E-Cigarette News

Teens are More Likely to Use Ecigs When Their Friends Approve
Peer pressure isn’t a new phenomenon among teenagers. For decades, schools have warned kids not to bend to peer pressure and to make smart choices even if it makes them unpopular. However, teens are quick to try to fit in and they usually want nothing more than to be... Read more
CDC Survey Finds That Most US Adults Believe Legal Smoking Age Should Be 21
Across most of the United States, you cannot buy tobacco products until you are 18 years old. However, anti-tobacco advocates believe that raising the legal smoking age to 21 could go a long way to stop youth smoking. The CDC recently surveyed over 4,000 adults to find out how... Read more
Health Officials Pass Out $50,000 in Fines at New Jersey Ecig Expo
The “Vape Expo NJ” has been months in the making, but things went all wrong this weekend when health officials showed up and started issuing citations to promoters, vendors, attendees, and even the expo hall manager. When all was said and done, there were dozens of citations issued totaling... Read more
Experts Project Ecig Users Could Outnumber Smokers By 2018
It only takes a glance at the headlines to realize that electronic cigarettes are booming in popularity. We’ve seen new vape shops popping up in cities around the world and the Internet is full of vaping related sites and ecig retailers. Now a new study has released some surprising... Read more
Eliquid Company Faces Lawsuit For Offering Fruit Stripe Gum Flavor
One of the greatest joys of vaping is sampling a variety of fun flavors. With a quick glance into any vape shop, you will find flavors resembling a lot of your favorite sweets from gummy bears to Crunch Berries to cotton candy. While eliquid makers are capitalizing on the... Read more
New $3.6 Million Grant to Fund 5-Year Study of Vaping
As lawmakers debate how to handle the growing ecig trend, there is a great deal of confusion about whether ecigs are really a better option than smoking. Do ecigs really reduce your health risks? Is vaping really safer than smoking? The National Institutes of Health has issued a $3.6... Read more
Viral Post on Social Media Claims Woman Died After Using Ecigs, But Is It True?
On June 27, a Jacksonville woman took to Facebook to vent her concerns about electronic cigarettes after vaping supposedly killed her 67-year-old neighbor. She wrote that she had just returned from the memorial service and her neighbor died unnecessarily because of “vapor ciggaretts” (sic) that had “coated the folliculs”... Read more
Euromonitor Forecasts Vaping Sales Will Hit $50 Billion by 2030
Since ecigs emerged ten years ago, the world has seen a shocking growth in vaping revenue. While ecigarettes were once rare and marginalized, today they are widely accepted and used by current and former smokers worldwide. Now experts from Euromonitor have released new revenue predictions that show ecig revenue... Read more
FDA Announces Plans to Regulate E-Liquids in Near Future
Last spring, the Food and Drug Administration released a regulatory proposal for electronic cigarettes, but so far, no official rules have been authorized. However, the FDA is obviously still toying with the idea because this week, they announced the intention to regulate e-liquids. The FDA claimed that the growing... Read more
India Threatens Jail Time to Ecig Importers and Distributors
India has a major problem with tobacco use. In fact, health experts have predicted that there will be 1.5 million tobacco related deaths in India by 2020 if nothing changes. Unfortunately, India’s lawmakers aren’t making it easy for smokers to quit. They have a zero tolerance policy for electronic... Read more
The Battle of Opinions Rages On in New York’s Vaping War
Electronic cigarette users in New York often find themselves in dicey situations. While the state does not explicitly ban vaping in places where smoking is prohibited, many nonsmokers assume that’s the way it should be. This has resulted in a lot of disputes in the past year and now... Read more
American Medical Association Calls for FDA to Change Vaping Age Limits
Across most of the United States, you must be 18 years old to buy a pack of cigarettes. Most states also have laws in place to ban the sale of ecigs to minors. However, the American Medical Association believes that the legal age to buy e-cigarettes needs to be... Read more
Will the FDA Cave to Demands From Crooked Politicians?
