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AquaCig Review

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  • Starter Kit Range: $19.95 - $109.95
  • Cartridges Cost: $2.19
  • Cartridge Life: 200 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 250 Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB & Car

AquaCig is one of the newest e-cig brands on the market, launching in July 2013. We were quick to order one of their kits so we could test it out and see what this brand was all about. The company started out with three kit options in really varied price ranges. The Express Kit is the cheapest at just $19.95 and it comes with one battery, two cartridges, a carrying case, and USB charger. The next step up is the Standard Kit, which has two batteries, a charging kit, and five cartridges for $39.95.

For this review, we tried the AquaCig Ultimate Kit. It’s the most expensive at $109.95, but it includes three batteries, 15 cartridges, 2 express chargers, 2 wired chargers, 2 wall adapters, and 2 carbon carrying cases. You can choose this kit in four nicotine strengths and the cartridges come in three flavors: tobacco, menthol, or cherry. Even though this kit is priced a little higher, it’s really worth it because you get so many supplies. Honestly, you could probably split the contents of this starter kit with your spouse or your friend and end up with a real bargain.

My first impression of AquaCig is pretty positive. Their website is really nice and clean. It’s simple, but I like that because it’s easy to navigate. The kit arrived in a very nice package and the ecig itself is attractive. It’s your basic two-piece design, but it is sleek and comfortable to use. I also liked the carbon carrying cases included in this kit. They aren’t charging cases, but they are a stylish option for storing your e-cig when it isn’t in use.

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  • starter

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  • $27.95

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  • Standard Kit
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  • $49.95

I tried the e-cig immediately after it arrived and overall, I think it’s a good unit that performs well. The tobacco flavor was a close match to the taste of a tobacco cigarette. I know every brand really varies their tobacco flavoring, but I preferred AquaCig tobacco to a lot of other brands I’ve tried. The tobacco cartridges had good vapor performance and a nice throat hit.

On the other hand, I wasn’t a big fan of the menthol cartridge. It produced significantly less vapor and the throat hit was way too light for my liking. I wasn’t overly impressed with this menthol, but then again, very few brands manage to nail the menthol flavor and still get performance right.

To round things out, I also tried the cherry cartridges and I really enjoyed those. The taste was light and fruity and I even thought the cherry cartridges had a slightly better draw than the tobacco and menthol.

My only real issue with AquaCig was that the cartridges seemed a little inconsistent. Sometimes I got huge clouds of vapor and other times, it was a smaller amount. I did discover that if you unscrew the cartridge just a little bit, you get more vapor and a better draw on the AquaCig. I suspect that with AquaCig being a relatively new brand, they will make some improvements in the coming months to insure the cartridges are more consistent.

Overall, I think AquaCig is a good choice if you are looking for a tobacco flavored e-cigarette. However, it’s probably not the right model for you if you love menthol. This is definitely a promising e-cig and I think if they make a few slight improvements, we will see them moving up in the rankings very soon.


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