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Vape Shops Pushing Back Against Bans
Small Business Owners Refuse To Go Down Without A Fight As several states start enacting regional bans ahead of a federal ban on flavored vapor products, members of the vaping community and industry are beginning to speak out against such regulatory overreach in support of vaping. These people are... Read more
Vaper Empire Review

Vaper Empire Review

Featured October 31, 2019 0

Vaper Empire is an exciting new name making waves in the vapor industry, renowned for their craft e-liquid flavors and blends. Although the Australian vaping industry isn’t as established as say, Britain or America, companies such as Vaper Empire have helped to establish the burgeoning market as an up-and-comer... Read more
Flavor Ban Set To Cost Massachusetts Over $8 Million In Lost Sales
The full scope of economic ramifications yet to be understood. As a federal ban on the sale of all flavored vapor products looms in the United States, several states have taken to enacting bans of their own in lieu of waiting on the federal government. New York, Michigan, and... Read more
Another Country Considers Complete Prohibition Of Vaping
The South Asian Country Cites US Health Concerns As Reason For The Consideration The current misinformation and hysteria surrounding vaping in the United States have begun to spread across the world. Following regulatory crackdown in China and complete prohibition in India, another Asian country is looking to crackdown on... Read more
This US State Has Completely Banned Vaping
State Implements Prohibition Amid Hysteria A mysterious health scare repeatedly misattributed to vapor products, yet continuously proven to be caused by illicit THC oil cartridges, has led to a wave of bans in what some in the vaping community are referring to as the “vapocalypse”. As the Trump Administration’s... Read more
President Calls For Federal Ban On Vaping
The move is in direct opposition to State’s Rights. Over the last several weeks there have been growing reports of various illnesses and diseases that have been loosely associated with “vaping”. While several of these reports have been attributed the use of illegal cannabis oil cartridges, public health officials... Read more
This Canadian Province Is The Only One Without Vaping Legislation
Every other province has introduced or plans to introduce vaping legislation. Legislation targeting vapor products and the vaping industry are commonplace, ranging from common-sense regulations such as restricting the sale of vapor products to minors, to outright prohibition such as San Francisco’s total ban on the sale of vapor... Read more
You Won’t Believe What This School Is Doing To Combat Teen Vaping
Has this high-school gone too far? Anti-vaping activists routinely perpetuate the myth of the so-called teen vaping “epidemic,” despite constantly emerging evidence directly contradicting this narrative. In response to this non-issue, one high school principal has decided to take things to the furthest extreme possible. An Alabama high school... Read more
Michigan Is First State To Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes
The state becomes first in the nation to ban retail and online sales of flavored vapor products. States and municipalities across the United States have been hastily enacting bans on the sale and/or use of vapor products at a growing rate over the last several years. These bans range... Read more
CDC’s Fearmongering Placing Public At Risk
Agency’s vague statement targeting e-cigarettes and nicotine-vaping products doesn’t tell the complete story. The last couple of months have been uncertain and concerning for the vaping community at large. During the last several week’s reports of mysterious outbreaks of various diseases loosely connected to “vaping” have been popping up... Read more
You Won’t Believe Which City Banned Vaping This Time
The city joins a growing list of municipalities restricting the rights and freedoms of responsible adults. Anti-vaping activists have been on a sustained campaign to convince the public vaping is just as harmful as smoking for the better part of the last decade. Despite ever-emerging evidence of vaping’s efficacy... Read more
Study Shows Youth See Vaping As Less Harmful Than Smoking
Researchers find teens have accurate harm perception of vaping. There is a great deal of misinformation in the general public health discourse surrounding vaping. Despite constant fear-mongering from anti-vaping activists and ill-informed officials regarding a so-called teen vaping “epidemic,” evidence continues to emerge proving the opposite. Public Health officials... Read more
Anti-Vaping Activists Once Again Target Juul Labs
Anti-vaping activists take to the streets of NYC to protest against the popular vaporizer manufacturer. Anti-vaping activists have been on a relentless crusade for nearly a decade now with their targeted harassment of members of the vaping community and the vaping industry at large. These activists have been misleading... Read more
