E-Cigarette News

CDC Inadvertently Supports Claims That Vaping Doesn’t Lead To Smoking In Teenagers
Study released earlier this year seemingly supports idea that vaping isn’t a gateway. Only problem is official CDC stance is “comprehensive tobacco control policies” should include e-cigarettes. Over the years, one of the most prevalent arguments against vaping has been that the many flavors of e-liquids attract teenagers to... Read more
Philip Morris International Pledges $1 Billion To Help Start Anti-Smoking Foundation
PMI will donate $80 million a year for the next 12 years to the brand new, Foundation for a Smoke Free World Philip Morris International has been making headlines over the last couple years by making bold statements about the future of tobacco and their company. Earlier this year... Read more
Dr. Michael Siegel Discusses More Research Disproving “Secondhand Vaping”
Renowned cigarette control expert, Dr. Michael Siegel, shines light on yet another piece of research improving the case for e-cigarettes Dr. Michael Siegel is a professor of community health sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health. He has spent most of his 32 year career fighting against... Read more
Two Health Experts Explain Common Misconceptions About Vaping
Dr. Tim Chico and Prof. Peter Hajek critique some of the most commonly referenced concerns over e-cigarettes. The annual ERS International Congress Conference was held last week in Milan, Italy. Leading experts in the field of respiratory conditions met to present and discuss their findings over the year. As... Read more
Connecticut Governor Adds 75% Vaping Tax to Budget Proposal
40% tax implemented in Pennsylvania lead to mass closure of shops across the state, many fear worse for industry in Connecticut. Connecticut Governor, Dannel Malloy, released his “compromise” budget proposal last week. The Democrat Governor has been historically unpopular over his six years in office, and already announced he... Read more
Canada’s Bill S-5 Could Prove Unconstitutional If Enacted
Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation released a devastating critique in non-partisan think tank publication questioning Bill S-5 and its constitutionality. Howard Anglin has worked in public policy since graduating law school in 2002. He worked his way all the way to the position of deputy chief of staff... Read more
Scotland Works Toward “Smoke-Free Generation”
Scotland’s 2013 tobacco control policy overhaul has been effective over the first four years In 2013, Scotland pledged to implement some of the most progressive tobacco control policies in the world. Their eventual goal was announced as a “smoke-free generation” by 2034 in which less than 5% of the... Read more
Scientific Consensus For Vaping As A Smoking Cessation Tool Progressively Growing Stronger
More large studies find strong correlation between frequent E-cigarette use and successfully quitting smoking. There are many opinions about how dangerous E-cigarettes are and how effective they can be as a smoking cessation tool. If you only want evidence to back up your predetermined stance it won’t take long... Read more
Public Health England’s New Study Shows Vaping Doesn’t Lead To Smoking In Teenagers
More evidence emerges that shows no correlation between vaping and a propensity to pick up smoking in teens. The study conducted by the UK’s Public Health England shows no evidence that vaping leads to teenagers smoking traditional cigarettes. The research looked at over 60,000 teens from the UK between... Read more
Columbia and Rutgers: Over half of daily vapers eventually fully quit smoking.
