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White House Officials Intervene to Weaken FDA’s Proposal for Ecig Regulation

In April, the FDA released their official proposal for electronic cigarette regulation, but this week the White House intervened by weakening the initial regulation proposal and deleting sections that could potentially be damaging to the economy. In the initial proposal, the FDA said they would ban...

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Man Goes From Smoking 2 Packs a Day to A Thriving Ecig Business

Paul Law had been a heavy smoker for 34 years before he found a way to escape his addiction. After more than three decades of smoking 50 cigarettes a day, he discovered electronic cigarettes and with them, he finally found freedom at age 49. E-cigs drastically impacted Law’s life and he wanted to...

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Industry Update: 10 New Ecig Brands Released Every Month For the Past 2 Years

Even in the face of upcoming FDA regulations, the ecig industry is thriving and rapidly expanding. According to this week’s report from USA Today, we see an average of 10 new ecig brands entering the market each month and this has been the case for two solid years. The Internet has paved the way...

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RJ Reynolds to Release Vuse Ecigs to All States Next Week

Recently, the major tobacco companies started shifting product focus to include electronic cigarettes as thousands of smokers give up tobacco in favor of vaping. Last year, RJ Reynolds released their Vuse e-cigarettes to a limited test market in Colorado. Then they expanded to include Utah in early...

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Leaked Memo Shows Big Pharma Lobbying Against Ecigs

The electronic cigarette industry is rapidly growing and many smokers are choosing ecigs as a path to quit smoking. As ecigs sales boom, tobacco companies are quickly trying to recover their losses by launching their own vaping lines. But tobacco companies are not the only ones at risk for losing...

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Best E-Cigarette Father’s Day Offers