Adults Who Quit Smoking Love Vaping
Smokers who take up vaping as a form of smoking cessation end up enjoying it. There is continually emerging evidence showcasing the efficacy of vaping as a smoking cessation aid and reduced-harm alternative to tobacco. Every day thousands suffering from the smoking epidemic are saved from a lifetime of... Read more
The Vaping Industry Is Booming In South Korea
Record vaping sales in South Korea amid an overall smoking rate decline. With a growing body of evidence highlighting its efficacy as a smoking cessation aid, many smokers have taken up vaping as a reduced-harm alternative to smoking. Smokers note the reduced costs compared to smoking, overall improvement of... Read more
New Vaping Ban in Wisconsin Set To Take Effect
Misinformation remains rampant, as vaping indoors may soon be illegal across yet another state. Vaping is regularly the target of politicians looking to win support among parents and anti-vaping activists. Several states and counties have recently enacted vaping bans, which essentially treats vaping and smoking as one and the... Read more
Connecticut Launches An Investigation Into JUUL Labs
State launches an investigation into the popular vaping device manufacturer amid concerns over health claims. The vaping industry faces continuous scrutiny and regulatory oversight despite growing evidence highlighting vaping’s efficacy as a smoking cessation tool. Lawmakers across the country have been targeting vaping in a systematic attempt to treat... Read more
Switching To Vaping May Benefit COPD Patients, Study Finds
Vaping devices may help improve symptoms in patients suffering from the chronic condition. Research continues to emerge that proves vaping is one of the single greatest tools for smoking cessation that we have at our disposal. While some anti-vaping activists may attempt to argue against it, it’s hard to... Read more
Arizona Set To Regulate Vaping With Misguided New Law
Arizona State Senate Committee approves new vaping regulations in an effort to curb teenage use. Lawmakers throughout the country have been scrambling to enact legislation regulating the sale and use of vaping devices in an attempt to curtail usage by minors. Despite active efforts at self-regulation and mounting evidence... Read more
Connecticut Senate Passes Controversial Vaping Ban At State Parks And Beaches
Yet another state is moving to equate vaping and smoking in a seriously misguided way. The vaping industry faces mounting challenges as reactionary lawmakers continue to pass sweeping legislation under the misdirected guise of protecting public health. While e-cigarettes continue to serve people as a smoking cessation aid, poorly... Read more
Juul Pushes Back Against Critics With Their Latest Hire
The embattled vaping company recently hired Dr. Mark Rubinstein to be their medical director. The criticism around vaping has been at an all-time high this year, with more and more parents convinced companies like Juul are leading their kids toward a life of smoking. Given how tobacco is still... Read more
Brand New Study Proves The Real Value Behind These Places
A new report on vape shops indicates they play an integral role in orienting people and providing them with appropriate information. Despite having been around for over 15 years at this point, many people are still woefully misinformed about vaporizers. Instead of being acknowledged for all their harm reduction... Read more
Insane New Vaping Tax Is Twice As High As Tobacco Tax
The state of Vermont recently implemented a 92% vaping tax, while their tobacco tax remained the same. It seems like the most popular way for legislators to try and reign in vaping is by jacking up the taxes every chance they get. In most places, lawmakers have simply applied... Read more
FDA Plan Will Make Teenage Vaping Worse According To Industry Expert
CEO of the National Association of Convenience Stores recently wrote an op-ed detailing how the FDA’s plan will make things worse. The debate over vaping has been ongoing for over ten years now, but it often seems like things haven’t progressed at all. Most legislators continue to opt for... Read more
New Ban Prohibits Sale Of Vaporizers But Keeps Cigarettes On Store Shelves
While some criticize the move for being too harsh, others have applauded it and called for other cities to follow suit. You don’t need to have been vaping for a long time to be well aware of vaping regulations. It seems like every few weeks, a new law is... Read more
What Has This Famous Anti-Vaping Senator Finally Admitting E-Cigarettes Are A “Good Thing”
Senator Chuck Schumer is taking his fight against vaping to a place both sides tend to agree on, counterfeit products. Since vaping entered the market, there has been an ongoing public debate about the safety and effectiveness of these products. Despite an ever-growing number of articles, studies, and surveys... Read more
Health Experts Gather To Discuss The Value Of E-Cigarettes For Developing Nations
