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Researchers Find that E-Cigarettes Are Less Addictive Than Tobacco Smokes
Everyone knows that tobacco addiction is serious and it’s really hard to kick the cigarette habit. But a new study from Penn State College of Medicine recently revealed that ecigs are less addictive than tobacco smokes. Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry, said that surveys shows... Read more
Arizona Eyes a New E-Cig Tax to Help With Billion-Dollar Deficit
Over the past seven years, electronic cigarettes have boomed into unexpected levels of success in the United States. With an industry now estimated at $1 billion per year, it only makes sense that money-hungry lawmakers are fixing their attention on ecigs as a potential new way to bring in... Read more
Judge Says E-Cigs Cannot Be Treated as Medications in Germany
Every country is debating how to handle the growing e-cig trend, but regulation plans are varied heavily from one place to the next. While the United States is looking to treat ecigs as tobacco products, the UK plans to classify them as medications and regulate them accordingly. But in... Read more
Teen Ecig Use on the Rise, But is Regulation the Answer?
There is no denying that teenagers are using electronic cigarettes these days. In fact, public health officials worry that we are facing a new national problem as vaping is a growing trend among our youth. The most recent Minnesota Youth Tobacco Survey revealed some startling changes compared to previous... Read more
US Smoking Rates Hit Historic Low As Ecig Industry Booms
As electronic cigarettes continue to help smokers find an alternative to tobacco, the CDC has released brand new data showing that smoking rates are now at a historic low. According to the latest data, the rate of smoking among American adults is now down to only 17.8 percent. This... Read more
New Jersey School Hands Down Drug Related Suspension for Ecig
In New Jersey, it is illegal to sell e-cigs to individuals under age 19, but that doesn’t stop teens from vaping. Local school districts have been scrambling to figure out how to handle ecigs, but some are taking things too far. This week, Kathleen Leone went to the press... Read more
New Ecig Research Reveals that E-Cigs Can Quell Tobacco Cravings
When today’s smokers want to kick the habit, they often turn to electronic cigarettes. Vaping works and there is constantly new research to back up that claim. This week, a new research project was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. After following a group... Read more
New Italian Study Reveals E-Cigs Work for Smoking Cessation
Regulatory agencies around the world are struggling to determine how to deal with e-cigs. Some countries are working towards regulating e-cigarettes as medications while others have chosen to treat them as tobacco products. In a handful of nations, vaping has been banned completely. In order, to better understand how... Read more
What Caused the Ecig Market to Crash in Spain?
Just one year ago, Spain seemed like one of the most promising places in the world for electronic cigarettes to successfully overtake tobacco. There were an estimated 3,000 vape shops selling a wide variety of ecigs and e-liquids, but then things went south. Now only around 300 ecig stores... Read more
College Editorial Board Calls for Tobacco Ban and E-Cig Support
Universities around the country are struggling to figure out how to handle the tobacco issue. While many have already banned smoking on campus, there are still a few colleges that allow smokers to freely smoke without any repercussions. This week, the editorial board from St. Edwards University decided to... Read more
Big Tobacco Employees Make Cigarettes, But They Can’t Smoke Them at Work
While smoking in the workplace is prohibited in most of America’s businesses, Reynolds American has continued to stand firm that their employees have the right to light up at work. But this week, the Big Tobacco company responsible for the Camel and Pall Mall cigarette brands announced that they... Read more
India’s Health Ministry Presses Forward with Plans to Ban E-Cigarettes
India is currently fighting an uphill battle for public health. With over a billion citizens, the nation has high rates of HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis. Children often die of malnutrition and starvation in the dirty streets, but the health ministry seems to turn a blind eye for the most... Read more
Pennsylvania Doctors Fight Back Against Ecigs on the Big Screen
