Direct Vapor Review Direct Vapor Review
Starter Kit Range: $17.99-$79.99
Cartridges Cost: $0.99
Cartridge Life: 1000
Battery Life: 1000
Charger Options:
USB Charger
  • Huge Product Range
  • Great Deal Prices
  • Top Quality Customer Service
  • No Coupons

4.8 of 5
Direct Vapor Direct Vapor has a wide range of products at great prices. The NextMind CT1 is our favorite kit they are selling. You can get more flavors than anywhere we've seen with them too.
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One of the best places to shop for all your vaping needs is Direct Vapor

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a vaper is finding an online store that you have real faith in. There are simply too many places to find vaping gear these days, and as a result, even advanced vapers sometimes fall victim to shoddy products. The best way to avoid these problems is to avoid buying anything from sellers that don’t have a proven track record. You may find some incredible seeming deals out there, but all the savings in the world won’t save you from a potentially dangerous device.

Helping people vape safely and effectively is what we do best, so of course, we want to ensure that you know where to buy legitimate products every time. That’s why we made this guide to one of the absolute best online stores around, Direct Vapor. First, we’ll briefly talk about the types of products and customer services they offer. Then we’ll take a more in-depth look at a brand new product they’re currently excited about. This will hopefully give you the most well-rounded understanding of what puts Direct Vapor head and shoulders above the competition.

What Is Direct Vapor?

If you’re looking for one place that offers everything a vaper could possibly need at fantastic prices, you won’t find much better than Direct Vapor. They sell over 50 brands of vaporizers ranging from simple cig-a-likes through the most advanced box mods around. That means no matter what level of vaper you are, Direct Vapor is sure to have plenty of options for you to choose from. They also have an extensive selection of many types of the finest tanks and atomizers, as well as plenty of replacement parts. To round things out, they’ve got a massive selection of e-liquid flavors from dozens of different brands so you’ll always have new options you can trust. Making the whole thing sweeter is that many of these products are often available for fantastic deals. In fact, Direct Vapor is one of the best places to look for a bargain because of just how often and handily they beat competitor prices.

But Direct Vapor’s commitment to incredible customer experience doesn’t end as soon as they have your money. Your package is prepared for delivery almost as soon as the order comes in, part of how they’ve built a solid reputation for being one of the quickest shippers no matter where you live. This is perfect for anyone who’s impatient having to wait several weeks from similar sites. But in the unlikely event that you do have any issues with your experience, you can rest assured that their customer service is one of the best is in the business. They work tirelessly to ensure that every customer has a positive experience with their company. This is especially appreciated these days, as it’s becoming harder and harder to find useful customer service.

The CT1 By Next Mind

Now that you’re acquainted with Direct Vapor and what they have to offer let’s take a closer look at a new product they’re very excited about. Next Mind is a newer brand in the vaping game, but that doesn’t mean they’re not making big waves. Their all-new CT1 Vape Pod Starter Kit is currently changing the game for all other pod systems out there. To make this happen Next Mind took everything great about current pod devices and added some impressive features. For starters, it’s a beautifully designed vaporizer, that comes in two sleek finishes, Dark Knight and Jet Black. Both are perfect for the look and feel of the device, which is improved further by the construction and ergonomic design.

When you purchase the Next Mind CT1, you’ll receive one Next Mind CT1 Vape Battery, one 3.5ml tank, one 1.0 ohm ceramic coil, one 1.2 ohms ceramic coil, and an extra silicone tank fill port seal along with the micro USB charging cable. Also in the box is a quick start guide and user manual as well as a certificate proving your CT1 passed inspection. It’s little things like this that really give you a sense of how much brands like Next Mind on Direct Vapor believe in their products.

