Village to Aid Johnson Creek in FDA Fight

E-Cigarette News Feb 16, 2017 0

A community in Wisconsin is getting help from local officials to fight unfair FDA rules that could wipe e-cigarette retailers out of business. Johnson Creek Enterprises, a major e-liquid retailer, was informed by its local village board that the... Read more

E-Cigarettes Proved Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes

E-Cigarette News Feb 10, 2017 0

As e-cigarettes and vaping become more popular, the debate about their relative safety compared... Read more

TX State Democrat Puts Vaping in Crosshairs

E-Cigarette News Feb 2, 2017 0

A Democratic state senator in Texas wants to raise the legal age for purchasing... Read more

Rally Against 40% Tax on Vaping Takes Place in PA

E-Cigarette News Jan 25, 2017 0

Pennsylvania is one of several states that is waging a war on vaping at... Read more

Looking Towards Trump Admin To Save Vaping

E-Cigarette News Jan 20, 2017 0

While the country is deeply divided on the issue of Donald Trump becoming the... Read more

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