E-Cigarette News

Tobacco Giant Altria Purchases Green Smoke E-Cigarettes for $110 Million
In the past two years, there has been a surge of interest in electronic cigarettes, not only by the general public, but also by big tobacco companies. As the number of smokers continues to trend downward worldwide, major tobacco players have taken notice of the booming e-cig industry and... Read more
Texas News Highlights Booming E-Cigarette Industry
On Thursday, KLTV News in Tyler, Texas published a new report about the growing vaping craze. According to KLTV, e-cigs are now found all over East Texas with vape shops and lounges popping up all over the place. Texans love e-cigarettes because they provide the same sensation as a... Read more
V2 Cigs Offers Lowest Prices Ever on Starter Kits and Cartridges
At CocktailNerd, we love V2 Cigs for several reasons. First of all, the vapor is thick and strong and gives you the perfect feeling in the back of your throat. The flavors are also high quality and over time, we’ve found that V2 Cigs tends to hold up much... Read more
American Lung Association Gives North Carolina An “F” In Tobacco Control
Since 1663, tobacco has been a thriving industry in North Carolina. The sandy soil found in the Carolinas is perfect for harvesting a bountiful tobacco crop and it didn’t take long for farmers to start cashing in on this popular business. Even in 2014, tobacco is still an important... Read more
CocktailNerd Gets a Sneak Preview of the New V2 Cigs EX Cartridges
If you haven’t already noticed, we are big fans of V2 Cigs at CocktailNerd. After trying dozens of e-cigarette brands, they are still our top pick and the vast majority of our readers agree. We recently heard that V2 was developing a brand new line of batteries and cartridges... Read more
Surgeon General Releases the 32nd Report on Tobacco Use
Fifty years have come and gone since the first official Surgeon General’s report on tobacco use. Last week, Dr. Boris Lushniak issued the 32nd report as acting Surgeon General complete with updated information on tobacco risks and a call to end smoking related deaths for good. A lot has... Read more
E-Cig Community Threatens to Boycott TVECA
This week, the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA) has managed to stir up some big controversy among the vaping community. The TVECA is a nonprofit organization that claims to offer a comprehensive resource for facts and science related to electronic cigarettes. Ray Story, the owner of e-cig company... Read more
Politicians Speak Out Against E-Cigs at the 2014 Golden Globes
Every year, hundreds of celebrities hit the red carpet and attend the Golden Globe awards where the best film performances are recognized in a big one-night celebration. The 2014 Golden Globe Awards was as exciting as ever with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler poking fun at the celebrities... Read more
California Moves to Ban Online Tobacco and E-Cig Sales, But Why?
From time to time, we see debates break out over whether e-cigs should be available online. Right now, that’s a hot topic in California where Assemblyman Roger Dickinson is working hard to stop online sales of both tobacco products and e-cigarettes. Dickinson is pushing for a new bill to... Read more
Introducing the First Pharmaceutical Grade E-Liquid in the USA
Many American e-cigarette companies are bracing for the FDA to release new regulations in 2014. While the FDA has been hesitant to make a move so far, rumors abound that this will be the year when e-cigarettes face new stringent guidelines. Some companies are taking a proactive approach by... Read more
Another Doctor Bashes E-Cigs and Spreads False Information
As electronic cigarettes make huge strides to help smokers finally walk away from tobacco, the medical community is heavily divided on how to handle vaping. This week, one Philadelphia physician wrote an opinion piece on her personal view of e-cigarettes. Unfortunately, Dr. Rima Himelstein declared that electronic cigarettes received... Read more
New Research Concludes E-Cigarettes Are “Not Very Addictive”
As scientists continue to study the long-term impacts of using electronic cigarettes, one of the biggest public health concerns is the potential for these devices to be highly addictive with consequences as devastating or worse than traditional cigarettes. Professor Jean-Francois Etter from the University of Geneva teamed up with... Read more
What Will 2014 Hold For Electronic Cigarettes?