During a recent conference, Indian health experts debated the efficacy of vaping moving forward, but most agreed vaping is a worthwhile endeavor. Public health experts all across the world are facing the same problems when it comes to vaping. It can be easy to forget, but modern vaping has... Read more
A Newly Funded Report Could Change The Future Of Vaping Forever
Northwestern University was recently the primary recipient of a $24.8 million grant to study the long-term impact of vaping on millennials. Smoking continues to kill more people each year than any other preventable cause. Because of this, it’s as important as ever that we take full advantage of the... Read more
You’ll Never Believe How This Company Is Working To Stop Teenage Vaping
Juul is once again proving their reputation is unwarranted, as the major vaping brand is once again giving money to research the impact of vaping on teens. Smoking has been such a problem over the years, hardly any of us don’t know someone whose life has been taken or... Read more
Vaping Community Braces As Yet Another Congressional Investigation Is Launched
Juul is the primary target of a new investigation opened by the House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy. It’s very common for vaping to face unfair scrutiny in the face of legislators. After all, vaping and smoking do appear extremely similar, and tobacco still kills more people every... Read more
New Vaping Research Helps Prove Something We’ve Been Saying For Years
Study confirms the viability of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation for individuals, as well as on a broad scale. It can be easy to forget, but the vaping industry has only really been around for a little more than ten years at this point. Especially with all the advancements in... Read more
Advocates Blast Latest Plan To Tax Vaping The Same As Tobacco
Maine may soon become the latest state to equate vaping and smoking by raising the vaping tax to match the tobacco tax. It’s hard to believe, given all we’ve accomplished over the last several decades, but smoking still remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the... Read more
How An Unexpected Fight Could Change Vaping Forever
Michigan may have the most interesting vaping regulation fight in the country, and the battle is reaching a head. Many people forget, but just about ten years ago, vaping was a barely known industry just starting to make a name around the country. These days it’s a multibillion-dollar industry... Read more
New Research Suggests Flavors Vitally Important For Vaping To Reach Potential
A recent survey of Canadians concluded flavors and nicotine strength are both extremely important to their efficacy as a smoking cessation tool. Despite decades of persistent tobacco control education and support, smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the world. That doesn’t mean we haven’t... Read more
Massachusetts Could Be The Next State To Ban E-Liquid Flavors
The proposal would ban menthol cigarettes along with all e-liquid flavors except tobacco. Vaping regulations are one of the most important, but often overlooked portions of the industry. While much of the vaping community is content with life as it is, legislators around the world are questioning how much... Read more
The FDA Admits They Mislead The Public About Vaping
Despite an FDA official admitting the FDA was misleading about the connection between vaping and seizures, the media has remained silent after sensationalizing the original report. Vaping has only been around for a little over a decade now, so it’s inevitable for there to be some bumps in the... Read more
Another State Set To Implement Misguided Vaping Regulations
Texas could soon become the 16th state to raise the minimum age of vaping to 21 alongside tobacco. Vaping regulations are quite varied depending on where you look. Countries like the UK have supported e-cigarettes for many years now, and because of it they now enjoy their lowest smoking... Read more
Another Sign Of Shifting Momentum In The Vaping Debate That Will Inspire You
According to the respected medical news outlet, Lung Disease News, vaping is much safer than smoking and even heat-not-burn devices. The battle over vaping rights has been ongoing for almost as long as modern vaporizers have been on the market. Supporters point to a growing pile of peer-reviewed evidence... Read more
We Now Know Another Way In Which Vaping Beats Out Tobacco
Studies show that e-cigarettes have taken over as the most popular nicotine device among US troops. It seems like the vaping debate has been ongoing for just as long as modern vaping has been a thing. However, over the last couple of years, it feels like this are starting... Read more
You’ll Never Believe How The Media Is Attacking Vaping Now
Despite continued attacks over second-hand vaping, the research shows it’s 99% safer than second-hand smoke. Concerns over vaping have reached an all-time high in many places, as it becomes more prevalent in our day to day lives. Many parents and legislators are anxious the acceptance of vaping for harm... Read more