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Welcome to the E-Cigarettes Blog. Here you will find our opinions expressed as such. While our reviews are fully unbiased, our blog is based on our personal experiences and we still encourage you to read the reviews before making any decision to purchase a certain brand of electronic cigarette.

A Week of Shocking Big Tobacco Mergers that Left a Top Ecig Brand Out in the Cold

It’s been a week of crazy ups and downs for the tobacco industry, but things have finally settled down enough to give us a clear view of the current situation. For months, there have been rumors that Reynolds American was interested in buying out Lorillard, but no one ever expected the events we...

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Smokers Save Money By Switching to Ecigs, But Will It Last?

Smokers have a long list of reasons to consider switching to electronic cigarettes. Most notably, ecigs are tobacco-free and they don’t actually release any smoke so there is an obvious benefit to eliminating thousands of carcinogenic compounds. Of course, there is also a major financial benefit...

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Is Lady Gaga the Next Celebrity Face for Blu Ecigs?

Electronic cigarette companies love using celebrity endorsements, but sometimes the celeb choice can backfire. This week, Blu Ecigs faced major controversy as the CEO of the UK division revealed plans to shoot a video promoting Blu with none other than shock star Lady Gaga. Almost instantly, the...

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Phillip Morris Takes a Risk With New Marlboro “HeatStick” Ecig

Over the past two years, we have seen big tobacco companies rushing to join the electronic cigarette industry in hopes of increasing profits and cashing in on the growing vaping movement. Phillip Morris International was the last of the tobacco giants to take the leap, but now the Marlboro-maker is...

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White House Officials Intervene to Weaken FDA’s Proposal for Ecig Regulation

In April, the FDA released their official proposal for electronic cigarette regulation, but this week the White House intervened by weakening the initial regulation proposal and deleting sections that could potentially be damaging to the economy. In the initial proposal, the FDA said they would ban...

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Best E-Cigarette Father’s Day Offers