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Charity Group Provides Ecigs to Homeless Smokers Battling Addiction

No one ever plans to be homeless and live on the streets, but it happens all too often. In fact, more than 633,000 Americans are homeless and that number is only growing with each passing year. That’s why the Dao Group is taking action to help those living in poverty in their community. The Comex...

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Bizarre New Workplace Policy Could Leave Smokers Jobless

Over the past few decades, workplaces across the nation have developed smoke-free policies. In fact, most employers no longer allow workers to smoke in the office, but a new policy could make it impossible for smokers to even get a job in the first place. In Pima County, Arizona, officials have a...

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Researchers Find that E-Cigarettes Are Less Addictive Than Tobacco Smokes

Everyone knows that tobacco addiction is serious and it’s really hard to kick the cigarette habit. But a new study from Penn State College of Medicine recently revealed that ecigs are less addictive than tobacco smokes. Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry, said...

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Arizona Eyes a New E-Cig Tax to Help With Billion-Dollar Deficit

Over the past seven years, electronic cigarettes have boomed into unexpected levels of success in the United States. With an industry now estimated at $1 billion per year, it only makes sense that money-hungry lawmakers are fixing their attention on ecigs as a potential new way to bring in some...

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Judge Says E-Cigs Cannot Be Treated as Medications in Germany

Every country is debating how to handle the growing e-cig trend, but regulation plans are varied heavily from one place to the next. While the United States is looking to treat ecigs as tobacco products, the UK plans to classify them as medications and regulate them accordingly. But in Germany,...

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What Caused the Ecig Market to Crash in Spain?

E-Cigs Face Massive Tax Hike in Philly

Study Shows UK Smoking Rates Hit All Time Low