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Best Tips To Ensure Your Homemade Coils Are Not Defective
We made this guide for anyone wondering how to make vape coils, how to change coil in vape, how long do vape coils last, or any other questions concerning vaping coils. Knowing how and when to change vape coils in your mod is one of the aspects of vaping... Read more
New Zealand Moves Forward With Vaping While Australia Takes Step Back
Kiwi’s are loosening their regulations to improve health, but Australia continues to refuse the evidence Around the world countries have addressed vaping’s rise to popularity in different ways. Countries like the UK have welcomed vaping and embraced it as a harm reduction and smoking cessation tool. Others have been... Read more
Dr. Farsalinos Once Again Destroys Anti-Vaping Research Aiming To Mislead
A recent study making the rounds in the mainstream media has been rebuked by world-renowned tobacco control expert, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos A study discussed widely by many popular news sources earlier this year, claims to have found some serious dangers of e-cigarettes. This study, published in the Environmental Health... Read more
Huge Issue! Poll Indicates Majority Of Adults Don’t Understand Value Of Vaping
The Rasmussen poll was just the latest to indicate that the public’s understanding of vaping is severely lacking Since hitting the scene, vaping has been hit with criticism time and again. Parents and politicians seem to view it as a sinister alternative to tobacco products, designed to lure young... Read more
How To Completely Change Your Perspective On The Dangers Of Vaping
Many people ask is vaping bad. Even more wonder: is nicotine bad for you? That’s why we made this guide to vaping health risks and hte dangers of vaping. Since coming into the public eye almost a decade ago, vaping has spurred clash after clash of public opinion. Critics... Read more
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Vaping
If you’ve been asking yourself what’s in vape, what is vape made of, or even simply what does vaping do, don’t miss our guide all about vape. In the past decade or so, vaping has transformed from a small niche market, that wasn’t widely known, to a billion dollar... Read more
Massive Key To Improving Public Health Uncovered
One committee in the UK Parliament is making a push to allow public vaping as a way to improve the harm reduction and smoking cessation value of e-cigarettes Bans on vaping are becoming a reality for people around the world. Early adopters were permitted to vape nearly anywhere, but... Read more
How Vaping Is Drastically Improving Health Problems
A study from a few years back concluded vaping fosters a 96% reduction in health problems. But why is it only becoming widespread now? A critical vaping report was first published back in 2016 to very little media coverage. But as more people get invested in the vaping debate,... Read more
Huge Endorsement! Major Health Organization Finally Backs Vaping
The American Cancer Society, once a staunch opponent of vaping rights, now says they’re “less harmful than smoking” When you start talking to vapers about their habit, it becomes obvious just how many of them feel vaping was key to ending their dependence on tobacco. It’s nothing new either,... Read more
New Grant Could Produce Clever Solution To Harsh Vaping Regulations
GSU received $1.4 million in order to better understand how regulations are affecting the vaping industry and smoking cessation efforts Pretty much every vaper in America has had to deal with encroaching regulations and taxes at one point or another. Regardless of the evidence pointing in favor of vaping,... Read more
Could This Decision Change The Entire Future Of Vaping?
Editor of a leading tobacco research journal bans use of “tobacco products” when talking about vaporizers More than we supporters would like to admit, the vaping industry has been subject to poor public perception. For the past decade, there have been a growing number of reputable scientific studies conducted... Read more
Big News! Polls Find Vaping Leads To Smoking Cessation In A Way You Won’t Believe
Polls out of Tennessee indicate that vaping is indeed mostly used for smoking cessation purposes A poll published by the Tennessee Health Department and the CDC strongly indicates that vapers are more than three times more likely to stop smoking than someone who has never vaped. Originally presented as... Read more
Amazing Results! Carcinogenic Exposure Decreases Rapidly With Switch To Vaporizer!
