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New Vaping Research Helps Prove Something We’ve Been Saying For Years
Study confirms the viability of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation for individuals, as well as on a broad scale. It can be easy to forget, but the vaping industry has only really been around for a little more than ten years at this point. Especially with all the advancements in... Read more
Advocates Blast Latest Plan To Tax Vaping The Same As Tobacco
Maine may soon become the latest state to equate vaping and smoking by raising the vaping tax to match the tobacco tax. It’s hard to believe, given all we’ve accomplished over the last several decades, but smoking still remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the... Read more
How An Unexpected Fight Could Change Vaping Forever
Michigan may have the most interesting vaping regulation fight in the country, and the battle is reaching a head. Many people forget, but just about ten years ago, vaping was a barely known industry just starting to make a name around the country. These days it’s a multibillion-dollar industry... Read more
New Research Suggests Flavors Vitally Important For Vaping To Reach Potential
A recent survey of Canadians concluded flavors and nicotine strength are both extremely important to their efficacy as a smoking cessation tool. Despite decades of persistent tobacco control education and support, smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the world. That doesn’t mean we haven’t... Read more
Massachusetts Could Be The Next State To Ban E-Liquid Flavors
The proposal would ban menthol cigarettes along with all e-liquid flavors except tobacco. Vaping regulations are one of the most important, but often overlooked portions of the industry. While much of the vaping community is content with life as it is, legislators around the world are questioning how much... Read more
The FDA Admits They Mislead The Public About Vaping
Despite an FDA official admitting the FDA was misleading about the connection between vaping and seizures, the media has remained silent after sensationalizing the original report. Vaping has only been around for a little over a decade now, so it’s inevitable for there to be some bumps in the... Read more
Another State Set To Implement Misguided Vaping Regulations
Texas could soon become the 16th state to raise the minimum age of vaping to 21 alongside tobacco. Vaping regulations are quite varied depending on where you look. Countries like the UK have supported e-cigarettes for many years now, and because of it they now enjoy their lowest smoking... Read more
Another Sign Of Shifting Momentum In The Vaping Debate That Will Inspire You
According to the respected medical news outlet, Lung Disease News, vaping is much safer than smoking and even heat-not-burn devices. The battle over vaping rights has been ongoing for almost as long as modern vaporizers have been on the market. Supporters point to a growing pile of peer-reviewed evidence... Read more
We Now Know Another Way In Which Vaping Beats Out Tobacco
Studies show that e-cigarettes have taken over as the most popular nicotine device among US troops. It seems like the vaping debate has been ongoing for just as long as modern vaping has been a thing. However, over the last couple of years, it feels like this are starting... Read more
You’ll Never Believe How The Media Is Attacking Vaping Now
Despite continued attacks over second-hand vaping, the research shows it’s 99% safer than second-hand smoke. Concerns over vaping have reached an all-time high in many places, as it becomes more prevalent in our day to day lives. Many parents and legislators are anxious the acceptance of vaping for harm... Read more
Experts Believe New Device Could End The Teenage Vaping Problem
Many are optimistic about the future of vaping, as a company recently announced a fingerprint locked vape pen. Concern over e-cigarettes is nothing new. Whether it’s over the long term health effects or even battery explosions, it’s not hard to find people skeptical about acceptance of vaping. But perhaps... Read more
Tens Of Thousands Of Vapers Could Face Jail Time When Visiting This Country
Experts warn vapers traveling abroad always to stay aware of local regulations or they could even face jail time. Vaping regulations are quite complex given their nature. Legislators are tasked with deciding how to best maximize their utility without exposing citizens to unnecessary harm. Making matters more complicated is... Read more
Controversial New Vaping Law Shot Down
In an unexpected move, Hawaii will no longer ban the sale of flavored vaporizers as previously planned. Vaping regulations have been getting increasingly out of control, as legislators attempt to reign in what they see as a teenage vaping “epidemic.” In fact, things are starting to reach a boiling... Read more
Controversial New Law May Alter Vaping Forever
