Connecticut Launches An Investigation Into JUUL Labs Connecticut Launches An Investigation Into JUUL Labs

State launches an investigation into the popular vaping device manufacturer amid concerns over health claims.

The vaping industry faces continuous scrutiny and regulatory oversight despite growing evidence highlighting vaping’s efficacy as a smoking cessation tool. Lawmakers across the country have been targeting vaping in a systematic attempt to treat vapor products the same as tobacco.

Connecticut officials are launching an investigation into leading vaping device manufacturer JUUL Labs, makers of the popular JUUL vaporizer. Investigators are looking into claims JUUL marketed itself as a smoking cessation device without regulatory approval, alongside several additional marketing claims.

Anti-vaping advocates have praised the move as one that helps curb potential usage by minors. The vaping community has criticized the move as one that could deter those looking to quit smoking from considering vaping as a viable cessation aid.

This type of regulatory overreach may further propagate misinformed negative stigmas surrounding vaping. These stigmas may prevent people looking to quit smoking from accurately assessing all their available options and thus pose a significant potential public health risk.

Hope For The Suffering 

Connecticut state officials are launching an investigation into the marketing practices of famous vaporizer manufacturer JUUL Labs. The investigation targets claims JUUL has marketed itself as a smoking cessation device without approval from the FDA as well as claims JUUL’s marketing may have targeted minors.

The investigation is set to build upon complaints brought on by six organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, which call upon the FDA to investigate JUUL’s promotional practices and health claims. Connecticut officials are seeking civil investigative demands, basically, subpoenas seeking information from JUUL regarding the allegations and marketing efforts.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong, who is spearheading the inquiry, said they’d be looking into all the ways they could be affecting teens. JUUL Labs Spokesperson Ted Kwong said in a statement that the company’s vapor products “are not intended to be used as cessation products, including for the cure or treatment of nicotine addiction, relapse prevention, or relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.”

The investigation comes as several other states have launched their own investigations into the marketing practices of JUUL Labs, such as Massachusetts. These states are also investigating claims JUUL was targeted toward minors.

Self-Regulation Is The Answer

Amid growing scrutiny, the vaping industry continues to be proactive in self-regulation and creating initiatives to ensure their products aren’t being marketed or sold to minors. Despite this, many states and municipalities have launched investigations or enacted legislation against the young industry.

JUUL Labs has been particularly proactive in this regard, launching several of their own initiatives designed to help prevent the use of their devices by minors. One of these initiatives included a large $30,000,000 investment in a campaign targeted at ending underage vaping.

They’ve also launched a parent education campaign to help inform them about their products and the dangers of underage use. The campaign emphasizes the products contains nicotine, which is addictive and should only be used by adults looking for an alternative to smoking.

Despite these efforts, anti-vaping activists and lawmakers continue to target the company using the myth of the so-called teen vaping “epidemic.” In a study conducted by Action on Smoking and Health that featured over 60,000 teenage participants, researchers found as few as 0.1% and 0.5% of non-smoking teens ever take up vaping after trying it.


These kinds of investigations are a waste of taxpayer dollars and investigative resources. These types of acts of political theater only serve to create a feel-good narrative for ill-informed parents who readily buy into fear-mongering tactics.

Despite an ever-growing body of work which showcases vaping as a viable smoking cessation aid, lawmakers throughout the country continue to scramble to pass acts and motions with no actual regulatory backing or authority. These tactics serve to please constituents at the expense of the rights and freedoms of responsible adults.

Members of the vaping community need to remain informed about the potential benefits of vaping over smoking to help balance the distorted discourse surrounding the industry. Vaping enthusiasts need to not only counter misinformation as it arises, but actively campaign and lobby against politicians who routinely vote against their rights and interests.

The public is generally grossly misinformed about the potential benefits of vaping over smoking. So it’s incredibly important for readers like you to remain vigilant in countering these narratives that challenge our freedoms.

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