The study of over 15,000 individuals finds that daily vapers are three times more likely to quit than non-vapers The public health crisis caused by tobacco has been well documented for a long time now. The latest numbers from the CDC state that “cigarette smoking is the leading cause... Read more
New Ban On Vaping Taking Effect
Modified ban in St. Louis mirrors a troubling trend for vapers. The Louisville Metro Council voted last May in favor of a modified ban which will go into effect August 28th. The original law was expanded to now prohibit use of both hookahs and vaping devices of all kinds... Read more
Studies Back Vaping As Phenomenon Grows
Vaping has become a worldwide phenomenon growing rapidly as a legitimate smoking cessation tool. We are all aware of the health risks that smoking cigarettes, cigars, and other traditional tobacco products can cause. Vaping however, can be done with either nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquid to help ease the pain... Read more
Federal Appeals Court Uphold Rule Banning Vaping On US Airplanes
A federal appeals court last week upheld Obama era administration regulation rule banning vaping on commercial airplanes. This also includes in the airport and at the luggage claim. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has been enforcing this rule since its inception. Arguments by a free-market group and an e-cigarette... Read more
Let’s Be Real San Francisco – Files To Strike Down Vaping Flavor Ban
Attorney Joel Aurora, of the political law firm Nielsen Merksamer, submitted the referendum Friday at city hall. This is to strike down the Board of Supervisors’ ban on flavored tobacco, which passed unanimously in June. He has 30 days now to gather 19,040 signatures from San Francisco voters. This... Read more
Oral Health Alert – Vaping is Better Than Smoking Cigarettes
Smoking Cigarettes as we all know is bad for your respiratory system but the damage it does to your oral health is alarming. Many who switch from smoking cigarettes notice drastic changes for the better. One of them is how their teeth look and feel. Let’s peek at just... Read more
Unjust Vaping Laws Force People Back to Cigarette Smoking
Vaping for many is a healthier alternative to smoking and allowed them to quit for good. Unfortunately, unjust laws and regulations are forcing them back due to store closures and exuberant taxes. Vaping is under attack and those who once previously smoked cigarettes face tough choices. Choosing the wrong... Read more
San Francisco Hurts Vapers, Helps Big Tobacco
Another wrongheaded move from lawmakers in an effort to curb tobacco use comes to us this time from San Francisco. The city is about to become the first city in the country to ban flavored e-liquid, including menthol. The ban was passed by unanimous vote by the city supervisors... Read more
Stores Forced to Close with Anti-Vaping Bill
Flavored e-liquid could become a thing of the past in New Jersey if a bill that’s currently being reviewed passes. In another misguided effort to curb the non-existent problem of youth vaping, Democratic lawmakers in the state want to ban all flavors of e-liquid except tobacco, menthol and clove.... Read more
Penn State Study Reveals Interesting Vaping Info
Of the many concerns – or excuses – opponents of e-cigarettes use, one of the most commonly heard is “addiction.” Specifically, anti-vapers wail about the possibility that teens might take up vaping because it’s said to be less harmful than smoking, and then get addicted to nicotine in e-cigarettes... Read more
Health Departments Harming Public Health with E-Cig War
The war on e-cigarettes being waged by the federal government has a lot of allies, including many health organizations around the country. Though health organizations are supposed to be trustworthy and do what is in the best interests of the public health, the attitudes about e-cigarette that are prevalent... Read more
Vape Shops Feeling Unsure of Future
If something doesn’t change soon, vape shops across the country could be closing their doors in the next year. That “something” is the federal government’s rule on e-cigarettes, which classifies them as tobacco products and is about to start requiring expensive testing for any manufacturers who want to keep... Read more
New Laws in EU Give Lifeline to Black Market
The new vaping laws in Europe came into effect this week. In addition to laws requiring safe packaging and warning labels, there are several laws that limit access to large quantities of e-liquid. This could cause prices to rise, and will definitely leave many vapers feeling inconvenienced by smaller... Read more
President Trump Offers Hope For Vaping
The vaping industry is hoping that the Trump Administration is the savior that it was been searching for, but there are conflicting signs of whether or not the current White House is on its side. News Wire reported earlier this week that the vaping industry is still struggling after... Read more
Legal Issues Surrounding E-Cigarettes
E-cigarette laws are rapidly changing around the world, and in many ways the changes are for the better. But there should be no doubt that the laws that stand are being enforced. Vaping in the United Kingdom is about to change due to new laws that will take effect... Read more
E-Cigarettes Don’t Cause Cancer
Doctors in the United Kingdom have publicly encouraged smokers to switch to vaping, citing studies that show e-cigarettes are at least 95 percent less harmful than smoking combustible tobacco cigarettes. Now more positive news comes from the country after a study on e-cigarettes and cancer. According to the study,... Read more