The latest anti-vaping proposal in Congress could mean the end of vaping as we know it. Concerns over the vaping industry are nothing new, but it seems that legislators and parents are getting more and more anxious as time goes by. In just over ten years, modern vaping has... Read more
Research Shows Vaping On The Rise In All The Right Ways
Despite a dropping number of vapers, research once again concludes e-cigarettes are the most popular device for getting off cigarettes. Tobacco use continues to be the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the globe. As such, we are in desperate need of new and effective tools for... Read more
Research Indicates Another Way Vaping Is An Incredibly Powerful Tool
Not only is vaping an effective harm reduction tool, but reports also show it may be one of the best smoking cessation tools we have at our disposal. Despite the years of vigorous anti-tobacco campaigning, tobacco use remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the world.... Read more
Despite Hysteria, Latest Research Indicates Teenage Vaping On The Decline
Brand new data out of New Zealand suggests the youth vaping epidemic has been overblown, as the rate is actually dropping. It’s nothing new for a certain portion of the general public to be quite concerned with the long-term impact of vaporizers. Most of these fears center around unforeseen... Read more
Vaping Could Soon Be Banned Outright In This US City
San Francisco has proven once again they’re one of the worst places to be a vaper in America. It’s nothing new for vapers at large to face some seriously unfair scrutiny from time to time. However, those living in the wrong places have faced the harshest and most sustained... Read more
In A Sudden Change Of Heart, This State Won’t Ban Vaping Flavors After All
Hawaii had recently announced plans to restrict all vaping flavors except menthol and tobacco, but the proposal was withdrawn earlier this week. The regulations surrounding vaping always seem to be changing. Between ongoing debate and new peer-reviewed research, our understanding of their risk and value is continually shifting. Those... Read more
Lawmakers Push To Make Vaporizers Harder To Get Nationwide
The bipartisan proposal would raise the minimum age to purchase vaping or tobacco products from 18 to 21. There has been a lot of discussion over vaping these last several years. It seems like ever since they first hit the market over ten years ago, people have been skeptical... Read more
First State-Wide Vaping Flavor Ban On The Horizon
Hawaiian officials recently announced they could soon become the first state to ban e-liquid flavors outright. 2019 has already been quite the year for the vaping industry. Between the FDA ramping up their crusade against vaping to include a potential nationwide flavor ban, and the more recent development that... Read more
New Study Proves An Incredible Benefit Of Vaping
The recently published report indicates that nearly half of people are able to quit smoking after just three months of vaping. The debate over the value of vaping has been ongoing for over ten years now. It seems like no matter where you turn there are legislators currently locked... Read more
Tourist Jailed Over Vaping In This Popular Vacation Spot
According to reports, a French tourist was thrown in jail after refusing to pay a bribe to officers when caught using an e-cigarette. Vaping regulations are currently among the most commonly changed in the world as legislators debate the proper way to balance their harm reduction value and potential... Read more
Why A Vaping Flavor Ban Could Be Coming Sooner Than We Feared
With FDA Commissioner set to resign next month, he’s being pressured to force through the flavor ban before he leaves office. Being a vaper these days means traversing the ever-changing landscape of vaping regulations. E-cigarettes didn’t get much of a chance to prove their worth before legislators around the... Read more
Nation’s First Outright Vaping Ban On Fast Track To Becoming Reality
San Francisco is once again leading the charge against vaping, this time with a proposal which would ban in-store and online sales across the city. Vaping is a complicated topic, but few parts garner as many different opinions as how to properly regulate it. Supporters point to piles of... Read more
New Information Could Change The Vaping Industry In This Nation Forever
A study out of Australia seems to support lighter legislation on vaping to help boost smoking cessation efforts. If you look around the world, it won’t take long to find several vastly different ways legislators are choosing to handle the advent of vaping. Countries like the UK are doing... Read more
Encroaching Flavor Bans Will Kill Small Business According To Shop Owners
In a recent Opinion piece, California vape shop owner explains how proposed regulations would likely cause them to close for good. Vaping is a very complicated issue with many facets which must be considered. As such, it’s no wonder how there could be so many different approaches to regulating... Read more
