E-Cigarette News Oct 5, 2017 0

It can be hard to stay on top of all the latest in vaping... Read more

CDC Inadvertently Supports Claims That Vaping Doesn’t Lead To Smoking In Teenagers

E-Cigarette News Sep 30, 2017 0

Study released earlier this year seemingly supports idea that vaping isn’t a gateway. Only... Read more

Philip Morris International Pledges $1 Billion To Help Start Anti-Smoking Foundation

E-Cigarette News Sep 24, 2017 0

PMI will donate $80 million a year for the next 12 years to the... Read more

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