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Bad Reporting Alert: 10 Lies the Wall Street Journal Told About E-Cigarettes
On November 10, the Wall Street Journal published a rather lengthy column titled “10 Things E-Cigarettes Won’t Tell You”. Writer Jen Wieczner took an unapologetically negative stance towards electronic cigarettes, which isn’t altogether surprising coming from the mainstream media. However, when we see completely ludicrous reporting, it’s worth drawing... Read more
Man Runs NY Marathon While Puffing on His E-Cigarette
During the 43rd annual New York Marathon on November 3, more than 50,000 runners crossed the finish line. Among those that finished was criminal defense attorney Jim Oliver. He made quite a scene throughout the race as he puffed his electronic cigarette as he ran. Oliver works as a... Read more
Another UK Worker Fired for Using E-Cig On the Job
Last month, we saw a worker at UK store MotherCare lose her job after using an e-cigarette on the job. Now another story is circulating after 55-year-old Paul Scott was fired for vaping at work. Scott had worked at the Viridor-owned landfill in Beddington Lane for seven years without... Read more
New Study Debunks Myth that E-Cigs Are a Gateway to Smoking
In October, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that using e-cigarettes could be dangerous for teenagers, claiming that the tobacco free devices could act as a gateway to entice kids to start smoking. Now a new study reports that this is just not true as... Read more
V2 Cigs Launches Game Changing EX Batteries
V2 Cigs is not only our favorite major brand on the market, but it’s our fan favorite as well. Users consistently rank V2 Cigs at the top of our list and for good reason, they offer products that are attractive and work as intended. They also pioneer industry standards... Read more
E-cigs Rise, Big Tobacco Reports Continued Decline in Sales
The third quarter numbers are in for big tobacco and once again, a downward trend is noticeable across the board for the big cigarette companies. Cigarette sales have been steadily declining for years, but over the past few years, the decline has become quite noticeable. Ironically, during this same... Read more
BAT Apologizes After Vype Ads Appear in Apps for Kids
Author and educator Graham Brown-Martin recently tweeted a picture of his daughter’s iPad while she was playing a popular kid’s game. At the top of the game, there was a banner ad for Vype electornic cigarettes. When he sent out the tweet, he alerted the corporate Twitter account for... Read more
Fox News Airs Two Positive Reports About E-Cigarettes
E-cigarettes are getting a lot of attention from the mainstream media lately and this week, we saw e-cigs appear on Fox News on two separate occasions. First, Fox aired a segment about the Henley Vaporium, the first vaping bar to hit New York City. Then Fox Business did a... Read more
Check Out the World’s Most Expensive Electronic Cigarette
If you think paying a couple hundred bucks for a starter kit is outrageous, wait until you see the price tag on the world’s most expensive electronic cigarette. This custom made e-cig is covered in diamonds and it was created as a gift for one very lucky lady. According... Read more
New Regulations on Advertising Could Soon Impact E-Cig Companies
The United States has seen the e-cig industry grow rapidly during the past year and it is expected to finish out 2013 with an estimated $1.5 billion in sales. Many people credit this boom with the aggressive advertising strategies that companies like Blu Ecigs and Vuse are incorporating to... Read more
E-Cigarettes Linked to Increased Quit Attempts by UK Smokers
The latest data from the Smoking Toolkit Study shows that UK smokers are attempting to quit more often than they did in previous years. If you are wondering what could be causing the spike in quitting attempts, data also shows a major increase in the incidence of e-cigarette use.... Read more
Want to Be Beautiful? Put Down the Cigarettes
According to public health officials in Finland, beauty is intertwined with a person’s smoking habits, or lack thereof. In a new campaign sponsored by the Cancer Society of Finland, the Tobacco Body website is now giving you closer look at just what smoking can do for your appearance. The... Read more
A Peak Inside New York’s First Vaping Bar
