E-Cigarette News

Mayo Clinic Reveals Results of A Ground Breaking New Ecig Experiment
When it comes to medical research, there is no other hospital in the United States more respected than Mayo Clinic. When the doctors at Mayo release new information, the world listens because they know this hospital is trustworthy and on the cutting edge of medical research. Recently, the Mayo... Read more
Forbes: New Ecig Rules Could “Undermine Public Health” and Harm Smokers
According to a study that recently appeared in Tobacco Control, ecigarettes are putting teenagers at serious risk. Researchers from the University of Hawaii Cancer Center alleged that ecigarettes actually lead teenagers to start using tobacco. As the world reacted in alarm to this shocking news, Forbes contributor Jacob Sullum... Read more
Liberal Billionaire Promises Major Pay Outs in Push for New Tax on Ecigs
Over the past few years, we’ve seen that the nation’s richest citizens have a lot of control over the course of our laws. Lobbyist funds heavily influence the votes of our politicians and now we even have billionaire Donald Trump in the running for the presidential election. Ultimately, money... Read more
Canadian Teen Scarred for Life by Exploding Ecig
No one wants to see kids using e-cigarettes, but in most places, they are easily accessible. When a teen walks into a vape shop, far too often they can buy anything they want with no questions asked. With no current regulations to insure the devices offered are safe and... Read more
Alaska Health Authorities Claim Ecigs Contain Embalming Fluid and Nail Police Remover
Over the past few years, we’ve seen more than our fair share of bad science in the ecig industry. But a recent ad campaign from Alaska is without a doubt the most damaging we’ve seen to date. In a new commercial, Alaska’s health authorities allege that ecigs are actually... Read more
FDA Advisor Denies Evidence that Regulations Will Lead to Ecig Prohibition
Ecig regulation is a controversial topic these days as the world awaits finalization of the FDA’s regulatory proposal. While no one can be 100 percent certain of what the future holds for ecig companies, we do know that the current proposal would be murderous for the industry as a... Read more
The American Heart Association Makes Controversial Statement About Teens and Ecigs
While no one wants to see teenagers using ecigarettes, most of us would agree that it’s at least a better scenario than if they were using tobacco products. Unfortunately, some of the world’s leading health organizations disagree. The American Heart Association released a statement about teens and ecigarettes this... Read more
New Study Reveals How Ecigs Could Stop Weight Gain After Smoking Cessation
One of the biggest complaints among former smokers is weight gain. It seems like as soon as you kick the cigarette habit, you see a sudden change in your waistline. It’s a lose-lose situation for many smokers. By getting rid of cigarettes to improve their health, they actually end... Read more
New York’s Smoking Tax Backfires
The best way to stop America’s smoking problem is to tax it into oblivion, right? That’s what many of our politicians have claimed in an underhanded effort to boost tax revenue. But now new reports are revealing that increased taxes might not be the answer after all. New York’s... Read more
Prime Minister David Cameron Defends Ecigs as “Legitimate Aid” for Smokers
After years of fighting with a serious smoking addiction, the UK’s Prime Minister is no stranger to the struggle to kick the habit. Perhaps that’s why he has exercised an added measure of compassion towards tobacco users and gone to great lengths to help them successfully quit. Each year,... Read more
New Study Reveals Growing Success of American Ecig Shops
Over the past few years, e-cigarette shops have multiplied at a rapid pace. It wasn’t all that long ago when ecigs were still a rare commodity that people didn’t understand. Now, you can find a place to buy ecigs and eliquid in all of America’s biggest cities and many... Read more
Advocates Warn that New E-Cigarette Rules in Utah Will Put Vape Shops Out of Business
Officials in the state of Utah are pushing for new ecig regulations that could have disastrous consequences. Ecig advocates believe that the proposed rule is so strict that it would result in as many as 80 percent of the e-liquids being banned for sale in the state. With such... Read more
Montana Officials Require E-Cigarette Sales License By January 1
Retailers in Montana who plan to sell ecigarettes after the New Year will have to obtain a state license to do so legally. As of January 1, 2016, retailers must be officially licensed and all ecig sales to minors will be banned. Department of Revenue officials said that 1,800... Read more
Ontario Cracks Down on Ecigs But Leaves Strange Loophole for Marijuana Use