When you read the latest news coming out of any state, you will undoubtedly see something related to electronic cigarettes. In most cases, the headlines show bans, criticisms, or concerns, often coming from politicians that have never held an electronic cigarette or even read a basic article about how... Read more
Survey Reveals that 10 Percent of Americans Use Ecigs
The ecig industry is booming and now a new Reuters poll is giving us a better look at the recent growth. According to the survey, 10 percent of Americans now use electronic cigarettes, a massive spike from 2.6 percent of vapers in 2013. So why are people suddenly flocking... Read more
No More Using E-Cigarettes in Public Places in Wales
Aside from eliminating tobacco and tar, one of the biggest benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes is the freedom to use them indoors. However, that privilege could seen disappear for ecig users in Wales. A new law would outlaw vaping in all public places including restaurants, bars, workplaces, and... Read more
Former Health Expert from WHO Recommends Vaping to Smokers
The World Health Organization (WHO) has historically taken a hard line against electronic cigarettes and been hesitant to tolerate them, much less offer any kind of endorsements. But former WHO health expert, Dr. Derek Yach, believes it’s time for that to change. Yach now serves as the head of... Read more
Walking Away From Cigarettes Has Become Harder Than Ever
Over the past 25 years plenty of things have changed. We have suffered through economic hardships and financial blessings. As a nation we have followed 4 different presidents. We have also seen the commercialization of the Internet as well as the advent of social media and social networking. Another... Read more
New Research Links Smoking to Increased Suicide Risk
We’ve all heard the reports about how smoking can causes strokes, heart disease, and cancer. However, some new research has surfaced that points to another sinister threat from tobacco use. After examining the causes of death among more than 100,000 smokers, researchers have found that smoking increases your risk... Read more
North Carolina Lawmakers Vote to Require Warning Labels on Eliquid
North Carolina has historically taken a hard line against electronic cigarettes. Lawmakers have already instituted ecig taxes and age verification requirements. Now they are pushing for a new legislation that would require all eliquids to be sold in child proof packaging with warning labels. As lawmakers are considering the... Read more
E-Cigs Are Only Dangerous Under “Extreme” Conditions
There has been a lot of media hype surrounding claims that ecigarettes can produce formaldehyde, a toxic chemical often associated with smoking. However, now a new study by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos reveals that ecigs will only produce harmful levels of formaldehyde under “extreme conditions”. Dr. Farsalinos set up his... Read more
Do Certain E-Liquid Flavors Irritate Your Lungs?
Have you ever noticed that vaping with certain flavors leaves your lungs feeling a little raw and irritated? This is a common occurrence for vapers and most people attribute it to sensitivity to propylene glycol and they just switch to eliquids made from vegetable glycerin instead. Now new research... Read more
Vape Shop Owner Works to Promote Fair Ecig Legislation
When rumors started swirling that anti-vaping legislation was on the way, Illinois vape shop owner Dirk Critser decided to take action. Critser is the owner of 309 Vapers, the only ecig shop in Galesburg and he runs it with help from his girlfriend and mom. Back in February, Critser... Read more
No More Flavored Ecigs in Sonoma County
The vote was unanimous this week in Sonoma. The City Council has officially approved the Tobacco Retailers Licensing Ordinance, which is essentially an indirect route to classifying ecigs as tobacco products and banning flavored ecigs and eliquids. That’s right… Sonoma vapers can kiss their Cotton Candy and Strawberry Crush... Read more
Art Teacher Turned Ecig Entrepreneur: Meet “The Vapor Girl”
For 21 years, Victoria Sylvestre spent her days in a classroom giving art lessons and teaching various art techniques to high school students. But several years ago, she decided it was time for a change. She had recently discovered ecigs in an effort to quit smoking and she wanted... Read more
New Survey Examines Why People Choose to Use Ecigarettes
When Richmond vape shop Avail Vapor saw that the FDA was still questioning how to regulate ecigs, they decided to get involved. They set up a survey to ask local vapers about their motivations for using ecigs and how vaping impacted their tobacco habits. After collecting answers from 8,500... Read more
No New Vape Shops in Victor, New York for Six Months
As lawmakers worry about the impact of vaping on local teens, some cities are making their own rules. In Victor, New York, that means a new ban on vape shops for the next six months while they determine appropriate vaping legislation for the area. The six-month ban came after... Read more
