Surprising Facts About How Vaping Improves Effectiveness Of Prescription Drugs

E-Cigarette News Jul 18, 2018 0

New research indicates smoking cessation aids work better when used in conjunction with vaping More and more we are seeing people looking to quit smoking using prescription drugs as a cessation tool. However, a study out of the University... Read more

Learn How Vaping Is Changing Everything About Teenage Smoking

E-Cigarette News Jul 17, 2018 0

A new report shows the dramatic drop in teenage smoking coinciding with the explosion... Read more

Game Changing Claims About Forcing Vapers Into Designated Smoking Areas

E-Cigarette News Jul 11, 2018 0

A public health official in the UK says that banishing vapers to smoking areas... Read more

Learn How This Small Decision Will Change Everything About Vaping Research

E-Cigarette News Jul 9, 2018 0

The editor of a famous journal bans the use of tobacco products to describe... Read more

Insane 80% Tax That Will Change Everything About Vaping In This State

E-Cigarette News Jul 4, 2018 0

The Governor of Rhode Island is pushing an 80% vaping tax for the second... Read more

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