Doctors know that cigarettes are lethal, so you would think they would be embracing electronic cigarettes as a helpful alternative to help their smoking patients finally kick the habit. Instead, physicians in Pennsylvania are putting their focus on electronic cigarettes and pushing to stop TV advertising and celebrity endorsements.... Read more
Research Shows Smoking Causes More Deaths than Diabetes and AIDS
Our country is facing a major health crisis with increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease, and even AIDS. However, the biggest problem of all is still tobacco use according to a new study by UC San Francisco’s Institute for Health and Aging and School of Nursing. Researchers found that... Read more
WHO Plans Top Secret Global Tobacco Tax to Drive Up Cigarette Prices
When the World Health Organization convened in Moscow this week, everyone knew tobacco control would be a top issue. However, everyone was shocked when delegates pushed for all media and public spectators to be removed from the room. In the past, meetings were open and transparent, but that is... Read more
E-Cigs Face Massive Tax Hike in Philly
Last month, Philadelphia added a grueling $2 per pack tax on cigarettes that left many smokers flocking to local vape shops. But now, city officials are setting their sights on ecigs as a potential new money maker. Today, councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown announced that she will push for a... Read more
Study Shows UK Smoking Rates Hit All Time Low
In the UK, smoking has been a cultural fixture for decades. But with the rise of electronic cigarettes, everything is changing. As thousands of British smokers transition to vaping, researchers are seeing the difference. Now a new study reveals that UK smoking has hit a historic low, with only... Read more
UK Grants Official Approval to Ecig Advertising on TV
Ecigs have created a lot of controversy in the past year, but in the UK it seems like the tide is turning and acceptance is just around the corner. This week, the Committee of Advertising Practice gave official approval for ecig companies to start advertising on television. In the... Read more
British American Tobacco Wants Medicinal Regulation for Ecigs
British American Tobacco is the fifth largest tobacco company in the world today. After recently growth of the ecig industry, BAT decided to invest in Nicoventures, a new vaping subsidiary.  As they work to open doors for their own ecig brand to succeed, the tobacco giant is pushing Australian... Read more
Disneyland Pushes Vapers Back to the Smoking Section
When a smoker makes the courageous decision to put away tobacco and try vaping as an alternative, there are a lot of positive changes that happen. Beyond the fact that you eliminate thousands of lethal carcinogens, you also gain your social life. You are no longer forced outside when... Read more
Open System Vaporizers Now Dominate the Ecig Market
According to Market Watch, traditional electronic cigarettes that look a lot like cigarettes are no longer the industry’s leading assets. Instead, open system vaporizers that allow users to have a more customized experience are dominating the vaping world.  The tank style ecigs are now selling $500 million more per... Read more
FDA Plans to Host a Workshop About Vaping in December
If you have been following the vaping news lately, you know that the whole ecig world is waiting with baited breath to see what the FDA’s next move will be with electronic cigarette regulations. Apparently, things are still up in the air for regulators and now the FDA is... Read more
New Study Finds Regular E-Cig Use is Rare Among Teens
Electronic cigarette critics seem to focus on the same old arguments over and over. Their favorite talking point is about how ecigs attract children and teenagers. There have been numerous claims that vaping is advertised to attract young people, but is there any real truth to these statements? Action... Read more
BAT’s New Nicotine Inhaler Approved as Medicinal Product
At first glance, it looks just like an electronic cigarette, but Voke is actually a nicotine inhaler. British American Tobacco has managed to sidestep the ecig industry competition by pushing out this new nicotine replacement product and gaining quick licensure to sell it as a medicinal product in the... Read more
Big Tobacco Wants a Ban on Ecig Tanks to Protect American Health
We all know that Big Tobacco is more than willing to play dirty if that’s what it takes to make a buck. After all, these companies have made their fortune from selling poison to millions of people. Just when we thought the tobacco giants couldn’t be any dirtier, they... Read more
Cloud Competitions: Good for the Vaping Movement, Or Creating a Detrimental Image?