As we look back on 2013, there is no denying that it was an explosive year for electronic cigarettes. Over the past twelve months, e-cigs have moved from obscurity to a common sight in public. It wasn’t that long ago that people would stop and stare if you used... Read more
Vape Shops in Bountiful Utah Have One Year to Move Out
Bountiful is a beautiful little suburb nestled in the heart of Northern Utah. It is often called a bedroom community, where busy professionals make a home on the outskirts of Salt Lake City. In recent months, four vaping shops were approved to sell e-cigs in Bountiful with approved business... Read more
Christmas Delivered A Stinging Defeat for E-Cigs in NYC
First Mayor Bloomberg started restricting sodas. Then he turned to banishing junk food. His final target was the electronic cigarette and he managed to deliver a death blow to vapers as one of his final official acts. On Monday, he signed the official e-cig ban into effect as his... Read more
Smoking Cessation Drugs Could Have Devastating Consequences
A woman suddenly starts hallucinating and her friends notice some really strange behaviors. She takes a cocktail of pills resulting in an overdose that leaves her dead. A man turns violent and punches a stranger in the bowling alley, without any provocation. Another man goes for a mental evaluation... Read more
Researchers Study E-Cig Vapor and Find Nicotine, But No Smoke
In a new study, researchers from Poland and New York collaborated to uncover what toxins could be hiding in e-cig vapor. With so much concern about secondhand exposure to vapor, it is a timely study that could have a heavy impact on e-cig legislation. While many states are seeking... Read more
Time Says E-Cigarette Regulation Might Be a Bad Move for Public Health
In a recent article from TIME, we once again see the debate about e-cigarette regulation. However, this article isn’t just your typical e-cig news piece. While most of the articles we encounter call for more regulation, this particular story was completely different. Instead, it took a closer look at... Read more
Do Most States View E-Cigarettes as Potential Revenue?
As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity, many states are considering new policies to determine where use of e-cigs should be allowed and how they should be regulated. But is the sudden interest in electronic cigarettes more about health concerns or mostly about a potential money grab? In a recent... Read more
The New York Times Offers a Positive Op-Ed on E-Cigarettes
On Monday, the New York Times ran an interesting op-ed about electronic cigarettes. The article was written from a public health perspective. Amy Fairchild and James Colgrove, both professors at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia collaborated on the article and offered a sound argument for the... Read more
French Court Rules E-Cigs Should Be Treated As Tobacco
The electronic cigarette industry awoke to some troubling headlines today. The French courts just ruled that e-cigs should be classified as tobacco products and the results could be disastrous worldwide. As the European Union and the FDA both teeter on the brink of new e-cig regulations, the French courts... Read more
E-Cig Supporters Thwart Efforts to Ban E-Cigarettes in Chicago
Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been working hard to ban e-cigarettes in Chicago, but it appears that his plans have failed. While Emanuel wanted to outlaw e-cig use in places where tobacco is banned, it didn’t work. Instead, there was a surprisingly large outpouring of public support for e-cigs and... Read more
E-Cig Supporters Protest Proposed Bans in NYC By Vaping in City Hall
As the fight over electronic cigarette continues to rage in New York City, supporters have become increasingly vocal. While city officials are pushing for e-cig bans and strict regulations, vapers are not going down without a fight. On Wednesday, a slew of e-cig supporters showed up to a City... Read more
E-Cigs Ban Beat Out X-Factor for Leading Spot on Twitter
Electronic cigarettes are hot on social media right now as fans work together to protest the European Union’s intended ban on e-cigs. On Sunday, vapers were so busy ranting on Twitter that they were able to outrank X-Factor! Typically “#Xfactor” is one of the most popular hashtags, but on... Read more
Philip Morris Turns to E-Cigs to Boost Sales
Just a few months ago, Philip Morris International was quick to dismiss electronic cigarettes, claiming that they were low on taste and had questionable manufacturing standards. However, recent headlines show that Philip Morris is doing an about face in regards to e-cigarettes and now they plan to launch their... Read more
NJOY Files a Lawsuit Against Victory
NJOY is one of the most easily recognized electronic cigarette brands. You can find NJOY products in all 50 states in over 80,000 retail locations. They even have products in retail stores in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the Netherlands. One of the most recognizable aspects... Read more
