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Man Goes From Smoking 2 Packs a Day to A Thriving Ecig Business
Paul Law had been a heavy smoker for 34 years before he found a way to escape his addiction. After more than three decades of smoking 50 cigarettes a day, he discovered electronic cigarettes and with them, he finally found freedom at age 49. E-cigs drastically impacted Law’s life... Read more
Industry Update: 10 New Ecig Brands Released Every Month For the Past 2 Years
Even in the face of upcoming FDA regulations, the ecig industry is thriving and rapidly expanding. According to this week’s report from USA Today, we see an average of 10 new ecig brands entering the market each month and this has been the case for two solid years. The... Read more
RJ Reynolds to Release Vuse Ecigs to All States Next Week
Recently, the major tobacco companies started shifting product focus to include electronic cigarettes as thousands of smokers give up tobacco in favor of vaping. Last year, RJ Reynolds released their Vuse e-cigarettes to a limited test market in Colorado. Then they expanded to include Utah in early 2014. Today,... Read more
Leaked Memo Shows Big Pharma Lobbying Against Ecigs
The electronic cigarette industry is rapidly growing and many smokers are choosing ecigs as a path to quit smoking. As ecigs sales boom, tobacco companies are quickly trying to recover their losses by launching their own vaping lines. But tobacco companies are not the only ones at risk for... Read more
Continued Explosive Growth Expected for E-Cigs In the Future
Smoking on rapidly declining, but the era of vaping is really just getting started. As Americans are increasingly aware of the dangers of tobacco use, thousands are abandoning their old smokes in favor of electronic cigarettes. As a result, the ecig market has experienced explosive growth over the past... Read more
Best E-Cigarette Father’s Day Offers
With Father’s day just around the corner, finding an original and useful gift can be a headache for even the most discerning gift buying children amongst us. Our well-meaning and thoughtful purchases often result in us playing things safe year after year where our Dads are concerned. Sure we... Read more
NJOY Announces New Tank Mods and Revamps Disposable Kings
NJOY is one of the most common ecig brands in today’s retail market. You can spot their disposable ecigs lurking in thousands of supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas stations around the United States. Their popular NJOY King is a disposable ecig that offers the look and feel of a... Read more
NC Adopts New E-Cigarette Tax to Offset Lost Tobacco Revenue
As smoking declines among North Carolina residents, electronic cigarettes are on the rise. Just five years ago, most people in NC had no idea that ecigs existed and now you can spot them across the state at restaurants, movie theaters, parks, and malls. Even small towns like Newton have... Read more
This Might Be The Most Ridiculous Attack on Ecigs You’ve Ever Heard
Over the past few years, we have heard a lot of strange arguments against electronic cigarettes, but this week, Dr. Stanton Glantz might have topped them all. As a big activist for tobacco control, Glantz has repeatedly bashed ecigarettes and provided constant criticism of the vaping industry. We’ve heard... Read more
Cancer Surviving Journalist Makes Passionate Argument for Ecigs
Simon Kelner is not only the former editor-in-chief of The Independent. He is also a cancer survivor. He knows firsthand that smoking is a deadly habit and if you can’t find a way to kick the habit, you could end up in a fight for your life. This week,... Read more
Is Big Pharma Winning the Battle Against E-Cigarettes?
Over the past few years, electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular, drawing a lot of attention from the media and curious smokers. In a recent national survey, ecig awareness had sharply risen from five years ago. However, fewer people view ecigs as less harmful than tobacco. As Big Pharma... Read more
How Some Ecig Users Avoid Higher Rates on Health Insurance
It’s really not surprising that insurance companies charge higher rates for smokers. After all, smoking puts you at increased risk for cancer, heart disease, and stroke. This year, the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, has caused premiums to go even higher for smokers with insurers sometimes... Read more
Former “Winston Man” Denounces Tobacco and Praises E-Cigs
From 1982 to 1988, David Goerlitz was known by the world as the “Winston Man”. His face became the trademark image for Winston cigarettes and he was frequently seen puffing on a cigarette as he encouraged people to try his favorite brand. He appeared on 42 billboard advertisements, topping... Read more
Arkansas Warns that Ecigs are Dangerous – Here’s Why They Are Wrong
The Arkansas Department Health took an aggressive step in the battle against electronic cigarettes this week by issuing a public health advisory. The notice was a long, drawn out explanation for why ecigs present a threat to both smokers and bystanders. It included a list of sources that were... Read more
FDA Regulation of Ecigs Could Give Big Tobacco Total Control
It’s only been a week since we first learned the details of the FDA’s plans to regulate electronic cigarettes. With each passing day, there has been new information surfacing and it has caused a wave of fear to spread across the entire vaping community. While the regulation proposal seemed... Read more
Vaping At the Office: Your Natural Right or Just Bad Policy?
