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Welcome to the E-Cigarettes Blog. Here you will find our opinions expressed as such. While our reviews are fully unbiased, our blog is based on our personal experiences and we still encourage you to read the reviews before making any decision to purchase a certain brand of electronic cigarette.

Quebec’s Health Minister Sets the Record Straight on Vaping

It’s a rare day when we see a major health authority stand behind the vaping movement and publicly give support to electronic cigarettes. That’s exactly what happened this week when Quebec’s Heath Minister Gaetan Barrette did an interview with CBC Daybreak. He gave a frank and authoritative...

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New Research Reveals High Levels of Formaldehyde in Ecig Vapor – Are You at Risk?

This week, Portland State University published findings from their recent study on electronic cigarettes and now a lot of ecig users are worried. Scientists said they found high levels of formaldehyde in vapor samples and said the ecigs are actually producing much higher levels of the carcinogen...

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Profits Down for Big Pharma As Smokers Look to Ecigs

Ten years ago, smokers relied mostly on nicotine replacement therapies like patches and gums when they wanted to kick the habit. But that has all changed thanks to electronic cigarettes. As the ecig market continues to grow by leaps and bounds, Big Pharma is feeling the heat with profits falling...

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Rugby Team Revokes Vaping Ban and Offers Ecigs to Fans

The Warrington Wolves is one of the UK’s most popular rugby teams, but until recently they banned vaping at games in the Halliwell Jones Stadium. This week, the team announced that after giving it some more thought, they are reversing the ecig ban and even offering Wolves themed ecigs for sale in...

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New Ecig Regulations Coming to China

China is the world’s largest producer of electronic cigarettes, making roughly 80 percent of ecig products on the global market today. With Big Tobacco getting involved in the ecig industry, global health experts are putting pressure on China to implement new regulations through State management...

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Tennessee Prison Reports 80K In Ecig Profits