Public Policy Professor Debunks Demonizing Disquisition

E-Cigarette News Mar 12, 2018 0

a study touted by anti-vaping activists claiming to show vaping causes heart attacks has been shown to have critically flawed methodology and conclusions A dated student project has been making the rounds on social media touting itself as new... Read more

Switching To E-Cigarettes Reduces Carcinogen Exposure By 64% In Only Two Weeks

E-Cigarette News Mar 12, 2018 0

An Oxford study measuring the effects of vaping on the body found that smokers... Read more

Head Of CDC Forced To Resign Over Shady Business Dealings

E-Cigarette News Feb 1, 2018 0

Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald resigns in disgrace as reports claim she traded in big tobacco... Read more

How Making The Switch To Vaping Can Save You Tons Of Cash

E-Cigarette News Jan 31, 2018 0

While the startup costs can sometimes scare smokers away, the bottom line is that... Read more

Three Common Misconceptions About Vaping Disproven

E-Cigarette News Jan 23, 2018 0

In our current world full of fake news, it can be tough to understand... Read more

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