Forget your typical weekend scene of loud music and bartenders mixing cocktails at a crowded NYC club. Today’s hottest hangout is the Henley Vaporium, New York’s first ever e-cigarette bar. Owner Talia Eisenberg told The Week that she envisioned it as being the Starbucks for vapers. Her vision has... Read more
European Parliament Votes Against E-Cigarette Regulations
Today, the European Parliament delivered a major victory for e-cigarettes by refusing to regulate them as medical devices. According to the New York Times, the lawmakers rejected regulation proposals from e-cig critics and decided to only limit the sale of e-cigarettes to individuals under age 18. Instead of enacting... Read more
E-Cigarette Inventor Fights for Financial Compensation
Electronic cigarettes are wildly popular around the world, but most people have no idea how these devices first entered the market. It all began when Chinese inventor Hon Lik imagined a cigarette that would be battery powered and completely tobacco free. Since then, Lik’s e-cig invention has evolved into... Read more
Lorillard Purchases British SKYCIG For $48.6M
Tobacco giant Lorillard first expanded into the e-cig industry last year by acquiring Blu eCigs. On Tuesday, Lorillard announced that they would expand even further by acquiring British e-cig brand SKYCIG. The move places Lorillard in control of one of the UK’s top electronic brands, establishing a new global... Read more
Attorney Generals Petition FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes
The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) released a letter on Tuesday calling for the US Food and Drug Administration to implement new regulations on electronic cigarettes. The letter comes from a group of 40 various attorneys general and pushes for the FDA to stick by their original dates... Read more
7000 Vapers Gather For the 2013 Anaheim E-Cigarette Convention
This weekend marked the first ever Electronic Cigarette Convention for residents of Anaheim, California. For two days, vapers from all over the world flocked the Anaheim to learn more about electronic cigarettes and the preview some of the hottest e-cig products in the industry. During the event, visitors learned... Read more
Oregon Considers a New Tax on E-Cigarettes
Oregon lawmakers are debating whether to include e-cigarettes in the state tobacco tax. Despite the fact that e-cigs are actually tobacco-free, the Oregon Department of Revenue is still considering whether vaping is a form of tobacco consumption. If so, then e-cigarettes would be subject to the state’s current tobacco... Read more
Australia Considers Banning Cigarettes and Researches E-Cig Safety
Antismoking advocates have worked for decades to have cigarettes outlawed, but until now there has never been a major country to completely outlaw smoking. That could be about to change. According to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia could be the first nation to make smoking illegal.... Read more
Today’s Celebs Prove That All Ages Love E-Cigarettes
It seems like every age group has their own set of memorable trends. When you think about Baby Boomers, you probably picture June Cleaver with her pearls and perfectly coifed hair. When you imagine the Generation X population, you might think of career-driven professionals that are putting off family... Read more
CocktailNerd Infographic: What’s the Best Way to Quit Tobacco?
Every week, curious smokers flock to our website looking for information about electronic cigarettes. While our readers come from all kinds of backgrounds and live in places all over the world, they have one thing in common. They are mostly all smokers and they are usually looking at e-cigarettes... Read more
NATO Calls Out CDC For Politically Driven E-Cig Report
Last week’s report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claimed that the number of children and teens using e-cigs had doubled in the past year. Since then, almost every major media outlet in the United States republished this report, casting a negative light on e-cigarettes over... Read more
Exploding E-Cigarettes: Separating Fact from Fiction
On September 2, WSBTV reported that a charging e-cigarette had recently exploded in an Atlanta woman’s home. Elizabeth Wilcowski had purchased the e-cigarette from a local vape shop and was charging it with the USB port on her computer. She told reporters that it suddenly exploded, shooting flames four... Read more
CDC Says Teen E-Cig Use Has Doubled… But Are They Right?