Fans of ecigarettes aren’t happy with a bizarre new law in Ontario. Beginning in January, ecigs will be prohibited in all areas where smoking cigarettes is already banned. However, legislators left a loophole for marijuana users by stating that people with valid medical marijuana prescriptions can actually use ecigs... Read more
Busted for Bad Research: Shining a Light on the Most Misleading Ecig Studies
Countless people can lay claim to a past filled with pack after pack of cigarettes. How many friends or family members do you have that could say they used to smoke one or even two packs every single day? Yet there are millions of former smokers that can now... Read more
Scientists Target Ecig Vapor in New Research Project
When Trevor Robinson started smoking as a teenager, he never dreamed it would become an addiction that would be hard to escape. By the time he was in his twenties, he was smoking two packs a day and knew something had to change. “I was one of those people... Read more
Man Suffers Broken Neck After Ecig Explodes, But Something Doesn’t Add Up
Cordero Caples claims his ecig exploded, which left him with a broken neck, burned lips, and missing teeth. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors feared he could be permanently paralyzed from the injuries. After extensive spinal surgery, Cordero is now in stable condition. His sister said the... Read more
Big Tobacco Warns FDA Regulations Will Remove Nearly All Ecigs From Market
When most people think of Big Tobacco, they imagine devious men in suits cooking up the next way they can get rich by killing off the world’s population. These companies make billions of dollars by selling deadly tobacco products and they have generally been the mortal enemies of ecig... Read more
Experts Speak Out Against Recent Surge in Public Ecig Bans
Maine is the latest casualty in the war on ecigarettes. Last month, state legislators voted to include ecigarettes in prohibitions that ban smoking in public places. Now ecig users are left out in the cold without the right to vape in public parks, restaurants, or shopping malls. Maine legislators... Read more
New Legislation Would Make It Illegal for Remote Workers to Use Ecigs at Home
In today’s world, a significant percentage of professionals work from home offices, choosing to perform their jobs remotely rather then dealing with a commute. While there is a lot of freedom to enjoy by working from home, there can also be some drawbacks. A new legislation in Wales is... Read more
Washington Attorney General Sues “Organic” Eliquid Company
As electronic cigarettes continue to captivate the world, the competition has become fierce. Many companies are trying to draw attention to their eliquids by marketing them as organic or natural, but that could be risky. In Washington State, three eliquid companies have landed in hot water with authorities because... Read more
Allowing Ecigs in National Parks Could Help Prevent Forest Fires
Forest fires cause nationwide devastation each year with an estimated $700 million in property damage and $1 billion spent on fire suppression tactics annually. People cause 90 percent of wildfires and the leading causes of these blazes are cigarettes that are not properly discarded. That’s why the National Park... Read more
New Tax Shuts Down Oldest Ecig Shop in Washington DC
Since the day it first opened, Vape Joint has been an iconic place for ecig fans to gather in Washington DC. But that’s all changing now thanks to an outrageous new tax on ecigarettes. Co-owner Erik Miller said the shop was permanently closing the doors to customers because they... Read more
CDC Reveals the Truth About Ecigs in Shocking New Study
Health activists often paint electronic cigarettes in a negative light, claiming that they only lead people to start smoking and tempt teens into tobacco use. However, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is setting the record straight and showing just how important ecigs are... Read more
Department of Transportation Says No More Ecigs in Checked Bags
It was only a matter of time before airlines started to give vapers a hard time. While vaping isn’t allowed on board any flight in the United States, it has always been okay to pack ecigarettes in both checked bags and carry on luggage. Now that’s all changed according... Read more
Reynolds American Closes In on Phillip Morris USA in Race to Dominate Tobacco Industry
When it comes to cigarettes, there are a handful of companies that dominate the market. These big tobacco brands are in constant competition and always seem to be planning their next big acquisition or marketing ploy to attract consumers. Just a few months ago, Reynolds American made a brazen... Read more
Vape Shops Encounter Endless Challenges As Regulations Remain Uncertain
United States vape store owners have been waiting for months to hear how the FDA will regulate electronic cigarettes. It’s an era of uncertainty that is causing many entrepreneurs to face an uphill battle. Starting a vape shop can be a smart financial investment, but it can also be... Read more
