Brand New Study Makes Huge Discovery About Vaping Brand New Study Makes Huge Discovery About Vaping

This is just the latest work from Dr Farsalinos, who vapers might know from his many replication studies

For years now the debate about vaping has been on. Different countries make varying decisions on how to handle vaping, while the proper information is still being tested and gathered. We are now reaching the point, on a global scale, where decisions have to be made and finalized. Now that we’re here, it seems both sides of the debate only want to dig in their heels. Critics of vaping continue to push disproven ideas and falsified evidence; they say that e-cigarettes are targeting teens, and that vaping will serve as a gateway to smoking. On the other side of the aisle, vaping supporters are continuing to gather evidence that vaping has immense value for both smoking cessation and harm reduction purposes. In that vein, Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, world-renowned tobacco control expert, has published a new report which backs up vaping as a useful tool to help smokers.

Farsalinos has become prominent in the debate on vaping from his work over the past few years. He makes an effort to repeat experiments to prove their validity. This process has exposed several reports that were either done improperly or with biased intent. The community now looks to Dr Farsalinos to indicate if studies have validity or if they have skewed results. This latest report by Dr Farsalinos is not a repeated study; it is instead his own work taking a look at how and why smokers choose to quit and how vaping can have an impact on these choices.

The Study

Joining Dr Farsalinos were other researchers including Dr Georgios Siakas, of the University of Macedonia and Dr Konstantinos Poulas, of the University of Patras. Funding came from the National School of Public Health and the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens. The purpose of the report was to look at the association between vaping and the amount of time it takes smokers to quit. Data was gathered from over 2500 participants, all current or former smokers and vapers. Once the information was gathered researchers immediately saw an deep correlation.

What the team found was that 40% of participants who successfully quit since 2014 had done so with the assistance of vaporizers. This includes people who continue to vape as well as people who utilized vaping during their quit attempt. Some other interesting statistics were gathered and noted by the team. They found 62% of vapers were former smokers, with 36% being dual users, or vaping and smoking interchangeably. One statistic found supports the argument that vaping does not attract non-smokers. Only 0.2% of the people who currently vaped had not previously been regular smokers. In his report, Dr Farsalinos referenced other studies as well, which found smokers who take up vaping are 11 times more likely to quit smoking.

The Power Of E-cigarettes

While the contents of this report are thorough and supportive, the information they show is not unheard of. Instead, this is yet another study in a long line that shows vaping to have incredible value for smoking cessation and harm reduction. It was all the way back in 2015 that Public Health England first reported their findings, that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. As recently as last month, a study published found that vaping exposed users to 93% fewer toxicants than smoking. Another study concluded, excluding genetic predisposition, vapers have a 57,000 times lower risk of developing cancer than a smoker of a similar background.

There are also numerous reports and studies that found vaping to be one of the most effective smoking cessation tools on the market. One study, out of the University of Louisville, found e-cigarettes to be more effective at helping smokers successfully quit than nicotine gums, patches, and even prescriptions. Another study that took a look at over 60,000 students, proved the teen vaping epidemic is little more than scare tactic hyperbole, as only 0.1% to 0.5% of non-smoking teens pick up vaping; Dr Farsalinos’ findings of 0.2% is right in line with that statistic as well.


This is just one among many studies being conducted and published that show the positive effect vaping has for smokers. With most of the scientific community in agreement, it is the perception of the general public that remains one of the biggest hurdles. Polls on the topic have found that as little as 13% of adults truly understand vaping’s smoking cessation and harm reduction value. More research, like this, must be supported and disseminated for people to come around, and for vaping to reach its real potential in the fight against tobacco. Once the general population learns the truth of the matter, we will be able to end smoking once and for all.

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