E-Cigarette News

FDA is Missing the Mark on Vaping
President Trump’s nominee for Food and Drug Administration commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, is a doctor and health analyst who has made statements about the benefits of getting smokers to move towards safer products. That is why some experts believe that when Gottlieb takes over as head of the FDA, he... Read more
Smoking Rates at Low Point Due To Vaping
Smoking rates in the United Kingdom are at their lowest point in almost 50 years, and many experts believe it’s due to e-cigarettes. As of 2015, only 17.2 percent of British adults are smoking, and more than a million UK citizens say they have used or are using e-cigarettes... Read more
Big Tobacco is a Major Player in Vaping Now
E-cigarettes have existed for about 30 years, but they didn’t get major attention until the early 2000s when Chinese-manufactured e-cigarettes hit the U.S. market. Since then, they’ve greatly increased in popularity, and now the tobacco companies are trying to get a piece of the action. The tobacco industry, which... Read more
Bill Reintroduced to Save Vaping
A bill that never made it very far last year has been reintroduced in the House of Representatives with the hope that it can save smokers from losing one of the safest alternatives to cigarettes. The Cole-Bishop Amendment would change the Food and Drug Administration’s deeming rules; rules that... Read more
Village to Aid Johnson Creek in FDA Fight
A community in Wisconsin is getting help from local officials to fight unfair FDA rules that could wipe e-cigarette retailers out of business. Johnson Creek Enterprises, a major e-liquid retailer, was informed by its local village board that the board will help them challenge the FDA. The FDA decided... Read more
E-Cigarettes Proved Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes
As e-cigarettes and vaping become more popular, the debate about their relative safety compared to smoking gets more heated. Despite having little valid evidence to support the contention that vaping is harmful, many anti-smoking groups have taken the position that e-cigarettes are a danger that should be avoided. Taxes... Read more
TX State Democrat Puts Vaping in Crosshairs
A Democratic state senator in Texas wants to raise the legal age for purchasing tobacco in the state to 21. Though this could be a good move to curb teen smoking, the legislation would, as is often the case, include e-cigarette and vapor products along with tobacco. State Senator... Read more
Rally Against 40% Tax on Vaping Takes Place in PA
Pennsylvania is one of several states that is waging a war on vaping at the government level, using taxes as a primary weapon. Vaping and e-cigarette supporters fought back by holding a rally in Harrisburg, the state’s capital, on January 23. Pennsylvania started taxing wholesale e-liquid at 40 percent... Read more
Looking Towards Trump Admin To Save Vaping
While the country is deeply divided on the issue of Donald Trump becoming the nation’s 45th President, the Republican’s ascent to the highest office in the land could be good news for the vaping industry. At least that’s what vaping companies, and even some tobacco companies, are hoping. While... Read more
National Parks Service Bans Electronic Cigarettes
The National Parks Service is adding electronic cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) to its tobacco ban in parks across the United States. This is thanks the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Surgeon General, who recently declared that e-cigarettes are a threat to public health.... Read more
Vape Shops Face Obstacles in California
On January 2, 2017 it became more expensive for retailers in California to sell e-cigarettes or vaping hardware. Thanks to state legislation that puts e-cigarettes in the same category as tobacco, vendors must pay a license fee of $265 per year to be allowed to sell e-cigarettes in the... Read more
Vaping Bill Doesn’t Clear Senate, New Push Planned For Spring
The highly anticipated Cole-Bishop Amendment has failed to clear the Senate floor, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead in the water just yet. The Cole-Bishop Amendment, which you can read in-depth about on Moon Mountain, was put on hold temporarily. CSP Daily News is reporting that the amendment, which... Read more
E-Cigs Don’t Making Smoking Appealing Study Finds
Those among us who have wondered about e-cigarettes making smoking more attractive to consumers needn’t have worried; the opposite is true. That’s right: e-cigarettes and the public relations movement to push them forward as a smoking cessation method has actually curtailed consumers from smoking. It’s a crazy but not... Read more
Philip Morris Benefiting Most From FDA
