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Halo Coupon Codes
If you are looking for an e-cig that is both unique and incredibly functional, we recommend Halo E-Cigarettes. Halo is truly setting new industry standards for electronic cigarettes everyday. This American-based company offers e-cigarettes made to the highest quality standards. The difference is very real with an excellent performance... Read more
EverSmoke Coupon Codes

Save money EverSmoke with these coupon codes. This is an exciting new brand that is gaining in popularity fast!

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Perplexed by the shear range of electronic cigarette starter kits on the market? Fear no more, as CocktailNerd has put some skilled Nerds to work on creating you your very own easy and customizable e-cig comparison chart. Simply select a kit you wish to compare directly from any review... Read more
Halloween Discount Codes 2013
We’re counting down the days to Halloween and we want you to celebrate with us. This week, we’re excited to show you a round up of the best Halloween deals on electronic cigarettes. We’ve found some incredible savings on all of our top ranking brands so now is the... Read more
South Beach Smoke Coupons
If you are looking for a more glamorous electronic cigarette, we recommend South Beach Smoke. This brand is a Hollywood favorite and it has been spotted on television and in tabloids time after time. You might have seen South Beach Smoke e-cigs on the cover of In Touch Weekly... Read more
V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs Reviews are all over the internet these days because they are one of the best brands available. The V2 Cigs starter kits are a two piece design that delivers large amount of vapor, great flavors, and many great accessories as well. For those consumers who want a custom flavor, V2Cigs allows users to order custom made cartridges to a flavor of their choice. Just pick anything and V2 Cigs will emulate it to the best of their ability.

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South Beach Smoke Review
Introduction: South Beach Smoke has been one of the top e-cig brands in the industry for a long time.  They’re constantly coming up with innovative new products and expanding their line of devices to cater to every level of vaper.  South Beach Smoke began by offering high-quality cig-a-like e-cigs... Read more
2019 White Cloud Review
Since purchasing my first White Cloud starter kit, the company has completely changed. Over the years, I’ve watched as they introduced new models and nearly all of the prices on their site have been reduced tremendously. People used to complain that White Cloud was totally unaffordable, but that’s not... Read more
Green Smoke Review

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Firebrand Coupons
Firebrand is a revolutionary electronic cigarette with advanced technology for vapers that want to take their e-cig experience to the next level. If you are looking to move beyond the basic mini e-cig, Firebrand is a great option with tank models that allow you to experiment with e-liquid in... Read more
White Cloud Coupon Codes
Years ago, White Cloud electronic cigarettes were reserved for the vaping elite. Their expensive kits offered the best imaginable e-cig experience, but the price tag made them out of the question for most ordinary vapers. Fortunately, White Cloud has given their whole line of e-cigs an overhaul and lowered... Read more
SmokeTip Discount Codes
SmokeTip offers a simple, streamlined vaping experience that makes using electronic cigarettes easier than ever. Instead of offering multiple starter kits and accessories, this brand simplifies the process with one starter kit that comes equipped with everything you need, whether you are a rookie vaper or already a pro.... Read more
Pure Cigs Coupons
If you are looking for a solid electronic cigarette at an affordable price, Pure Cigs is definitely a brand to consider. We love Pure Cigs because they offer such a great selection of starter kits, cartridges, and even disposable electronic cigarettes. For new vapers, this brand provides a unique... Read more
Premium Vapes Coupon Codes
If you are looking for a high end e-cigarette that is still affordable for everyday use, consider Premium Electronic Cigarettes. For years, Premium has had the reputation of producing some of the best quality e-cigs on the market with dozens of options for customization. They offer starter kits ranging... Read more
Eluma Cigs Coupons
Eluma offers electronic cigarettes that are both affordable and high quality. Our readers love Eluma because the love prices make it a good fit for any smoker. However, the vapor is thick and the throat hit is satisfying so it outranks many of the competitors with higher price tags.... Read more
Blu Cigs Coupons
When you first start to explore the world of electronic cigarettes, you will probably encounter Blu Ecigs right away. This brand is owned by Big Tobacco company Lorillard and it has an aggressive marketing campaign that is targeting smokers around the United States. As a result, Blu is one... Read more
The Safe Cig Coupon Codes
*** Attention! As of this morning, 2/4/13, Safe Cig’s website is down. We believe this is just a temporary issue and will post any updates as we get them. In the meantime, we are recommending V2 Cigs because they have very comparable products. Check out the V2 Cigs Review... Read more
Green Smoke Discount Codes
Choosing the right electronic cigarette can be a challenge, but Green Smoke makes it simple to start vaping. This brand is one of the most popular choices for experienced e-cig fans and it offers huge volumes of vapor that have really become the industry standard. We often compare a... Read more
V2 Cigs Coupons

V2 Cigs is the most popular choice when you are searching for an e-cig starter kit. The sleek two piece design offers smokers the ultimate convenience, making it a perfect choice if you are new to e-cigs.

