Discover Seven New Ways To Get High Quality Vaping Equipment For Cheap Discover Seven New Ways To Get High Quality Vaping Equipment For Cheap

If you’ve ever wondered how much are vapes, or where to get cheap vapes for sale, you’ve come to the right place

Vaping For Cheap

When you’re just starting out with vaping, or you’re trying to find a good sale, it can be difficult to know how much vapes and accessories should cost. This makes it difficult to understand what qualifies as a good deal. Products can vary from fairly simple to very complicated, and the prices can have just an extreme range as well. If you don’t know what something is really worth, it can be difficult to say if you’re getting a good product at a reasonable price. To help out, we’ve put together a guide to the best in affordable vaping. Since many of you may be new to vaporizers, just looking to test the waters, we will do some quick overviews of what the different types of products are and how to find the best deal. Each style has their own pros and cons and is associated with a diverse price range.

Box Mods

Box Mods are the largest of the vape options, which means giving up some portability for power and customization. The large size is mainly due to the advanced circuitry and externally charged batteries used to power the vape. You can probably imagine why then they tend to be the most expensive vaping option. A starter kit that includes the box mod itself and an atomizer can usually be found for between $100 and $450. Luxury vape mods have been known to go up to a few thousand though. On average you’ll find a box mod for around $160.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are slightly larger than cig-a-likes, and with that size comes more power. They retain a lot of the portability and utilize either tanks or cartridges. The vape price of pen mods will range anywhere from $40 up to a few hundred dollars for more advanced models. On average you will find them around $120.


The simplest of the cheap vapes, Cig-a-likes were initially made to mimic traditional cigarettes, which is where the name comes from. These can be found for as low as $20 and go as high as around $100. Generally, the average price will be around $65.


Now that we’ve gone over the average prices you can expect to find, we can now explore less expensive options. First, however, we’d like to give a little warning. When buying vaping equipment for discount prices, research is imperative. It can be enticing to simply go with the lowest price off the bat, but you should always make sure to look into the product and only make purchases from reputable vendors. If you don’t, you could be heading for one of several disastrous scenarios.

You run a lot of risks with cheap box mods that range from waiting an exorbitantly long time for your cheap vape to arrive, to getting a product that is poorly made, or even receiving a product that could be defective and dangerous. Even if you are confident about the respectability of your vendors, it may still be worth it to buy your supplies from a domestic vendor. Ordering from overseas has been known to take months for you to receive your product.

Honorable Mentions

If you’ve learned anything about vaping, you’ll know that it is a unique experience and individual journey. With our picks, we really tried to weigh the value of what you get versus price, a bang for your buck type of scenario. Before we get into our top selections, we’ve also prepared a list of some other cheap vape starter kits you might want to check out. These vape pens for sale and vape mods for sale are some of the best deals currently on the market, so don’t miss out.

Smok Priv One AIO Kit

Smok is well known for producing top-tier vape products, and this kit is no exception. The Priv One is a box mod that is built to last. It features a built-in battery and tank and boasts an output of 25W and 4.2V. The Priv One is great if you are looking to enjoy the mouthfeel, as it has impressive airflow and control. Follow the link above, and you can get this device for a 43% discount of $22.95.

Eleaf iCARE Mini Kit

This Eleaf iCARE Mini is, as the name implies, a smaller version of the iCARE. It offers much of the same amount of power and quality as the original but in a much smaller package. You can customize the LED display to help keep track of your battery levels. Right now you can get this device at 63% off for only $13.56.

Aspire Pockex Pocket Aio Sub Ohm Kit

This sleek design, available in black, white, silver, or rose gold is an excellent pen for only $18.95. It is an all in one kit that includes an internal battery and tank, both of which foster exceptional vapor quality, perfect for sub ohm vaping. This sleek and portable little vape will provide excellent performance for years to come.

Sigelei FUCHAI R7 Box Mod

Made from Zinc Alloy and durable plastics this striking box mod is built to last. The Sigelei Fuchai R7 Box Mod has a max output of 230W and 8.4V, making it great for power users. This mod is available in black, white, blue, and yellow and right now you can get it for 64% off, getting an almost $70 value for just $24.99.

Wismec Sinuous P80 Kit

With a selection in stylish metallic colors, the Sinuous P80 w/ Elabo Mini offers an 80W output and OLED display. You can keep this device up-to-date with upgradable firmware. The slide-top fill tank and child-lock system on the Elabo tank is an excellent pairing in both looks and functionality. Usually, this kit will run you $59.99, but right now you can get it for only $37.95.

Best Cheap Vape Box Mods

For this category, we’ve chosen the Smok X-Priv 225W Kit. Smok has been pumping out top quality products for a while now, and the team has shown no signs of slowing down. With the X-Priv you get a massive screen, advanced chipset, and a truly wonderful experience. While typically this kit would cost you $129.99, but if you buy it from the manufacturer and use code DNA10 you will get a full 64% off, getting this top-quality product for just $46.79.

Best Cheap Vape Pens

If you’re looking for a high-quality vape pen for a discount deal, we strongly recommend the Pro Series 3X. This pen offers plenty of power and versatility. It’s capable of using 3 different types of material, changing with just the switch of a cartridge, with a cartridge for dry herbs, another for wax, and finally the e-liquid cartridge. Recently they’ve also introduced pre-filled Pro-Pods for sale. Experimenting with different materials can be fun and really gives you the opportunity to add some variety to your day to day vaping experience. Typically, you can get this vape box mods for sale for $109.99, but right now you can snatch it for only $99.99. If that’s not enough, use the code ECR15 and lower the price further down to just $84.99.

Best Affordable Cig-A-Like

Our top pick in the cig-a-like category is the EX Standard Starter Kit by V2 Cigs. We had to boil it down to just one, so we choose the starter kit, but we really think the entire EX line is worth a look. This is a premium line of batteries and cartridges explicitly designed to fill your vaping needs without emptying your pockets. V2 is known for making top quality products, and the EX line is no exception. Usually, this kit is an excellent price at $59.95, but we’ve got you covered with an even better deal. With code ECR15 you can get an additional 15% off your purchase, bringing it down to only $50.95.


Researching the cheap vapes you buy is always crucial in any purchase, especially when you are looking at cheap vapes. The hassle, however, is totally worth it when you could be finding the deal of the century. If you’ve made it to this point and found that none of the picks on our list is the right fit for you and your vape style, then we really recommend you see your way to our deals section regularly. We make an effort to keep this up to date, continually posting the best deals on the market. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave us a line here or on our facebook or twitter pages. Until then, Vape On!


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