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Hawaii Vapers Now Facing 80 Percent Tax on Ecigs

Hawaii’s lawmakers are obviously more interested in making money than protecting public health. Otherwise, why would they penalize electronic cigarettes for helping people quit smoking? This week, the Hawaii state leaders unanimously voted in a new 80 percent tax on ecigs. The new bill classifies...

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CDC Spends $68 Million to Convince You to Quit Vaping

The Centers for Disease Control has been delivering a hard hitting message about tobacco use through their “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign. The tips feature stories of former smokers who experienced major consequences after using tobacco: loss of limbs, lung disease, and even cancer. On...

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World’s Leading Health Experts Launch Public Defense of Ecigarettes

On Friday, some of the world’s leading health experts came together to discuss the growing electronic cigarette industry. Typically in this scenario, we see a lot of talk about the merits of regulation and unending criticism of ecigs, but this time things were different. The health experts...

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Should Online Ecig Sales Be Outlawed?

A handful of public health advocates are pushing for online ecig sales to be banned after reports surfaced that teens were buying ecigs online without any problems. According to UNC Chapel Hill’s Rebecca Williams, around a million teens bought ecigs, cigars, and smokeless tobacco online in 2012....

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Asheville Rejects Science and Bans Ecigs Across the City

Tucked in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, Asheville is a melting pot of artists, professionals, and free thinkers. The city has a well known “hippie” vibe, but the City Council is pushing for change and they are starting with a ban on electronic cigarettes, despite their immense...

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San Francisco Bans Ecigs On All Trains

Profits Down for Big Pharma As Smokers Look to Ecigs