Huge News! FDA Commissioner Abruptly Resigns Amid Vaping Crusade
After a long fought battle with the vaping industry, Dr. Gottlieb is resigning from his post, leaving plenty of questions unanswered. There have been few figures in the public health community who have had such a varied experience with the vaping as Dr. Scott Gottlieb. When he was sworn... Read more
After Months Of Debate, Another Vaping Ban Is Soon To Be Repealed
The United Arab Emirates became the most recent country to rethink its ban on vaping. The vaping industry is very different than it was when vaping first hit the scene over ten years ago. These days it’s an influential player, having become a massive multi-billion dollar industry. The majority... Read more
Moment Of Truth! FDA Enters Final Stages Of Planning Flavor Ban
FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb recently gave his plan to ban vaping flavors to the White House, a final step before it can be implemented. Few people have had such an interesting relationship with vaping as Dr. Scott Gottlieb, current FDA Commissioner. When he took office, one of the... Read more
Yet Another State In Talks To Ban Vaping Thanks To Misguided Logic
Minnesota is set to add vaping to their public tobacco ban; a move critics say forces former smokers to occupy the same areas people smoking. As vaping has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry over the last ten years, it’s presented quite the legislative challenge across the world. Lawmakers... Read more
Another State Is Set To Ban A Key Part Of What Makes Vaping So Effective
Connecticut is seriously considering an e-liquid flavor ban, a move which experts say would have several unintended consequences. It’s been up to the various governments around the world to decide how to properly regulate vaping since they first hit the scene over ten years ago. At first, there was... Read more
New Research Indicates A Key Demographic Is Now Turning To Vaporizers
Latest numbers on vaping show rapid growth among older groups as they look for satisfying ways to kick their tobacco habit Vaping has become the go-to harm reduction and smoking cessation tool for millions of people around the world since they were first introduced over ten years ago. At... Read more
Vaping Continues To Prove It’s An Incredible Tool In The Fight Against Smoking
A new study suggests smoking rate in Korea has plummeted alongside the rapid growth of vaping Despite the fact smoking kills more people every year than almost anything else, most individuals find it exceedingly difficult to kick their smoking habit once and for all. Even with all the graphic... Read more
Future Of Vaping At Stake As Big Tobacco Continues Their Push
It’s not hard to see that Big Tobacco plans to take over the vaping industry by any means necessary It’s hard to believe modern vaping is really less than 20 years old, especially given the incredible innovation over the last several years. These days not only is vaping a... Read more
You’ll Never Guess Who’s Getting Into The Vaping Business Now
Former NBA star Lamar Odom is the latest celebrity to jump into the CBD market with his own vape pen Vaping has quickly grown from an unknown alternative nicotine delivery system to one of the cleanest and fastest growing ways to get not only nicotine into your system but... Read more
This Example Of Misguided Vaping Regulation Will Give You A Good Laugh
The city of Baltimore voted to restrict vaping flavors, as many worry about the real world impact We’ve come a long way in the fight against tobacco, but even today cigarettes are the leading cause of preventable death and disease around the world. That’s why it’s so important we... Read more
New Taxes Present Existential Crisis For Vaping Industry
For the third time, Vermont is trying to pass an insane 92% tax on all vaping products sold in the state If you’ve been a vaper for any extended period, you are already well aware of the growing vaping regulations around the country and world. Many seem to be... Read more
Influential Organization Proposes Regulations That Could Change Vaping Forever
The American Academy of Pediatrics recently called on the government to implement robust restrictions on the vaping industry We’ve never had a lack of conflicting viewpoints on vaping. Ever since it first became well known in the public eye, people have debated how, or even if we should restrict... Read more
You’ll Never Believe How Blatant The Latest Lie Targeting Vaping Is
The PA Department of Health recently tweeted some questionable facts, sending the entire vaping community into defense mode Misinformation is one of the most significant problems facing the vaping industry, and it’s nothing new. It seems like every week another government or health agency is calling into question the... Read more