Fake News and E-Cigarettes
The term “fake news” has become a buzzword that both sides of the political spectrum use to try to silence the competition. While there may be more accusations of fake news than there is actual fake news, the vaping community has definitely suffered from dubious reporting tactics and misrepresented... Read more
President Trump May Save Vaping
One of Donald Trump’s promises after being elected President was that he would cut government regulations on businesses. With the FDA regulations for e-cigarettes currently being protested by many politicians, Trump and his allies appear to have the right attitude to effect positive changes that save the vaping industry.... Read more
Vaping Laws Face Harsh Change In Britain
Despite the evidence showing that many smokers have been able to kick that deadly habit by switching to vaping, many anti-tobacco organizations are convinced that e-cigarettes and vaping are causing more harm than good. With no real evidence to support their ideas, anti-vapers sometimes resort to extreme measures to... Read more
Kansas E-Cigarette Tax Fix Advances
There is some good news for vapers and vape shop owners in Kansas. A 20 cent tax on e-liquid is one step closer to being cut, thanks to the passage of a bill by the State House of Representatives. Senate Bill 96 cuts last year’s 20 cent tax down... Read more
UL Certification Comes to E-Cigarettes
Along with some other types of electronic devices like cell phones and headphones, there have been some reports of e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers exploding. Though e-cigarette explosions are very rare, they are one of the actual dangers of e-cigarettes known, and in a society where rumors of unfounded dangers... Read more
FDA is Missing the Mark on Vaping
President Trump’s nominee for Food and Drug Administration commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, is a doctor and health analyst who has made statements about the benefits of getting smokers to move towards safer products. That is why some experts believe that when Gottlieb takes over as head of the FDA, he... Read more
Smoking Rates at Low Point Due To Vaping
Smoking rates in the United Kingdom are at their lowest point in almost 50 years, and many experts believe it’s due to e-cigarettes. As of 2015, only 17.2 percent of British adults are smoking, and more than a million UK citizens say they have used or are using e-cigarettes... Read more
Big Tobacco is a Major Player in Vaping Now
E-cigarettes have existed for about 30 years, but they didn’t get major attention until the early 2000s when Chinese-manufactured e-cigarettes hit the U.S. market. Since then, they’ve greatly increased in popularity, and now the tobacco companies are trying to get a piece of the action. The tobacco industry, which... Read more
Bill Reintroduced to Save Vaping
A bill that never made it very far last year has been reintroduced in the House of Representatives with the hope that it can save smokers from losing one of the safest alternatives to cigarettes. The Cole-Bishop Amendment would change the Food and Drug Administration’s deeming rules; rules that... Read more
Village to Aid Johnson Creek in FDA Fight
A community in Wisconsin is getting help from local officials to fight unfair FDA rules that could wipe e-cigarette retailers out of business. Johnson Creek Enterprises, a major e-liquid retailer, was informed by its local village board that the board will help them challenge the FDA. The FDA decided... Read more
E-Cigarettes Proved Safer Than Tobacco Cigarettes
As e-cigarettes and vaping become more popular, the debate about their relative safety compared to smoking gets more heated. Despite having little valid evidence to support the contention that vaping is harmful, many anti-smoking groups have taken the position that e-cigarettes are a danger that should be avoided. Taxes... Read more
TX State Democrat Puts Vaping in Crosshairs
A Democratic state senator in Texas wants to raise the legal age for purchasing tobacco in the state to 21. Though this could be a good move to curb teen smoking, the legislation would, as is often the case, include e-cigarette and vapor products along with tobacco. State Senator... Read more
Rally Against 40% Tax on Vaping Takes Place in PA
Pennsylvania is one of several states that is waging a war on vaping at the government level, using taxes as a primary weapon. Vaping and e-cigarette supporters fought back by holding a rally in Harrisburg, the state’s capital, on January 23. Pennsylvania started taxing wholesale e-liquid at 40 percent... Read more
Looking Towards Trump Admin To Save Vaping
While the country is deeply divided on the issue of Donald Trump becoming the nation’s 45th President, the Republican’s ascent to the highest office in the land could be good news for the vaping industry. At least that’s what vaping companies, and even some tobacco companies, are hoping. While... Read more
National Parks Service Bans Electronic Cigarettes
The National Parks Service is adding electronic cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) to its tobacco ban in parks across the United States. This is thanks the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Surgeon General, who recently declared that e-cigarettes are a threat to public health.... Read more