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Cop Pulls Over Vaping Driver and Forces Sobriety Test

As electronic cigarettes become more popular, there are increasing stories about people that get pulled over for vaping while driving. In March, a New York man got a traffic citation for using his e-cig behind the wheel. That story has developed into a tangled legal battle after the judge ordered...

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New Research Shows Nicotine’s Amazing Medical Benefits

As a society, we have spent the past few decades waging war against cigarettes. Nicotine has earned a bad reputation as addictive and deadly, when in fact, tobacco is really the culprit for smoking-related diseases and death. Now, new research has surfaced that proves that nicotine is actually...

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Tobacco Sales Falter While E-Cig Sales Boom in 2014

The tobacco industry is taking a big hit this year with an increasing number of smokers making the switch to electronic cigarettes. Prestigious Japanese bank Nomura has weighed in on the situation with new projections for the future of tobacco. Nomura predicts that tobacco cigarette sales will fall...

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Why You Shouldn’t Use an iPad Charger for Your E-Cig

Over the past few years, we’ve seen several unfortunate stories about exploding electronic cigarettes. While the media tends to portray these incidents as a problem with e-cig technology, it is typically a user problem. Explosions happen when people try to manipulate their electronic cigarettes...

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Electronic Cigarettes Cause Decline in Fights Among Inmates

We’ve all heard and experienced the many benefits of electronic cigarettes, but this week a new story emerged with some promising information about how e-cigs could change the prison system. After offering e-cigs to inmates in eastern Tennessee, prison officials report that the results are...

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The Award For Worst E-Cig Reporting Goes To…

California Man Sues NJOY Alleging Ecigs Cause Cancer

Promising New Updates on 2014 E-Cig Research