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Fight For Your Right to Vape at FDA Listening Session on April 5

If you are a west coast vaper, it’s time to make plans to attend the FDA listening session on April 5. The event will be held in San Diego in conjunction with the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. The FDA is opening the event up to all citizens that want to discuss tobacco...

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NJOY Receives $70 Million Capital Injection From Investors

Despite ongoing controversy about electronic cigarette regulation, investors are still eager to get involved in the e-cigarette industry. In he wake of booming sales, investors at Brookside Capital and Morgan Stanley Investment Management poured in $70 million of new capital to NJOY this week. NJOY...

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California Man Sues NJOY Alleging Ecigs Cause Cancer

With all the controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to take the fight to the courtroom. This week, we have finally seen a lawsuit take shape as California resident Eric McGovern filed a lawsuit against NJOY. He claims that NJOY advertises...

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The Changing Culture of Vaping: Unlocking E-Cig Hacks and Mods

Just a few years ago, electronic cigarettes were a relatively new phenomenon, but that has quickly changed. In 2014, you can spot people vaping all over the world. As ecigs have soared to unexpected levels of popularity, there is a vast subculture of vaping that has rapidly formed as a result. This...

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Big Pharmaceuticals Lobby Government to Crack Down on E-Cigarettes

It’s no surprise that big pharmaceutical companies are waging war on electronic cigarettes. After all, if people stop smoking, there will be a reduced need for medications to treat dozens of dangerous diseases. On Monday, British newspaper The Times reported on leaked correspondence between...

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Promising New Updates on 2014 E-Cig Research

CVS Says Good-Bye to Tobacco

Texas News Highlights Booming E-Cigarette Industry

Surgeon General Releases the 32nd Report on Tobacco Use

E-Cig Community Threatens to Boycott TVECA