As tobacco giant Philip Morris is just a few steps away from launching its first e-cigarette product in the United States, evidence appears to support the theory that the Federal Drug Administration is doing all it can to help big tobacco crush the e-cigarette competition. The Philip Morris product... Read more
E-Cigarettes Deliver Nicotine Effectively
E-cigarettes have helped many smokers quit smoking, but skeptics suspect that e-cigarettes are not an effective method of nicotine delivery and could fail to give smokers the nicotine they crave. While that may have been true with some older e-cigarettes, research has shown that newer models of e-cigarettes do... Read more
E-Cigarette Taxes Hurt Smokers
Voters in California made their feelings about smoking clear this past Election Day by passing Prop 56, a new tax on cigarettes, by a huge margin. The state had an 87 cent tax per pack on cigarettes that had not been increased in years, so as an effort to... Read more
This Year’s Best Holiday and New Years E-Cigarette Sales
We’ve been counting down for months and the holidays are finally here! It’s time to gather with those we love and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you are spending the holiday week with your family at home or traveling to visit faraway friends, we want... Read more
Ohio State Research Study To Investigate E-Cigs vs Smoking
Two new studies underway at Ohio State University aim to find out if e-cigarettes are safer than smoking. But if some preliminary statements from those involved are any indication, it seems that the researchers may have already made up their minds about e-cigarettes and are looking for the studies... Read more
A Billion Lives Under Attack by WHO
The World Health Organization recently held a conference in New Delhi with e-cigarettes as the main topic of discussion. A report by an unnamed Swiss author prompted the conference, which was held to discuss the safety of e-cigarettes and whether or not they should be allowed or banned. Some... Read more
US Health Officials Playing Loose With Data and Your Health
Thomas Frieden is worried about e-cigarettes. The director of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes that because e-liquid comes in flavors, children and teens will be led to smoking real cigarettes once they get a taste of a strawberry or watermelon flavored e-cig. Mr. Frieden... Read more
False Fears of Electronic Cigarettes Bad for Smokers
Smokers looking for less harmful alternatives or new quitting methods have been all but nailed into their coffins. Dramatic, yes, but seriously true. Anti-vaping groups have pushed a message onto the general population without realizing the full consequences of their actions. These groups are known for demonizing vapor products... Read more
New Study Shows E-Cigarettes Can Help You Lose Weight
It looks like e-cigarettes can add keeping weight gain to a minimum to its list of health benefits. Reuters is reporting that a new paper from a team of researchers, which was published earlier this week, shows that there may be a correlation between weight maintenance and smokers using... Read more
Black Friday and Cyber Monday E Cig Discounts
Updated: 11/28/2016 Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays! It’s the perfect time to gather with friends and family and reflect on all of our blessings. Plus no one is going to pass up Thanksgiving dinner, right? That perfectly roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, Grandma’s famous pecan pie… we’re getting... Read more
Ecig Community Pushes for Change in Facebook’s Treatment of Vapor Devices
Facebook’s policy has always been to include vapor devices under the category of tobacco products, but now the vaping community is asking for Mark Zuckerburg to reconsider. Kevin Price has started a petition on Change.org, asking for vaping goods to be listed separately from tobacco. So far, the petition... Read more
New York Judge Rules That Ecigarette Use Is Not Smoking
New York City has already included ecigs in their ban on smoking in public places, but the rest of the state is still trying to catch up. So when an ecig user was issued a citation for using his ecig on a subway platform, he took the matter to... Read more
HuffPost: Ecigarette Users Could Determine the Next US President
Candidates continue to fight for the top spot in this year’s presidential election. As poll numbers bounce up and down, special interest groups are gaining a lot of attention, but one group might matter more than others according to a recent article in the Huffington Post. Electronic cigarette users... Read more
Mayo Clinic Reveals Results of A Ground Breaking New Ecig Experiment
When it comes to medical research, there is no other hospital in the United States more respected than Mayo Clinic. When the doctors at Mayo release new information, the world listens because they know this hospital is trustworthy and on the cutting edge of medical research. Recently, the Mayo... Read more
