E-Cigarette News

Early Study Shows E-cigarettes Cause No Damage to Heart Cells
A brand new study is being conducted by the scientists behind E-Cigarette-Research.com to examine the effect of e-cig vapor extract on cultured heart cells. Researchers already know that analog cigarette smoke has a visible toxic effect on heart cells, but this new study was created to determine whether electronic... Read more
Marlboro Makers Announce Plans To Develop New E-Cigarette
Another Big Tobacco player Altria Group Inc. has announced plans to release its own take on the electronic cigarette later this year. Altria is the largest tobacco distributor in the United States and is better known to consumers for its Marlboro brand. After watching sales continue to slump, Altria... Read more
V2 Cigs Teams Up With National Tobacco Company In New Partnership
V2 Cigs is currently the top-ranked e-cig company according to consumer reviews, but the V2 empire is set to expand in 2013 as V2 teams up with National Tobacco Company to form a new partnership. V2 Cigs announced the partnership on April 22, 2013. National Tobacco Company is already... Read more
E-Cigarettes Blamed for First Quarter Decline in Tobacco Sales
In a March report from Morgan Stanley research analysts, it was noted that tobacco cigarettes sales had declined by 4.5 percent compared to projections for 2013*. This is a pretty major success for the American public, but what has caused such a drastic reduction in the use of tobacco?... Read more
New Study Shows That 9 Out of 10 Smokers Quit Tobacco With E-Cigs
Smokers around the world are making the transition to electronic cigarettes for a variety of reasons. Some choose e-cigs as an alternative when they are out in nonsmoking areas such as restaurants or shopping centers. Others use electronic cigarettes as a tool to give up tobacco. With so much... Read more
St. Patrick’s Day Sales
It’s your lucky day! While you haven’t found a pot of gold here, you have stumbled into some great electronic cigarette sales just for St. Patrick’s Day. This holiday always gets the CocktailNerd team excited and ready for warmer and longer Spring days. While e-cigs have helped us stay... Read more
Valentines Day Ecig Sales
You may have noticed we love holidays. And the greatest “love” holiday is next week! We hope you and your loved one can spend this Valentine’s day romantically enjoying e-cigs. It’s not too late to find some great electronic cigarette sales and savings with Valentine’s Day specials. Check out... Read more
Perplexed by the shear range of electronic cigarette starter kits on the market? Fear no more, as CocktailNerd has put some skilled Nerds to work on creating you your very own easy and customizable e-cig comparison chart. Simply select a kit you wish to compare directly from any review... Read more
Halloween Discount Codes 2013
We’re counting down the days to Halloween and we want you to celebrate with us. This week, we’re excited to show you a round up of the best Halloween deals on electronic cigarettes. We’ve found some incredible savings on all of our top ranking brands so now is the... Read more
Cocktail Nerd Social Media Contest!
## This contest is now closed! If you would like update of new contests and e-cigarette giveaways, please join our mailing list, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter ## The Details The CocktailNerd team has teamed up with V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture to giveaway a... Read more
The Price Comparison: Cig vs. E-Cig
Everyone wants to save money these days. Unemployment is at an all time high, the stock market keeps tipping towards an all time low, and there is no denying the fact that recreational spending is at a halt for most of us. When creating a budget, it can be... Read more