As electronic cigarettes become increasingly popular, it has posed a unique new problem for corporations around the world. How will they handle ecigs in the workplace? So far, 28 states have banned smoking in workplaces, but only three of those states have went on to include e-cigarettes in those... Read more
Industry Leaders React to FDA’s New Ecig Regulation Proposal
Earlier this week, the FDA released an official proposal for ecig regulation. Since then, we’ve seen dozens of ecig companies, market analysts, and vaping activists respond to the proposal. The reactions have been mixed with some standing in staunch support of the FDA and others expressing extreme frustration. Here... Read more
FDA Reveals Plans to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes
We’ve known it was coming, but it is still a little shocking to finally see the FDA make an official move towards regulating electronic cigarettes. For months, the FDA has promised new ecig regulations, but each time a date was announced, the day came and went with no changes.... Read more
Cop Pulls Over Vaping Driver and Forces Sobriety Test
As electronic cigarettes become more popular, there are increasing stories about people that get pulled over for vaping while driving. In March, a New York man got a traffic citation for using his e-cig behind the wheel. That story has developed into a tangled legal battle after the judge... Read more
New Research Shows Nicotine’s Amazing Medical Benefits
As a society, we have spent the past few decades waging war against cigarettes. Nicotine has earned a bad reputation as addictive and deadly, when in fact, tobacco is really the culprit for smoking-related diseases and death. Now, new research has surfaced that proves that nicotine is actually safe,... Read more
Tobacco Sales Falter While E-Cig Sales Boom in 2014
The tobacco industry is taking a big hit this year with an increasing number of smokers making the switch to electronic cigarettes. Prestigious Japanese bank Nomura has weighed in on the situation with new projections for the future of tobacco. Nomura predicts that tobacco cigarette sales will fall 3.8... Read more
Why You Shouldn’t Use an iPad Charger for Your E-Cig
Over the past few years, we’ve seen several unfortunate stories about exploding electronic cigarettes. While the media tends to portray these incidents as a problem with e-cig technology, it is typically a user problem. Explosions happen when people try to manipulate their electronic cigarettes without fully understanding the dangers... Read more
Electronic Cigarettes Cause Decline in Fights Among Inmates
We’ve all heard and experienced the many benefits of electronic cigarettes, but this week a new story emerged with some promising information about how e-cigs could change the prison system. After offering e-cigs to inmates in eastern Tennessee, prison officials report that the results are overwhelmingly positive. So far,... Read more
Numbers Don’t Lie: You’re More Likely to Be Poisoned By Toothpaste than E-Liquid
Over the past two weeks, there has been a virtual firestorm as outraged vapers protest a recent article in the New York Times, which described e-liquids as dangerous and even deadly. Like most coverage from the mainstream media, The Times focused on e-cigarettes as a lethal option and completely... Read more
Israel Uses Inaccurate Facts to Push for Ecig Ban in 2014
As the world debates how to handle the growing number of e-cig users, many nations are starting to take action. The latest country to make headlines is Israel, with a new push to ban e-cigarettes in 2014. This week, news surfaced that Israel has released a proposal to completely outlaw... Read more
The Award For Worst E-Cig Reporting Goes To…
The art of objective journalism seems to be dead, especially where electronic cigarettes are concerned. In the past few months, we’ve seen ecigs gain an increasing presence in the media. Unfortunately, a lot of that coverage is full of faulty research and disinformation. While scoping out the headlines this... Read more
Is This the Most Outrageous Thing Ever Said About Vaping?
