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Cigrex Review

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  • Starter Kit Range: $29.99
  • Cartridges Cost: $5.99
  • Cartridge Life: 300 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 300+ Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB & Car

I was really excited to try Cigirex electronic cigarettes because I have recently been hearing a lot about them online. This brand is really popular around the USA and it is sold in thousands of retail locations as well as through their website. My first impression of Cigirex was great. I loved the website from the moment I first saw it. Not only is the design attractive, but it is really easy to navigate and there are not so many options that you get confused. They break things down into a couple of simple categories so you can instantly find what you want. For me, I decided to for one of the rechargeable starter kits.

Cigirex Starter Kit Options

There are currently five different Cigirex rechargeable kits to choose from. There is a Black Ops kit that was designed for experienced vapers that like a higher nicotine content. Then there are four standard kits: Regular, Menthol, Light, and Zero. All of these kits contain the same basic supplies, but they differ in flavor and nicotine strength. The Regular and Menthol kits are 16mg, the Light is 11 mg, and the Zero is nicotine-free.

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  • $29.95

You can tell the difference between kits based on the color of the packaging. I really love the color coding on the packages. It reminds me of how Marlboro packages their cigarettes. The red kits are regular, green kits are menthol, light kits are gold, and zero kits are blue. I tried the Cigirex Light kit.


I loved the packaging! The flip top box was really similar to a standard pack of cigarettes. The size was perfect because it would easily fit in your pocket or in a girl’s purse. Inside my kit, there were two cartridges, a battery, and a USB charger. This kit is pretty simple, but it’s priced at a value for about $30. If you want a wall charger, you have to purchase that separately.

Once I unpacked my e-cig and assembled it, I was pleased with the design. It looks a lot like a real cigarette. It’s very lightweight so it feels nice in your hands. It’s not nearly as heavy as a lot of e-cigarettes. It also has a soft, squishy outer design that is reminiscent of the paper cover on a cigarette.


When I tried my Cigirex Light, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. While it wasn’t the most delicious e-cig I’ve ever tried, the flavor was actually really great for a light model. I honestly enjoyed using this one. It had an easy draw and the throat hit was mild enough to not leave me coughing. When you inhale, the tips lights up red and I thought that was a nice touch. It just added one more way that the Cigirex felt and looked like a real cigarette.

The package said that my Cigirex Light should last as long as 70 cigarettes. So I figured each cartridge should last like 35 cigarettes (or 1.5 packs). After using it for a while, I’d say that’s a pretty accurate assessment.

The Bottom Line

When I consider the Cigirex Light overall, I’d definitely recommend it to my friends. It’s a solid electronic cigarette with good vapor, pleasing taste, and a really great design. I think this one would be perfect some someone who has never used e-cigarettes in the past because it so closely resembles an analog cigarette in look and feel. It would make the transition to vaping pretty easy for most people. I would say Cigirex is definitely above average and deserves a try!


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