Smokers that Quit May Reduce Heart Risks Faster that Previously Thought
According to Reuters, former smokers that give up the tobacco habit could reduce their heart risks much faster than anyone ever thought. New research was presented on Wednesday that showed former smokers over age 65 could lower the risk of death from heart problems to the same level of... Read more
Heathrow Airport in London Designates a “Vaping Zone”
Electronic cigarettes are supposed to be legal for use pretty much anywhere, right? Well maybe. In recent months, the growing number of vapers has caused a lot of conflict over whether e-cigs should be allowed in public places. Various politicians and legilators have weighed in on the issue, but... Read more
The Most Beautiful New Products from Vapor Couture
While many electronic cigarette brands are created primarily with function in mind, Vapor Couture places a strong emphasis on design. This e-cig line was created to appeal to fashion-minded women and every starter kit and accessory is carefully built with amazing attention to detail and quality. Recently, Vapor Couture... Read more
Bad Reporting Alert: 10 Lies the Wall Street Journal Told About E-Cigarettes
On November 10, the Wall Street Journal published a rather lengthy column titled “10 Things E-Cigarettes Won’t Tell You”. Writer Jen Wieczner took an unapologetically negative stance towards electronic cigarettes, which isn’t altogether surprising coming from the mainstream media. However, when we see completely ludicrous reporting, it’s worth drawing... Read more
Man Runs NY Marathon While Puffing on His E-Cigarette
During the 43rd annual New York Marathon on November 3, more than 50,000 runners crossed the finish line. Among those that finished was criminal defense attorney Jim Oliver. He made quite a scene throughout the race as he puffed his electronic cigarette as he ran. Oliver works as a... Read more
Another UK Worker Fired for Using E-Cig On the Job
Last month, we saw a worker at UK store MotherCare lose her job after using an e-cigarette on the job. Now another story is circulating after 55-year-old Paul Scott was fired for vaping at work. Scott had worked at the Viridor-owned landfill in Beddington Lane for seven years without... Read more
New Study Debunks Myth that E-Cigs Are a Gateway to Smoking
In October, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that using e-cigarettes could be dangerous for teenagers, claiming that the tobacco free devices could act as a gateway to entice kids to start smoking. Now a new study reports that this is just not true as... Read more
V2 Cigs Launches Game Changing EX Batteries
V2 Cigs is not only our favorite major brand on the market, but it’s our fan favorite as well. Users consistently rank V2 Cigs at the top of our list and for good reason, they offer products that are attractive and work as intended. They also pioneer industry standards... Read more
E-cigs Rise, Big Tobacco Reports Continued Decline in Sales
The third quarter numbers are in for big tobacco and once again, a downward trend is noticeable across the board for the big cigarette companies. Cigarette sales have been steadily declining for years, but over the past few years, the decline has become quite noticeable. Ironically, during this same... Read more
BAT Apologizes After Vype Ads Appear in Apps for Kids
Author and educator Graham Brown-Martin recently tweeted a picture of his daughter’s iPad while she was playing a popular kid’s game. At the top of the game, there was a banner ad for Vype electornic cigarettes. When he sent out the tweet, he alerted the corporate Twitter account for... Read more
Fox News Airs Two Positive Reports About E-Cigarettes
E-cigarettes are getting a lot of attention from the mainstream media lately and this week, we saw e-cigs appear on Fox News on two separate occasions. First, Fox aired a segment about the Henley Vaporium, the first vaping bar to hit New York City. Then Fox Business did a... Read more
Check Out the World’s Most Expensive Electronic Cigarette
If you think paying a couple hundred bucks for a starter kit is outrageous, wait until you see the price tag on the world’s most expensive electronic cigarette. This custom made e-cig is covered in diamonds and it was created as a gift for one very lucky lady. According... Read more
New Regulations on Advertising Could Soon Impact E-Cig Companies
The United States has seen the e-cig industry grow rapidly during the past year and it is expected to finish out 2013 with an estimated $1.5 billion in sales. Many people credit this boom with the aggressive advertising strategies that companies like Blu Ecigs and Vuse are incorporating to... Read more
E-Cigarettes Linked to Increased Quit Attempts by UK Smokers
The latest data from the Smoking Toolkit Study shows that UK smokers are attempting to quit more often than they did in previous years. If you are wondering what could be causing the spike in quitting attempts, data also shows a major increase in the incidence of e-cigarette use.... Read more