From time to time, the media will interview people about electronic cigarettes and get some really strange comments and opinions. But this week, a retired physician from Kansas made a statement that could be the most outrageous thing we’ve heard yet! It all started when the Independence City Council... Read more
New York Cop Issues Traffic Ticket for Vaping While Driving
Over the past few years, law enforcement officers have cracked down on texting while driving. It’s clear that using a cell phone while driving can be a dangerous distraction, but what about electronic cigarettes? This week, a New York man was punished when a police officer spotted him using... Read more
New Jersey Vapers Outraged Over Proposed Sin Tax on E-Cigs
Electronic cigarette supporters in New Jersey are angry and they are making it clear that Governor Chris Christie has stepped out of line by proposing a new sin tax on e-cigarettes. Vapers in New Jersey are already forced to vape outdoors after e-cigs were banned in public places, but... Read more
Vaping With No Vapor: A New Spin on Ecig Technology
UK e-cig company, JAC Vapour, is taking a completely unique approach to electronic cigarette technology. In an effort to stop complaints about secondhand vapor exposure, the company is now offering a line of invisible vapor e-liquid. The “Clear Steam” technology provides the same throat hit and flavor as regular... Read more
9 US E-Cig Companies Face Lawsuits for Patent Infringement
Last fall, Imperial Tobacco announced their new plans to launch a presence in the electronic cigarette market. Rather than developing their own unique line of vaping gear, Imperial chose to acquire Dragonite, formerly known as Ruyan from China. The move was surprising as Dragonite had such a minor presence... Read more
Angry Vapers Protest As Los Angeles Votes in Ecig Restrictions
Los Angeles e-cig supporters were frustrated this week as the city council approved new restrictions on electronic cigarettes. After the 14-0 vote, local lawmakers ruled that e-cigarettes would be treated as tobacco products and banned from most public places including parks and beaches. The new restriction bars patrons at... Read more
Fight For Your Right to Vape at FDA Listening Session on April 5
If you are a west coast vaper, it’s time to make plans to attend the FDA listening session on April 5. The event will be held in San Diego in conjunction with the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. The FDA is opening the event up to... Read more
NJOY Receives $70 Million Capital Injection From Investors
Despite ongoing controversy about electronic cigarette regulation, investors are still eager to get involved in the e-cigarette industry. In he wake of booming sales, investors at Brookside Capital and Morgan Stanley Investment Management poured in $70 million of new capital to NJOY this week. NJOY already has an assortment... Read more
California Man Sues NJOY Alleging Ecigs Cause Cancer
With all the controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to take the fight to the courtroom. This week, we have finally seen a lawsuit take shape as California resident Eric McGovern filed a lawsuit against NJOY. He claims that NJOY advertises... Read more
The Changing Culture of Vaping: Unlocking E-Cig Hacks and Mods
Just a few years ago, electronic cigarettes were a relatively new phenomenon, but that has quickly changed. In 2014, you can spot people vaping all over the world. As ecigs have soared to unexpected levels of popularity, there is a vast subculture of vaping that has rapidly formed as... Read more
Big Pharmaceuticals Lobby Government to Crack Down on E-Cigarettes
It’s no surprise that big pharmaceutical companies are waging war on electronic cigarettes. After all, if people stop smoking, there will be a reduced need for medications to treat dozens of dangerous diseases. On Monday, British newspaper The Times reported on leaked correspondence between pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithCline and the... Read more
Promising New Updates on 2014 E-Cig Research
Over the past year, we have seen an abundance of new electronic cigarette research. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has been behind a large portion of the research work, with studies centered at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Greece. This week, Dr. Farsalinos announced the completion of an international survey... Read more
New Study Reveals 63% Of People Are Okay With Public Vaping
Despite ongoing attempts from mainstream media to villainize electronic cigarettes, it seems the general public is mostly okay with vaping. In fact, a recent study confirmed that most people didn’t mind people using e-cigs nearby at all. When Harris Interactive conducted a random public survey, 63 percent of adults... Read more
CVS Says Good-Bye to Tobacco
Last week, CVS announced a decision to remove tobacco products from stores around the country. In the past, customers could visit any of the 7,600 locations and pick up a pack of cigarettes. Tobacco was big business for the stores, accounting for around $2 billion of sales each year.... Read more