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India’s Health Ministry Presses Forward with Plans to Ban E-Cigarettes

India is currently fighting an uphill battle for public health. With over a billion citizens, the nation has high rates of HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis. Children often die of malnutrition and starvation in the dirty streets, but the health ministry seems to turn a blind eye for the most part....

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Pennsylvania Doctors Fight Back Against Ecigs on the Big Screen

Doctors know that cigarettes are lethal, so you would think they would be embracing electronic cigarettes as a helpful alternative to help their smoking patients finally kick the habit. Instead, physicians in Pennsylvania are putting their focus on electronic cigarettes and pushing to stop TV...

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Research Shows Smoking Causes More Deaths than Diabetes and AIDS

Our country is facing a major health crisis with increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease, and even AIDS. However, the biggest problem of all is still tobacco use according to a new study by UC San Francisco’s Institute for Health and Aging and School of Nursing. Researchers found that smoking...

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WHO Plans Top Secret Global Tobacco Tax to Drive Up Cigarette Prices

When the World Health Organization convened in Moscow this week, everyone knew tobacco control would be a top issue. However, everyone was shocked when delegates pushed for all media and public spectators to be removed from the room. In the past, meetings were open and transparent, but that is all...

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E-Cigs Face Massive Tax Hike in Philly

Last month, Philadelphia added a grueling $2 per pack tax on cigarettes that left many smokers flocking to local vape shops. But now, city officials are setting their sights on ecigs as a potential new money maker. Today, councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown announced that she will push for a new...

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Study Shows UK Smoking Rates Hit All Time Low

Open System Vaporizers Now Dominate the Ecig Market

FDA Plans to Host a Workshop About Vaping in December

New Study Finds Regular E-Cig Use is Rare Among Teens