The Rosewell Park study could have some significant effects on the vaping industry moving forward There are several institutions in America, such as the FDA and the CDC, who appear to be going out of their way to always paint vaping in a negative light. They continue in spite... Read more
Learn How An Attorney General Will Change How The FDA Handles The Flavor Ban
Tom Miller, the attorney general for Iowa, is once again making the case that the FDA’s potential flavor ban would do more harm than good Vaping has exploded in popularity, skyrocketing from a fringe device to a multi-billion dollar industry all its own. But as the popularity increases, so... Read more
The Weird Way Vaping Could Help Athletes
According to researchers, a switch to vaping can improve athleticism in a few fundamental ways We can all agree that smoking is just about the worst thing you can do for your long-term health. We have decades of evidence proving that smoking directly leads to such tragic conditions as... Read more
New Research Indicates A Difference Between Vaping And Smoking You Won’t Believe
This latest piece of evidence is once again making vaping more viable as a harm reduction tool For the past decade, as vaping has grown in popularity and gained more and more interest from the public, the most significant questions have been about the long-term effects of vaping. There... Read more
Brand New Research Solves Mystery To Improving Smoking Cessation Efforts
E-liquid flavors may be the key to smokers looking to quit according to a new article As the technology around vaping and e-cigarettes improves, and its popularity grows, so do the debates of its effectiveness and safety.  Often it seems every single aspect or angle of vaping is being... Read more
Surprising Facts About How Vaping Improves Effectiveness Of Prescription Drugs
New research indicates smoking cessation aids work better when used in conjunction with vaping More and more we are seeing people looking to quit smoking using prescription drugs as a cessation tool. However, a study out of the University of California at San Diego’s School of Medicine has found... Read more
Learn How Vaping Is Changing Everything About Teenage Smoking
A new report shows the dramatic drop in teenage smoking coinciding with the explosion of vaping as a smoking cessation tool One of the best ways to understand and track a topic is through surveys. Monitoring the Future is one of the leaders in tracking and understanding the behaviors... Read more
Game Changing Claims About Forcing Vapers Into Designated Smoking Areas
A public health official in the UK says that banishing vapers to smoking areas is “not acceptable” Many vapers were shocked when the FDA published regulations on vaping that deemed e-liquids and vaporizers “tobacco products.” Vapers were already used to side-eye glances and other small day to day discriminations,... Read more
Learn How This Small Decision Will Change Everything About Vaping Research
The editor of a famous journal bans the use of tobacco products to describe vaping Improving public perception is a massive challenge for the vaping community given the seemingly ever-growing number of articles claiming that e-cigarettes are dangerous. Even with plenty of scientific research indicating how much safer vaping... Read more
Insane 80% Tax That Will Change Everything About Vaping In This State
The Governor of Rhode Island is pushing an 80% vaping tax for the second year in a row It is far from unusual for legislatures to look for more state funding by raising taxes on vaping. Many states across the country claim to need excessive taxes on vapes and... Read more
Bombshell! Anti-Vaping Study Demolished By Tobacco Control Expert
Dr. Farsalinos is well known as an advocate for the harm reduction and smoking cessation value of e-cigarettes A significant fight for vaping, and its acceptance by the public, has been against misinformation. Lobbyists and the media feed tons of misinformation to the public about vaping’s effectiveness and the... Read more
Big Relief! Study Concludes Vaping DOESN’T Lead To “Popcorn Lung”
Many critics claim that popcorn lung is inevitable for vapers over time It’s not groundbreaking in the least to say that misinformation about vaping is rampant. The media loves to cling to negative, clickbait worthy, headlines no matter how ridiculous they may be. As a result, anti-vaping groups and... Read more
Confirmed! Research Indicates Vaping is BEST Way To Take Your CBD
According to researchers the most efficient way to take CBD is by vaping it Acceptance of Medicinal Marijuana is gaining traction around the world. As this acceptance grows and more research is done, interest in what marijuana has to offer, other than simply THC has increased. Cannabidiol, or CBD,... Read more
Huge Win! Alaska Acknowledges Vaping ISN’T A Tobacco Product
Alaska is one of the first states to officially recognize that vaping and smoking shouldn’t be forced into the same group Legislatures, for many years now, have lumped vaping in with legislation covering smoking and tobacco products. The evidence is mounting that supports vaping as at least 95% safer... Read more
Latest Organization To Fight Teenage Vaping Is… Juul?
