The Cocktail Nerd team met back on a local mixology course in late 2010. Like many on these courses, I always admired the tutor, a local bar tender who was infamous for his cocktail flaring. I never thought I would be able to replicate his skills and showmanship, however being able to make nice drinks for friends and families at get together would certainly be a cool party trick!

I (David) had been using electronic cigarettes for about 2 years. It’s always been a great ice breaker with strangers, and an opportunist smoke break in the middle of my first class was no different. I soon got chatting away to 4 or 5 different smokers who were all interested in my V2 Cigs E Cigarette. I did the usual explanation of what it was and how much better I found it than my previous pack-a-day Marlboro Reds habit. This would go on every week and really help me start putting some names to the faces that were doing the course with me.

One week I got to chatting with Katie and she had started using e-cigarettes about year before and really hadn’t liked them. I was surprised and then I found out she had bought one at a concession stand at our local mall. I broke open a fresh cartridge and spare battery and got her to test my modern V2 Cigs electric cigarette. Her face lit up and she said the difference was incredible. A few weeks later she approached me before we went into the class to show me her shiny brand new V2 Cig Starter Kit.

During our smoke break she couldn’t thank me enough for converting her from an e-cig sceptic. Just as I was asking her how she was getting on without smoking, Lorna tapped me on the back and said “Snap!”. Turns out our shy and reserved lady had been listening intently to my glowing recommendation of electronic cigarettes and had decided to get one too. After passing a few jokes back and forth about my new status of smoking alternative guru, we got talking about how we felt the internet was the main source helping to spread the word about e-cigarettes.

Katie felt that there was either a lack of good information or it was information overload from people that were well meaning but made it hard for ordinary people to understand. Lorna had researched online before she bought hers and felt that a lot of sites were big adverts rather than just friendly advice she had overheard from me. We joked that we should start our own site and offer e-smoking and cocktail tips LOL!

Sadly our bi-weekly mixology classes came to end abruptly when our class tutor had been offered a new job out of state. Regrettably, that meant that our e-cigarette tips swapping also came to an end. A few months past and one Saturday I bumped into Katie while we were out with our respective partners shopping. We all grabbed a coffee and the subject of starting a site came up again. I had been putting together a little site for my boss and it turns out Katie had been blogging make-up tips for a few years. We swapped emails address and in the following weeks, we started putting together a little site.

We had a simple aim that we would just offer small friendly advice and a little platform for others to share opinions and tips. Lorna was Facebook friends with Katie and thought it would be cool to get a 3rd person’s reviews and opinions into the site. We got a little site together with 6 or so e-cigarettes we had all tired. After a slow start, (barely anyone found us in the first 6 month LOL), our reputation must have spread because since the turn of the year we’ve had a decent number of hits to the site. Not only that, but we’ve started to receive user submitted reviews everywhere from Utah to the UK!

We’re both surprised and happy by the success of the site and we’re excited about how the site and community will develop over the next few years!
Common Question: ‘Ok I get the cocktail bit but what’s the nerd bit about?’ The name owes to the now defunct mixology course we all met on, ‘The Cocktail Nerd’.



ecig review by DavidI started smoking in my late teens. My habit got pretty bad and the birth of my daughter really made me think that I should consider quitting. I tried going cold turkey, patches and gum but nothing seemed to work for me. Then in 2008 I discovered e-cigarettes and I’ve never looked back. I’ve tried a number of different brands over the years and consider myself to be an expert by accident!

I actually use zero nicotine cartridges these days and I’m pretty much nicotine free. I still enjoy vaping different flavors and testing and playing around with different kits. I must admit that I still enjoy the odd cigar (much to my wife’s dismay!), but I would never touch another tobacco cigarette again.

I don’t hold any real ambitions for the site, if I can just help one person switch, then all the hard work will be worth it!

Current Brand: White Cloud (awesome and worth the money if you have it!)
Favourite Cocktail: Long Island Iced Tea



ecig review by KatieI think like most people I started smoking through peer pressure as a teenager. I managed to quit a few times, but never managed to get past more than few month before stress from studying or work pressures got the better of me. I actually had a negative first experience of electronic cigarettes, picking up a cheap and horrible model from my local mall. I was so naïve back then that I didn’t realize there was actually more than one manufacturer of e-cigs! Thanks to that chance meeting with David I haven’t had a tobacco cigarette in 18 months. I feel great, apart from now putting on weight because I can taste so much amazing food LOL!

If I can help people avoid my mistakes and make sure they don’t get turned off of e-cigs for good, which I think is important because they can change your life.

Current Brand: V2 Cigs (Industry Standard for me!)
Favourite Cocktail: Tequila Sunrise



ecig review by LornaI had been a smoker for 30 years before discovering e-cigarettes, and to be honest I had completely given up on the change of being able to give up tobacco. This was a really negative drain on my life, as I felt I was rolling the dice with my health every time I was lighting up. My children are becoming adults and I want to experience being a grandmother for as long as possible. Through pure luck of an overheard conversation, I discovered e-cigarettes. After a few Google searches, I managed to track down the highly popular and reliable Green Smoke Starter Kit. This has provided me with a great experience and an excellent standard to judge the kits David & Katie provide for me to review.

I just want to help provide an easy, no hassle, center for advice on e-smoking.

Current Brand: Green Smoke (Vanilla Cartridge can’t be beaten!)
Favourite Cocktail: Tom Collins