Forbes: New Ecig Rules Could “Undermine Public Health” and Harm Smokers
According to a study that recently appeared in Tobacco Control, ecigarettes are putting teenagers at serious risk. Researchers from the University of Hawaii Cancer Center alleged that ecigarettes actually lead teenagers to start using tobacco. As the world reacted in alarm to this shocking news, Forbes contributor Jacob Sullum... Read more
Liberal Billionaire Promises Major Pay Outs in Push for New Tax on Ecigs
Over the past few years, we’ve seen that the nation’s richest citizens have a lot of control over the course of our laws. Lobbyist funds heavily influence the votes of our politicians and now we even have billionaire Donald Trump in the running for the presidential election. Ultimately, money... Read more
Canadian Teen Scarred for Life by Exploding Ecig
No one wants to see kids using e-cigarettes, but in most places, they are easily accessible. When a teen walks into a vape shop, far too often they can buy anything they want with no questions asked. With no current regulations to insure the devices offered are safe and... Read more
Alaska Health Authorities Claim Ecigs Contain Embalming Fluid and Nail Police Remover
Over the past few years, we’ve seen more than our fair share of bad science in the ecig industry. But a recent ad campaign from Alaska is without a doubt the most damaging we’ve seen to date. In a new commercial, Alaska’s health authorities allege that ecigs are actually... Read more
FDA Advisor Denies Evidence that Regulations Will Lead to Ecig Prohibition
Ecig regulation is a controversial topic these days as the world awaits finalization of the FDA’s regulatory proposal. While no one can be 100 percent certain of what the future holds for ecig companies, we do know that the current proposal would be murderous for the industry as a... Read more
The American Heart Association Makes Controversial Statement About Teens and Ecigs
While no one wants to see teenagers using ecigarettes, most of us would agree that it’s at least a better scenario than if they were using tobacco products. Unfortunately, some of the world’s leading health organizations disagree. The American Heart Association released a statement about teens and ecigarettes this... Read more
New Study Reveals How Ecigs Could Stop Weight Gain After Smoking Cessation
One of the biggest complaints among former smokers is weight gain. It seems like as soon as you kick the cigarette habit, you see a sudden change in your waistline. It’s a lose-lose situation for many smokers. By getting rid of cigarettes to improve their health, they actually end... Read more
New York’s Smoking Tax Backfires
The best way to stop America’s smoking problem is to tax it into oblivion, right? That’s what many of our politicians have claimed in an underhanded effort to boost tax revenue. But now new reports are revealing that increased taxes might not be the answer after all. New York’s... Read more
Prime Minister David Cameron Defends Ecigs as “Legitimate Aid” for Smokers
After years of fighting with a serious smoking addiction, the UK’s Prime Minister is no stranger to the struggle to kick the habit. Perhaps that’s why he has exercised an added measure of compassion towards tobacco users and gone to great lengths to help them successfully quit. Each year,... Read more
New Study Reveals Growing Success of American Ecig Shops
Over the past few years, e-cigarette shops have multiplied at a rapid pace. It wasn’t all that long ago when ecigs were still a rare commodity that people didn’t understand. Now, you can find a place to buy ecigs and eliquid in all of America’s biggest cities and many... Read more
Advocates Warn that New E-Cigarette Rules in Utah Will Put Vape Shops Out of Business
Officials in the state of Utah are pushing for new ecig regulations that could have disastrous consequences. Ecig advocates believe that the proposed rule is so strict that it would result in as many as 80 percent of the e-liquids being banned for sale in the state. With such... Read more
Montana Officials Require E-Cigarette Sales License By January 1
Retailers in Montana who plan to sell ecigarettes after the New Year will have to obtain a state license to do so legally. As of January 1, 2016, retailers must be officially licensed and all ecig sales to minors will be banned. Department of Revenue officials said that 1,800... Read more
Ontario Cracks Down on Ecigs But Leaves Strange Loophole for Marijuana Use
Fans of ecigarettes aren’t happy with a bizarre new law in Ontario. Beginning in January, ecigs will be prohibited in all areas where smoking cigarettes is already banned. However, legislators left a loophole for marijuana users by stating that people with valid medical marijuana prescriptions can actually use ecigs... Read more