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American Heart Association Offers Mixed Response to Ecigs

As the world’s most prestigious public health experts continue to weigh in on the ecig issue, the American Heart Association has finally released their official position on vaping. After years of pushing smokers to quit using tobacco, the AHA was slow to even acknowledge electronic cigarettes,...

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Cardiologist Exposes Ecig Lies and Demands Truth From WHO

This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been a hot topic among vapers after the supposed global health experts condemned electronic cigarettes as dangerous. Now a world renowned cardiologist from Greece is speaking out about the lies from WHO and calling for responsible reporting in...

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Health Officials in India Ban Ecigs and Ignore People Defecating on the Streets

Today’s headlines delivered a story that is almost too strange to be true. In the ultimate twist of mixed up priorities, India’s Union Health Ministry is taking steps to ban ecigs claiming they are too dangerous for the public. At the same time that the country’s health authorities are...

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29 Attorneys General Urge the FDA to Crack Down on Ecigs

Electronic cigarettes have become the center of enormous controversy in 2014. While vapers sing the praises of ecigs as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, politicians are fighting hard to have them restricted, regulated, and even banned. This week, more than half of the US Attorneys General...

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Research Proves Smokers Prefer E-Cigs Over Other Quit Methods

Smoking rates are steadily declining while the ecig industry is rapidly growing. Is there a connection? According to a new ecig study from Kantar Media, the explosive growth of ecigs could be explained by how the typical smoker perceives vaping. After surveying 50,000 American households, the study...

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