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Cocktail Nerd Social Media Contest!
## This contest is now closed! If you would like update of new contests and e-cigarette giveaways, please join our mailing list, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter ## The Details The CocktailNerd team has teamed up with V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture to giveaway a... Read more
Were SKYCIG and Blu eCigs separated at birth? While we haven’t found definitive evidence that US-based Blu and UK-based SKYCIG are or ever were related, the similarities between the two brands are remarkable. Blu has become the most well-known electronic cigarette companies in the United States. While they’ve led... Read more
EverSmoke Review
EverSmoke is quickly gaining attention as one of the high-end kits on the e-cig market. So far, it is getting great feedback online! I was definitely pumped to try it for myself after reading lots of positive reviews. When I got my kit, everything was packaged nicely. I really... Read more
Halo Cigs Review
It’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking that one brand of electronic cigarette is just like the every other brand. The Halo electronic cigarette proves that this type of thinking is erroneous. Before releasing the Halo to the public, the company put a great deal of effort... Read more
Revolver Cigs Review
If you are a medium to advanced vaper looking for a little more than the standard e-cigarette, you definitely want to check out Revolver. The Revolver kits utilize some of the most cutting edge vaping technology along with innovative new designs so that you are getting the most unique... Read more
Firebrand Cigs Review
When I first decided to try out electronic cigarettes I did something stupid. Instead of reading through reviews and asking lots of questions, I chose the cheapest brand of electronic cigarettes I could find. I don’t know why I was so worried about the price of the electronic cigarettes;... Read more
Crown7 Review
If you are looking for a good electronic cigarette, Crown 7 will likely appear on your list of possibilities simply because it is so well known. This company held nothing back in advertising and the Crown 7 pen style e-cig has appeared in the New York Post, US News... Read more
Vapor Couture Review
Alright ladies, this review is for you! Are you sick and tired of e-cigarettes that are designed for men? If so, then Vapor Couture is going to be the perfect choice for you. When you think couture, you probably do not think in terms of electronic cigarettes, but that... Read more
Vaping Vamps Review
Surprisingly, there are still very few electronic cigarette companies primarily for women. We were one of the first websites to review Vapor Couture – V2’s sister e-cig company just for women. While Vapor Couture caters to women very well by emulating high fashion icons such as Louis Vuitton and... Read more
Breathe Fresh eCigs Review
Breathe Fresh’s approach to selling electronic cigarettes is all about simplicity. Most e-cig companies are working hard to expand their product lines and introduce new, complex models. For newcomers to e-smoking, all of these options can be daunting and may make their shopping experience difficult and stressful. Breathe Fresh... Read more
E-Lites Review
While the vast majority of our visitors come from the US, we wanted to provide some better options for our European visitors. While our mates across the ocean can buy from most of the companies we review, the shipping time and costs don’t make much sense for them. After... Read more
NicStick Review

NicStick offers some very good electronic cigarette products. Their best starter kits use the new and exciting tank cartridge system. Unfortunately their website is poorly organized.

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V2 Cig Cartridges Reviews
When it comes to customer favorites, V2 Cigs are usually listed. While there are many reasons for the strong reviews, a consistent theme is the quality of V2’s cartridges and we agree. They perform every time and the flavors are outstanding. V2 gives you two options for when your... Read more
Green Smoke Cartridges Reviews
We consistently see Green Smoke ranking at the top among our reader reviews so I was excited to jump in and start testing all of the flavors that Green Smoke offers. This brand’s big claim to fame is FlavorMax technology that makes the cartridges last longer and release 25... Read more
The Price Comparison: Cig vs. E-Cig
Everyone wants to save money these days. Unemployment is at an all time high, the stock market keeps tipping towards an all time low, and there is no denying the fact that recreational spending is at a halt for most of us. When creating a budget, it can be... Read more
The fact that so many reviews always focus on the electronic cigarette as a whole has always bugged me. I get that the battery is kind of an important feature, but let’s face it. It’s possible to work around a battery that has a short life, all you have... Read more
Smoke Tip Cartridges Reviews
SmokeTip has recently experienced a lot of positive feedback from vapers. I just ordered a bunch of their new flavor cartridges and I was really excited to check them out. Even though SmokeTip only offers one starter kit, they have a ton of cartridge options to keep you from... Read more
eSmoke Cartridge Reviews
I have been using the eSmoke electronic cigarettes for about six months now and have been really happy with them. One of the things that sets the eSmoke electronic cigarette apart from the other brands is that they have created an electronic cig cartridge that is actually disposable. This... Read more
White Cloud Cartridges Reviews
When I decided to start using the White Cloud electronic cigarette I had no way of knowing how much the simple change was going to affect my life. My life has improved in ways that I could never have imagined. Every single change has been triggered by the White... Read more
South Beach Cartridge Reviews
One of the things that I most like about the cartridges that the South Beach Smokes use is the price. I am spending a fraction of the price that I used to spend on a pack of cigarette. I am constantly coming up with new and entertaining ways to... Read more
Smokeless Delite Cartridge Reviews
When I decided that I wanted to start using electronic cigarettes as opposed to traditional cigarettes, the brand that I was initially drawn to was the Green Smoke. Everyone I talked to said that it provided the best flavor, throat hit, and also had the highest density. The thing... Read more