Disposable E-Cigarette Reviews

Nutricigs Disposable Review
NutriCigs represent an entirely new approach to electronic cigarettes, and CocktailNerd was given the chance to be the first team to review them. While NutriCigs still contain 1.8% nicotine and resemble traditional cigarettes, they are also fortified with ingredients to help promote wellness. NutriCigs are available in various flavors... Read more
White Cloud Fling Disposable Review
There are so many things we at CocktailNerd love about White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes. Perhaps their greatest asset is their approach to evolving e-cig technology. Every time I go to their website I’m impressed by a new addition to their store. Let’s take a quick look at some of... Read more
V2 Cigs Disposable Review
V2 Cigs has been the longest standing #1 e-cig brand on CocktailNerd. This is a result of superior product quality, fair prices and outstanding customer support. Recently, V2 Cigs teamed up with the National Tobacco Company, makers of Zig Zag and Beechnut tobacco products. This new partnership means V2... Read more