Examples Of Cloud Chasing That Will Inspire You To Start Examples Of Cloud Chasing That Will Inspire You To Start

The world of vape competition can be tricky. So we made a guide on the best vape setup for cloud chasing to help get you started making massive vape clouds

Cloud chasing is a competitive form of vaping, with the goal of producing a large, thick cloud of vapor. While that may seem simple, cloud chasing has deep reaching roots in the vaping community. The simple goal of producing more vapor on an exhale actually takes a ton of knowledge, time, and effort. There is also loads of passion among cloud chasers that keeps them pushing the limits of what they are able to do with their vaporizers. This, in turn, drives the vaping industry to move forward. The best cloud chasers are sponsored by brands, and in competitions, they can stand to win thousands of dollars in prize money. Whether you want to dip your toes in, or just jump right in, we’ve put together this guide to break down the basics of what you should know to become a genuine cloud chaser.

The Goal

One of the first steps to understanding cloud chasing may seem very basic, but seeing what you’re aiming for can be immensely helpful. We’ve made a selection of compilations that highlight some of the best cloud chasers doing their thing with the best cloud chasing mods. You’ll see that most, if not all, of them use high powered mods with RDAs, which facilitates massive clouds in minimal effort:

The video by Vape Capitol is a quick showcase of some of their favorite cloud chasers in the vape world.

This longer video shows the head to head battles in a recent cloud chasing competition.

Lastly, we have a video of amateurs showing that they can blow clouds with the best of them!

Tools of the Trade

The right cloud chaser vape is key to doing things right. If you overpower the wrong device, it could lead to battery failure, and, in the wrong circumstance, injury. So here we will break down the most critical parts of a cloud chasing rig, and the differences between them.

Tanks and RDA/RBAs

An atomizer is a huge part of what kind of experience you’ll have cloud chasing. An RDA, rebuildable drip atomizer, has been the traditional choice for cloud chasing. They offer users both power and customization. While they are still the choice for many cloud chasers RBAs, rebuildable atomizers, and sub-ohm tanks have now become powerful enough for top-tier cloud chasing as well. There have been loads of new types of tanks and atomizers utilizing these technologies, each promising the biggest cloud every time.

Sub-ohm tanks, though newer to the scene, offer convenience over the RDAs. Where before you would have to construct a new coil every time you wanted a fresh vape, sub-ohm tanks allow the user to utilize premade coils. For many people just starting out, who may not be as comfortable or knowledgeable about making their own coils, this is a huge bonus. That said RDAs, even RBAs, and RDTAs are still top of the line in cloud chasing so you will want to learn and get comfortable making your own coils sooner rather than later. Finding the best atomizer for you, your style, and needs requires a lot of hands-on testing. Our deals section is a great place to start. There you can find deals on a number of great atomizers, any of which will help you get started without breaking the bank. You can find deals there like the Vandy Vape LIT 24mm BF RDA for just $17.99, the Digiflavor Wildfire Flavor Sub Ohm Tank for 71% off at $9.99, or the Vandy Vape Berserker Mini RTA for $26.99.

Box/Mechanical Mods

It is crucial that you have the right mod for your atomizer, and vice versa. If you pair things incorrectly, it could lead to battery failure and possible injury. As such, the mod you choose will have a considerable influence on your cloud chasing experience. Regulated box mods have relatively recently gotten to the point where they can supply enough power for excellent cloud chasing. That said the gold standard is still mechanical mods. However, mechanical mods require more knowledge about battery safety including Ohm’s Law, to ensure you don’t overwork any of the pieces of your rig. Mechanical mods are the top choice among professionals for their power, customization, and airflow.

Again we cannot recommend the best vape for clouds for everyone as vaping is such a unique and individual experience. Being as it is, that means you will need to do plenty of hands-on experimenting. There are also great prices in our deals section for mods.

Right now some of our deals include the Smok GX 350 Box Mod, a steal at $32.37, a 68% discount and for a little less at $30.99 you can grab the Smoant Ranker 218W Box Mod Deal, over $100 savings.


The last thing you will need to ensure fantastic clouds is a high-quality e-liquid. You’ll want to find one that’s designed for use in a cloud chasing setup; These e-liquids work under high heat and are designed to facilitate massive clouds. It’s vital that you look for e-liquids with a high VG content. While PG supports flavor, that is not what cloud chasing is about. VG produces more vapor, so the flavor takes a back seat in this case.

It is also critical that your that you choose an e-liquid that has little, or better yet no, nicotine in it. When you are cloud chasing you will be inhaling and consuming large amounts of this vapor, especially when practicing over and over again. If you consume a large amount of nicotine every time,  the consequences could be severe. We’ll cover more on this topic later on, but just understand you want nicotine free e-liquids whenever you are cloud chasing. The good news for vapers is that brands are now offering wider varieties of flavors in different PG/VG  and nicotine levels. That means if you still want a particular flavor, your preferred brand likely has a high VG, low nicotine blend available.

