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Welcome to the E-Cigarettes Blog. Here you will find our opinions expressed as such. While our reviews are fully unbiased, our blog is based on our personal experiences and we still encourage you to read the reviews before making any decision to purchase a certain brand of electronic cigarette.

British American Tobacco Wants Medicinal Regulation for Ecigs

British American Tobacco is the fifth largest tobacco company in the world today. After recently growth of the ecig industry, BAT decided to invest in Nicoventures, a new vaping subsidiary.  As they work to open doors for their own ecig brand to succeed, the tobacco giant is pushing Australian...

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Disneyland Pushes Vapers Back to the Smoking Section

When a smoker makes the courageous decision to put away tobacco and try vaping as an alternative, there are a lot of positive changes that happen. Beyond the fact that you eliminate thousands of lethal carcinogens, you also gain your social life. You are no longer forced outside when you need a...

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Open System Vaporizers Now Dominate the Ecig Market

According to Market Watch, traditional electronic cigarettes that look a lot like cigarettes are no longer the industry’s leading assets. Instead, open system vaporizers that allow users to have a more customized experience are dominating the vaping world.  The tank style ecigs are now selling...

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FDA Plans to Host a Workshop About Vaping in December

If you have been following the vaping news lately, you know that the whole ecig world is waiting with baited breath to see what the FDA’s next move will be with electronic cigarette regulations. Apparently, things are still up in the air for regulators and now the FDA is hosting yet another...

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New Study Finds Regular E-Cig Use is Rare Among Teens

Electronic cigarette critics seem to focus on the same old arguments over and over. Their favorite talking point is about how ecigs attract children and teenagers. There have been numerous claims that vaping is advertised to attract young people, but is there any real truth to these statements?...

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