Options and Features

The first thing I noticed about the CT1 was how sturdy and well made it was. It doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles, but what it lacks in those, it more than makes up for with innovative functionality for pod style devices. First off, the 650mAh internal battery approximately doubles the power usually found in other pod vapes, meaning you’ll produce more robust vapor for longer than with similar devices. It has an output range between 10W and 17W while functioning with resistance as low as 1.0 ohms. The straightforward and easy to use LED status indicator provides precisely as much information as you need about the status of your battery.

Probably the coolest feature of the CT1 is not just a first for pod style vapes, but vaporizers in general. With just a press of a button, the CT1 can clean its coils thanks to the groundbreaking self-cleaning coil mode. Pretty much every vaper ever can agree that coils going bad is one of the worst parts about vaping, so this feature is only going to become more common as time goes on. Both the included coils function with this self-cleaning mode, as do any other replacement coils sold by Next Mind.

Another great feature of the CT1 is the dual firing mode which allows the user to choose between a classic button style firing or a draw style. I strongly believe that more vape brands should use this feature because both styles have their ideal situations, and you never really notice until it’s an option. One thing I did have a small issue with was how hard you had to pull to get a solid hit. But ultimately this wasn’t a huge problem for me, and I’m known for loving a lot more airflow than the average person. On the plus side, priming new coils was much easier with the CT1 than with similar devices, only taking a few quick pulls before it was set.

Main Takeaways

There is a whole lot to love about the CT1 by Next Mind. Not only does it do everything right for pod style devices, but it also incorporates plenty of new features that move the needle forward. However, it isn’t perfect so let’s take a second to go over the major pros and cons of the CT1 Pod Starter Kit so you can really get a feeling for owning one. The game-changing self-cleaning mode is a huge victory for this brand, and ultimately vapers everywhere. That being said, it can be a little challenging to get down, but once you’ve got a feeling for how to use it best, you’ll be adding days or even weeks to each coils life. This makes it a must-have for any vapers who are worried about saving money wherever possible.

Something we haven’t discussed yet about the CT1 that makes it such an important step in vaping technology is that it supports nicotine salt style e-liquids. This makes it the first refillable pod style device to support these powerful and flavorful new e-liquids. In fact, only a few brands, like Juul, support nicotine salts at all. But with these brands, you’re stuck with just a few options, whereas the CT1 allows you to use any flavor nicotine salt e-liquid you desire. This means that the Next Mind CT1 is in a unique position to steal market share away from the ever-growing Juul Labs brand.

My experience with the Next Mind CT1 was overwhelmingly positive. I only expected it to be like other pod style devices, meaning that while serviceable, the flavor and quality are ultimately lower than other types of devices. But the CT1 totally beat my expectations, proving that there is still a lot of room for innovation in the vaping industry. But it’s not just the innovation it has to offer. At its heart is a sleek and portable vaporizer that provides a consistently fantastic experience. As mentioned, the only issue I had was with the airflow, but given the general lack of severity and my predisposition for plenty of airflow, I’m very willing to let this pass. But regardless of everything else, the Next Mind CT1 is a worthwhile purchase if you’re interested in the game-changing self-cleaning mode, or simply if you value their evident commitment to their products. The Next Mind CT1 is ideal for vapers who are looking for a sturdy and portable vaporizer that pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a pod-style device.


Direct Vapor has never disappointed me over my long history of buying from them. The only problems I’ve ever encountered were quite small and were dealt with quickly and satisfactorily. Regardless of what level vaper you are, it’s always important to be sure you can trust the place you’re buying your supplies. It may just be a matter of spending more, but it could also put you in harm’s way if you end up with bootleg equipment from shady dealers. So to ensure you’re always enjoying vaping safely while still getting the best price, look no further than Direct Vapor. They’ve got everything you could need, all available for unbeatable deals.

Direct Vapor has a wide range of products at great prices. The NextMind CT1 is our favorite kit they are selling. You can get more flavors than anywhere we've seen with them too.
  • Huge Product Range
  • Great Deal Prices
  • Top Quality Customer Service
  • No Coupons
4.8 of 5
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