World Famous Health Experts Give Public Defense of Ecigarettes
Most of the time, the media features stories of health experts that are speculating about potential risks of electronic cigarettes. So what happens when the scientists that have actually studied vaping speak out? The answer might surprise you. Take a look at the following comments from five experts that... Read more
Ontario Says Goodbye to Menthols and Flavored Tobacco
With rising concern about the number of teens using tobacco products, Ontario lawmakers are cracking down with a new “Making Healthier Choices Act”. The new laws will give Ontario the most stringent tobacco policies in Canada. If the bill passes legislation, it will completely ban flavored tobacco products from... Read more
No More Public Vaping in Hawaii
If you’ve always dreamed of taking a vacation to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, a new law might make you want to reconsider. Governor David Ige is waging a war on electronic cigarettes and with his new Act 19 signed into law, ecigs are completely banned in places where... Read more
Outraged Metro Passengers Turn to Local Media to Stop Vaping on the Train
Riding public transportation is never a picnic, but some passengers on the Metro say the ride is nearly unbearable thanks to the sudden increase in ecig users. While tobacco use is banned on the Metro, passengers are free to use their electronic cigarettes both on the boarding platforms and... Read more
Study Reveals that Fear of Weight Gain Keeps Women Chained to Cigarettes
We all know that smoking is bad for your health. It’s an unavoidable truth when you see graphic ads on television and hear constant warnings from your doctor. Unfortunately, many women choose to ignore the risks and continue lighting up because they fear that weight gain would be inevitable... Read more
Regulations Still On Hold as FDA Sponsors New Ecig Research
The vaping world has been waiting with baited breath to see how the FDA would regulate electronic cigarettes, but it appears that we will have to wait a little longer. This week, news broke that the FDA is sponsoring a new study at the University of Wisconsin’s Center for... Read more
DC Lawmakers Want to Raise the Legal Smoking Age to 21
In the United States, you only have to be 18 years old to enlist in the military or vote in an election. But you have to be 21 if you want to buy alcohol. Now lawmakers in Washington DC are debating about how old you should be before you... Read more
March Sales Data Reveals Surge in Ecig Sales
Despite a lot of uncertainty about future regulations, smokers are still flocking towards electronic cigarettes. Recent sales data from Nielson revealed that sales were up substantially in March, with convenience stores reporting a 51.6 percent increase in unit sales. On the other hand, the prices are going down, which... Read more
Electronic Cigarettes Spur Heated Debate in Wisconsin
Wisconsin has been the epicenter of several contentious political debates over the years, but now there is a new controversy that is brewing and it has everything to do with electronic cigarettes. Republican representative Joel Kleefisch is the lead sponsor for a bill that would keep local governments from... Read more
Hawaii Vapers Now Facing 80 Percent Tax on Ecigs
Hawaii’s lawmakers are obviously more interested in making money than protecting public health. Otherwise, why would they penalize electronic cigarettes for helping people quit smoking? This week, the Hawaii state leaders unanimously voted in a new 80 percent tax on ecigs. The new bill classifies any product containing nicotine... Read more
CDC Spends $68 Million to Convince You to Quit Vaping
The Centers for Disease Control has been delivering a hard hitting message about tobacco use through their “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign. The tips feature stories of former smokers who experienced major consequences after using tobacco: loss of limbs, lung disease, and even cancer. On March 30, the CDC... Read more
World’s Leading Health Experts Launch Public Defense of Ecigarettes
On Friday, some of the world’s leading health experts came together to discuss the growing electronic cigarette industry. Typically in this scenario, we see a lot of talk about the merits of regulation and unending criticism of ecigs, but this time things were different. The health experts unanimously agreed... Read more
Should Online Ecig Sales Be Outlawed?
A handful of public health advocates are pushing for online ecig sales to be banned after reports surfaced that teens were buying ecigs online without any problems. According to UNC Chapel Hill’s Rebecca Williams, around a million teens bought ecigs, cigars, and smokeless tobacco online in 2012. Williams reported... Read more
Asheville Rejects Science and Bans Ecigs Across the City
Tucked in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, Asheville is a melting pot of artists, professionals, and free thinkers. The city has a well known “hippie” vibe, but the City Council is pushing for change and they are starting with a ban on electronic cigarettes, despite their immense popularity... Read more