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London Experts Criticize World Health Organization For Ecig Lies

When the World Health Organization finally issued a public statement about electronic cigarettes, the whole world took their stance seriously. But a group of health experts from London is now claiming that the WHO lied and misrepresented the actual facts about how electronic cigarettes impact...

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New Orleans University Students Fight to Keep Ecigs on Campus

After a new statewide resolution was introduced in 2013, universities across Louisiana have been working to ban tobacco and stop co-eds from smoking on campus. As each university determines how to implement the new college smoking bans, some have chosen to also prohibit vaping, while others are...

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American Heart Association Offers Mixed Response to Ecigs

As the world’s most prestigious public health experts continue to weigh in on the ecig issue, the American Heart Association has finally released their official position on vaping. After years of pushing smokers to quit using tobacco, the AHA was slow to even acknowledge electronic cigarettes,...

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Cardiologist Exposes Ecig Lies and Demands Truth From WHO

This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been a hot topic among vapers after the supposed global health experts condemned electronic cigarettes as dangerous. Now a world renowned cardiologist from Greece is speaking out about the lies from WHO and calling for responsible reporting in...

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Smokers Turn to Ecigs Rather than Quit Hotlines in England

Smoking kills 80,000 people in England each year, making it the leading cause of death in the country. Health officials have worked long and hard to make quit aides available to smokers, but one of the most successful methods has been with NHS hotlines where people can get support in setting a...

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