Just in case you missed it, electronic cigarettes have been all over the news this week. We’ve watched the topic hit major publications like the Los Angeles Times, NBC News, USA Today, Time, and NPR. So what’s behind this sudden e-cig buzz? It all revolves around a new report... Read more
Controversy Ignites After Pregnant Mom Goes Public With Her E-Cig Habit
After being a pack-a-day smoker for more than a decade, Texas smoker Carly Gay finally had a real reason to kick the habit. Though she had tried to stop smoking for years, finding out she was pregnant gave her the final push to really give up cigarettes once and... Read more
MSN and The Daily Mail Duke It Out Over E-Cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes are creating a lot of buzz in the mainstream media these days. Already this week, we’ve seen multiple reports about e-cigs, but there were two that stood out among the rest. First, The Daily Mail published a report declaring e-cigarettes just as dangerous as their tobacco counterparts.... Read more
New Leaked Documents Show Bloomberg’s Plans to Ban E-Cigs
Mayor Bloomberg has made public health a priority and in the process, he has gained quite a few critics and even enemies. His latest stunt is much different than the soda bans of 2012. This time, he’s after electronic cigarettes. According to recently leaked documents, the Bloomberg administration is... Read more
Electronic Cigarettes Go to Jail
It seems that electronic cigarettes are really reaching every facet of society now. Most recently, e-cigs were spotted behind bars as the Russell County Jail in Alabama started selling them to inmates on August 6. Of course, this isn’t the first time electronic cigarettes were available for prisoners. Earlier... Read more
UTSA Funds $30,000 Study to Learn How E-Cigarettes Impact Health
After years of public speculation about how e-cigarettes impact our health, the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) intends to find out. On August 6, Science News Wire announced that UTSA is providing $30,000 in funding to research the health effects of electronic cigarettes. For the upcoming research... Read more
Laguna Beach Officials Refuse to Ban E-Cigarettes
In a surprising turn of events, Laguna Beach city officials sided with e-cigarettes in a recent discussion about potential ecig bans. City Manager John Pietig originally suggested adding e-cigarettes to the current ban on tobacco in public places. Pietig’s proposal was made with good intentions (although poor fact checking)... Read more
Former FDA Advisor Says E-Cigs Might Help Smokers Quit
In the past, the FDA has been very negative towards the electronic cigarette industry, labeling e-cigs as dangerous and harmful. However, the e-cig debate has now taken an unexpected turn as one of the FDA’s former advisors recently spoke out in favor of electronic cigarettes. Dr. Neal Benowitz is... Read more
California Graduate Student Receives $90,000 Fellowship for E-Cig Study
Electronic cigarettes are becoming more mainstream with each passing day. While it used to be rare to see someone vaping at the mall or in your neighborhood café, it’s now an ordinary scene. While e-cigarettes are not directly advertised as a tool for smoking cessation, that seems to be... Read more
R.J. Reynolds Unveils Their New Vuse E-Cigarette
Since the 2012 announcement that R.J. Reynolds would venture into the realm of electronic cigarettes, many vapers have waited with great anticipation to see what kind of product they would come up with. The wait has come to an end as R.J. Reynolds issued a press release on June... Read more
China’s Tobacco Profits Could Surpass Wal-Mart
China might be the original home of the electronic cigarette, but it appears that tobacco is still the major moneymaker for this country. According to a recent report from Industrial Bank Co Ltd., China National Tobacco Corporation could potentially earn a larger net profit this year than Wal-Mart and... Read more
Debunking the Myth of Inadequate E-Cig Research
There just isn’t enough research about the long-term effects. We need further studies to really understand whether they are really helpful for smokers who want to quit. Do these statements sound familiar? There is a very common myth seen in daily news related to electronic cigarettes. Everyone seems to... Read more
Psychology Today Says E-Cigs Could Help Millions Quit Smoking
A recent article from Psychology Today highlighted electronic cigarettes and pointed out their potential benefits for smokers who want to kick the habit. The article was written by well-known psychologist Seth Meyers, who wrote about his personal journey to give up tobacco with the help of e-cigarettes. Meyers has... Read more
Monday’s Minnesota Tobacco Tax Increase Leaves Smokers Feeling Burned
July 1 delivered more than a new month to residents of Minnesota. Monday was the first day of the state’s new tobacco tax increase, raising the tax an additional $1.60 per pack of cigarettes to a total of $2.83. Minnesota health activists are heralding the new increase as a... Read more
CDC Reports Decline in Number of U.S. Smokers
A new report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that many U.S. adults are giving up cigarettes. Despite the number of U.S. smokers staying mostly the same for the past decade, a new survey showed that the smoking rate is now down to an all-time low... Read more
Suspicions Rise After Tobacco Giant Wines and Dines French Officials
At first glance, it seemed like an innocent dinner among friends or colleagues. The group gathered at the Chez Francoise restaurant in Paris last Wednesday, where they sipped top-notch Bourgougne wine and dined on frog legs and veal. The group ended their meal with Cuban cigars according to French... Read more