Brand New Study Proves The Real Value Behind These Places

E-Cigarette News Jul 17, 2019 0

A new report on vape shops indicates they play an integral role in orienting people and providing them with appropriate information. Despite having been around for over 15 years at this point, many people are still woefully misinformed about... Read more

Insane New Vaping Tax Is Twice As High As Tobacco Tax

E-Cigarette News Jul 15, 2019 0

The state of Vermont recently implemented a 92% vaping tax, while their tobacco tax... Read more

FDA Plan Will Make Teenage Vaping Worse According To Industry Expert

E-Cigarette News Jul 10, 2019 0

CEO of the National Association of Convenience Stores recently wrote an op-ed detailing how... Read more

New Ban Prohibits Sale Of Vaporizers But Keeps Cigarettes On Store Shelves

E-Cigarette News Jul 5, 2019 0

While some criticize the move for being too harsh, others have applauded it and... Read more

What Has This Famous Anti-Vaping Senator Finally Admitting E-Cigarettes Are A “Good Thing”

E-Cigarette News Jul 1, 2019 0

Senator Chuck Schumer is taking his fight against vaping to a place both sides... Read more

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