Facebook Overturns Censorship on Ecig Documentary Ads
When Aaron Biebert decided to advertise his upcoming film on Facebook, he never imagined that it would be banned. The documentary called “A Billion Lives” is set to hit theaters in 2016 and it will focus on how ecigarettes could potentially help smokers find freedom from tobacco use. According... Read more
Ecigs Could Soon Be Banned From Philadelphia Pharmacies
You can buy electronic cigarettes practically anywhere these days. Whether you stop in a convenience store, the supermarket, or the pharmacy, you can usually find at least a few cigalikes available when you need them. However, Philadelphia’s city council is currently debating a new bill that would remove ecigs... Read more
Ecigs Lead the Race for Best Selling Smoking Cessation Tool
Smoking rates are falling in 2015 and it’s largely thanks to the growing electronic cigarette industry. While cigarette addicts can choose from a wide range of smoking cessation devices, recent reports show that ecigs are leading the pack by a large margin. In fact, the ecig industry is worth... Read more
New Four-Year Study to Determine Whether Vaping is Harmful During Pregnancy
When an expectant woman visits her doctors for that first prenatal check-up, one of the first questions she will hear is, “Do you smoke?” Tobacco use increases a woman’s risk of pre-term labor, low birth weight, and even birth defects. Over the past few years, many pregnant women have... Read more
Public Health Expert Compares Anti-Vaping Rules to North Korea’s Policies
In one of the most passionate defenses of electronic cigarettes that the world has ever witnessed, public health expert and highly respected Professor Peter Hajek recently presented a new pro-vaping report to Wales Assembly Members. While Wales is considering a ban on ecigs on all public areas, Hajek warned... Read more
Frustrated Mom Launches Public Complaint After School Takes Away Her Son’s Ecig
Most parents would applaud a school for discouraging children from using e-cigarettes, but that’s not the case for Sue Dunn. She is furious with her teen’s school and publicly expressing concern after administrators confiscated her son’s ecig. Dunn said he 14-year-old son, Mason, has been smoking for two years.... Read more
Woman Could Face Jail Time for Using Ecig On Flight
Everyday, vapers fly with their ecigs in tow and usually, it doesn’t cause any problems. But this week, things went sour for Hawaiian realtor Kristen Sharp as she tried vaping on a flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu. Witnesses claim that Sharp was vaping in her seat and in... Read more
Man Suffers Major Burns After Ecig Batteries Explode In His Pocket
It started as an ordinary day and ended in unthinkable disaster. Christopher Robran was meeting some friends for lunch and he grabbed his ecig and threw a couple extra batteries in his pocket for good measure. On his way into the restaurant, he tossed his keys into the same... Read more
New Federal Law Could Ban Ecigs on Airplanes
If you’ve been on a commercial flight lately, you probably already know that ecigs are generally not welcome on board. Most airlines have implemented a no vaping policy despite the lack of federal laws to dictate whether vaping in air is acceptable. However, leaving vaping rules up to airlines... Read more
Vapers Beware: The National Park Service is Cracking Down on Ecigs
For the past twelve years, the National Park Service has prohibited smoking in all buildings and indoor spaces. They have even outlawed cigarettes in many outdoor areas to reduce the threat of forest fires. Now the NPS is expanding their previous ban to include electronic cigarettes in all places... Read more
Forbes Reveals the CDC’s Hypocrisy in Recent Approach to Ecigarettes
It’s no secret that the CDC is taking a hard line approach in the war against electronic cigarettes. CDC reports accuse ecigs of acting as a gateway to teen smoking and putting the public at risk for formaldehyde exposure. The agency completely ignores the potential benefits of vaping and... Read more
Study Proves Secondhand Vapor Poses No Threat to Public Health
It’s increasingly common to see “No Vaping Allowed” signs in restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping malls. Some cities have even voted in official bans on ecigarettes in all places where tobacco smoking is not allowed. Lawmakers justify these decisions by claiming that secondhand vapor could be putting innocent bystanders... Read more
Woman’s Fake Exploding Ecig Story Backfires When the DA Gets Involved
When 22-year-old Breanne Court contacted Durasmoke to complain about an exploding ecig, she was just hoping to make some fast cash. Court had heard from an acquaintance that Durasmoke paid thousands of dollars in damages to a man when his ecig battery caught on fire and burned his carpet.... Read more