Juul has been trying to improve their public perception with latest couple moves One of the significant concerns about vaping, since it’s introduction has been it’s possible effect on teens. Some critics feel that acceptance of vaping would be a gateway to tobacco use, as widespread support of vaping... Read more
England Sets “Smoke-Free” Goal Over Next 20 Years
A report indicates that at their current pace, England could be considered smoke free by the year 2040 Countries around the world have been making leaps and bounds in the fight against tobacco. Still, smoking persists as one of the top causes behind preventable diseases and deaths. It is... Read more
Research Shows Vaping Helps The Elderly Kick Smoking Habit
Vaping is proving to be a useful smoking cessation tool in the senior community As vaping grows as a smoking cessation tool, older smokers have been turning to it as well to help end their addictions. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a study that that reveals... Read more
Best Tips For Switching From Smoking To Vaping
It can be difficult when you’re first starting out with e-cigarettes, but making the switch can prove extremely positive for your health Vaping continues to grow as an option for cigarette smokers looking to quit. The mounting peer-reviewed evidence finds vaping is not only 95% safer than smoking, but... Read more
Research Shows Vaping Improves Life Of Cancer Patients
Study aimed to gauge the effect of vaping on the day to day life of cancer patients Around the globe, and for decades now, smoking has been the leading cause of preventable diseases and deaths. The aptly nicknamed “Cancer Stick” can produce said cancers in the mouth, throat, and... Read more
Vaping Advocates Foster Real Change
The Vapor Technology Association is just one of many organizations working to legitimize the harm reduction value of e-cigarettes Over the course of the last decade, vaping has grown to be a predominant smoking cessation tool, offering smokers the chance to move on from smoking traditional cigarettes. However, state... Read more
Research Indicates E-Cigarettes Don’t Harm Lung Health
The long-term study concluded that there were no serious events correlated with vaping The Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology Journal published a study by a team at the Research and Development Center in Liverpool England. This Team was lead by Tanvir Walele who happens to be the Director of Scientific... Read more
NYU Supports E-Cigarettes As Being “Substantially Less Harmful Than Cigarettes”
Research into viable smoking cessation devices concluded that vaping is one of the best tools we have at our disposal One of the most significant fights for public health is that of helping smokers quit cigarettes. Quitting for most is extremely difficult. Many in the scientific community feel that... Read more
President Of Women’s Organization Says “Abstinence Only” Approach To Vaping Is A Mistake
Carrie Lukas is the president of the Independent Women’s Forum, and she firmly believes vaping offers significant benefits that shouldn’t be swept under the rug Vaping has grown in popularity as more and more people see and hear about the legitimate harm reduction and smoking cessation value of e-cigarettes.... Read more
Smoking In Iceland Is “Falling Like A Rock” Because Of Vaping
Icelandic doctors agree that vaping is helping the fight against tobacco in the country Over the last decade, there has been a dramatic drop in the smoking rate in Iceland. In a recent interview Dr. Gundmundur Karl Snæbjornsson, of the Icelandic National Institute of Health praised vaping as the... Read more
New Research Seeks To Understand If CBD Really Has Significant Benefits For Autistic People
Researchers from UCSD received a grant to look into claims that CBD oil can improve the quality of life for autistic individuals Medical marijuana has been a godsend for many people suffering from conditions ranging from cancer to chronic pain. But something that is only starting to gain attention... Read more
Study Indicates Vaping Is A Roadblock To Smoking Rather Than A Gateway
Research hurts claims that e-cigarette use directly leads teens to pick up smoking eventually Concerns over teen vaping have always been a part of the e-cigarette conversation. Those in favor of vaping believe that it provides smokers with a powerful option to curb their addiction. Meanwhile, critics are convinced... Read more
Vaping Can Increases Health and Longevity of Mental Health Patients
Study finds that transitioning patients from smoking to vaping can increase their lives by decades In a 2007 paper in the Schizophrenia Bulletin revealed that “Big Tobacco” was not only marketing their products specifically to people with mental illnesses but also they had lobbied, successfully, to make sure psychiatric... Read more
HUD Provides The Blueprint How To Handle Vaping Regulation
While the HUD is doing the right thing, the FDA is staying the course of anti-vaping rhetoric The public view on vaping is in many ways tinted by the lack of knowledge about it. Many people, despite ample evidence to the contrary, still believe it to be as, or... Read more