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Welcome to the E-Cigarettes Blog. Here you will find our opinions expressed as such. While our reviews are fully unbiased, our blog is based on our personal experiences and we still encourage you to read the reviews before making any decision to purchase a certain brand of electronic cigarette.

The Award For Worst E-Cig Reporting Goes To…

The art of objective journalism seems to be dead, especially where electronic cigarettes are concerned. In the past few months, we’ve seen ecigs gain an increasing presence in the media. Unfortunately, a lot of that coverage is full of faulty research and disinformation. While scoping out the...

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Is This the Most Outrageous Thing Ever Said About Vaping?

From time to time, the media will interview people about electronic cigarettes and get some really strange comments and opinions. But this week, a retired physician from Kansas made a statement that could be the most outrageous thing we’ve heard yet! It all started when the Independence City...

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New York Cop Issues Traffic Ticket for Vaping While Driving

Over the past few years, law enforcement officers have cracked down on texting while driving. It’s clear that using a cell phone while driving can be a dangerous distraction, but what about electronic cigarettes? This week, a New York man was punished when a police officer spotted him using an...

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New Jersey Vapers Outraged Over Proposed Sin Tax on E-Cigs

Electronic cigarette supporters in New Jersey are angry and they are making it clear that Governor Chris Christie has stepped out of line by proposing a new sin tax on e-cigarettes. Vapers in New Jersey are already forced to vape outdoors after e-cigs were banned in public places, but now they...

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Vaping With No Vapor: A New Spin on Ecig Technology

UK e-cig company, JAC Vapour, is taking a completely unique approach to electronic cigarette technology. In an effort to stop complaints about secondhand vapor exposure, the company is now offering a line of invisible vapor e-liquid. The “Clear Steam” technology provides the same throat hit and...

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California Man Sues NJOY Alleging Ecigs Cause Cancer

Promising New Updates on 2014 E-Cig Research

CVS Says Good-Bye to Tobacco

Texas News Highlights Booming E-Cigarette Industry