Again we point you to our deals section because we want you to follow your cloud chasing dreams without going broke. Right now we suggest the deal we have listed for the E-liquid Sample Pack by Central Vapors. With this deal, you get five 10ml bottles of Central Vapors high-quality e-liquid in your choice of over 200 flavors for $11.96. Make sure in your selections that you are choosing high VG no nicotine blends.

The Risks of Chasing Clouds

Cloud chasing, as a competitive vaping event, is rapidly growing. It is a fun and accessible event, but being simple in concept doesn’t mean there aren’t any risks involved. As we talked about earlier nicotine overdoses can be an issue, with sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing vapers in particular ingest large amounts of e-liquid. If you’re using a nicotine e-liquid you’ll be consuming much, much more than under normal circumstances. Vapers who have not realized this issue have gotten sick from it.

There are no records of any adults dying from a nicotine overdose, but the milder symptoms are all too familiar. As with all types of vaping, e-liquids have to be handled with care and kept safely away from children. Children have died as a result of drinking everyday e-liquids, so if there is a child in your home, even if just for a visit, make sure you keep your e-liquids in a safe location.

Another potential risk is battery failure. While there is some risk of this with every type of vaping, sub-ohm cloud vapes and unregulated mods, which are used regularly in cloud chasing, have a higher risk. It is critical when using this type of equipment that you learn and fully grasp the implications of Ohm’s Law. Learning about this law and general battery safety can help you avoid any preventable accidents.

Lastly is public perception. This isn’t a risk, so much as it is a downside, but there is a widespread negative public perception of vaping. Polls and surveys have indicated time and time again that the general public simply does not understand the smoking cessation and harm reduction value of e-cigarettes. As it stands only 13% of adults recognize that vaping is substantially safer than smoking, while 26% believe vaporizers to be just as bad if not worse. Because of this, the term “professional vaper” is seen by many as a silly joke. So anyone who pursues cloud chasing will likely hear this kind of negativity from groups of ignorant or misguided individuals. That is just something else you will have to be prepared for.

Massive Cloud Tips

Now that you’ve learned about the equipment necessary, and some frame of reference for the result of doing it correctly, we’ve got some tips to help you succeed. The equipment you use is very influential regarding how successful your cloud chasing is. The same is true for your wicking material. The cheaper options for wicking material, while decent enough for day to day vaping, won’t give you the same consistency has a higher quality material when cloud chasing. So you should always try to opt for the best quality wicking material that fits within your budget.

Another item to consider is your airflow. Airflow is a significant factor in cloud chasing that can often make the difference between a good puff and a huge vape cloud. If you don’t have enough airflow, it’ll result in harsh drags, and sometimes it can result in your device overheating. The other end of the spectrum, too much airflow, can lead to the size and mouthfeel of your cloud being off. As with many other parts of vaping, the airflow needed is unique to the individual, so take some time to work out the best fit for you.

Now that you’ve got adequate equipment and materials, and you’ve figured out the best airflow or you, it is time to try your first cloud. One of the more important things to keep in mind when pulling is the proper breathing technique. While most of the things we’ve discussed so far can be switched out or adjusted for better variables, a certain amount of being able to create massive clouds comes down to lung capacity. Larger lungs can hold and expel the biggest vape cloud. That said, just because you don’t physically have huge lungs doesn’t mean you can’t still work on your breathing and become a world-class cloud chaser.

This last one is one of the most common tips you’ll hear from cloud chasers.  When it comes to breathing take it slow. You could have the best mod, most expensive e-liquid, and biggest set of lungs, but it won’t do any good if you’re inhaling and exhaling too quickly. Vaping too rapidly also has the potential to cause lightheadedness or dizziness. Proper technique means a slow, consistent stream for as long as is comfortable on the inhale, and on the exhale focus on being as slow as possible. Simply put, the slower you go with your inhale and exhale the larger your cloud will be.


We hope this guide has helped those who want to pursue cloud chasing, whether you do it to impress your buddies or to eventually compete professionally. It is crucial that you look for the information you need to put your best foot forward safely and successfully. You don’t want to be vaping’s next clickbait tragedy because you made a mistake about your battery safety.

When all your research is done, and you’re ready to step into the world of cloud chasing, please be sure to be polite and considerate to those around you. Your friend may love to watch you blow massive clouds, but that doesn’t mean the parent walking down the street wants their child exposed to it. If you take your time and do things right, practice your execution, the world of cloud chasing is ready for you, and it’s still easy to get in on the ground floor. So get ready to go chase!


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