As e-cigs become increasingly popular, vapers are going to extreme limits to create the largest, densest clouds from their vaporizers.  For vapers who want to get the most out of their devices, they’re altering the stock parts on their vapes and replacing them with other materials with the hopes... Read more
London Experts Criticize World Health Organization For Ecig Lies
When the World Health Organization finally issued a public statement about electronic cigarettes, the whole world took their stance seriously. But a group of health experts from London is now claiming that the WHO lied and misrepresented the actual facts about how electronic cigarettes impact public health. In an... Read more
New Orleans University Students Fight to Keep Ecigs on Campus
After a new statewide resolution was introduced in 2013, universities across Louisiana have been working to ban tobacco and stop co-eds from smoking on campus. As each university determines how to implement the new college smoking bans, some have chosen to also prohibit vaping, while others are ignoring ecigs... Read more
American Heart Association Offers Mixed Response to Ecigs
As the world’s most prestigious public health experts continue to weigh in on the ecig issue, the American Heart Association has finally released their official position on vaping. After years of pushing smokers to quit using tobacco, the AHA was slow to even acknowledge electronic cigarettes, much less condone... Read more
Cardiologist Exposes Ecig Lies and Demands Truth From WHO
This week, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been a hot topic among vapers after the supposed global health experts condemned electronic cigarettes as dangerous. Now a world renowned cardiologist from Greece is speaking out about the lies from WHO and calling for responsible reporting in future statements. Dr.... Read more
Smokers Turn to Ecigs Rather than Quit Hotlines in England
Smoking kills 80,000 people in England each year, making it the leading cause of death in the country. Health officials have worked long and hard to make quit aides available to smokers, but one of the most successful methods has been with NHS hotlines where people can get support... Read more
Health Officials in India Ban Ecigs and Ignore People Defecating on the Streets
Today’s headlines delivered a story that is almost too strange to be true. In the ultimate twist of mixed up priorities, India’s Union Health Ministry is taking steps to ban ecigs claiming they are too dangerous for the public. At the same time that the country’s health authorities are targeting... Read more
29 Attorneys General Urge the FDA to Crack Down on Ecigs
Electronic cigarettes have become the center of enormous controversy in 2014. While vapers sing the praises of ecigs as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, politicians are fighting hard to have them restricted, regulated, and even banned. This week, more than half of the US Attorneys General joined forces in... Read more
Research Proves Smokers Prefer E-Cigs Over Other Quit Methods
Smoking rates are steadily declining while the ecig industry is rapidly growing. Is there a connection? According to a new ecig study from Kantar Media, the explosive growth of ecigs could be explained by how the typical smoker perceives vaping. After surveying 50,000 American households, the study found that... Read more
Horrible Ecig Tragedy Ignites Urgent Warnings to Vapers
This week, we saw perhaps most horrific ecig story ever. A 62-year-old UK man was tragically killed in an electronic cigarette explosion. Worst of all, the whole thing could have likely been prevented if he had followed the proper steps for safe vaping. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS)... Read more
Last Chance to Comment on Proposed Ecig Regulations
The clock is ticking and tomorrow will be the final day to leave a comment for the FDA about their proposed electronic cigarette regulations. The opportunity to give your opinion is really important and we shouldn’t take it lightly as a community of vapers. If you haven’t weighed in... Read more
Scientists Say Vaping Benefits Far Outweigh Any Risks
As policy makers around the world prepare to enforce strict new regulations on electronic cigarettes, scientists are encouraging the regulatory agencies to reconsider. In a new study published in Addiction, 81 ecig research projects were carefully analyzed to form a complete look at the health risks associated with vaping.... Read more
UK Doctors Duke It Out Over E-Cig Sales and Regulation
Physicians around the world are starting to acknowledge the growing electronic cigarette movement. We have seen many passionate responses from both staunch supporters and skeptical critics. Recently, an online network for doctors in the United Kingdom conducted a survey to see how physicians are currently handling the ecig issue... Read more
Ecigs Surpass Cigarettes Among Young Adults in Hawaii
In Hawaii, smoking has been a largely accepted way of life for many years. According to the CDC, Hawaii has the third highest smoking rate in the country, with a reported 16.8% of adults currently smoking. Despite the high prevalence of cigarettes, Hawaii News Now recently reported that electronic... Read more
Huffington Post: Kids Can Handle the Truth About Ecigs
Ecigs are getting a lot of media coverage this summer, but a good portion of it relates to negative stories about bans and prohibition. This week, the Huffington Post finally offered a voice of reason to the ecig debate with an article from Tony Newman, the communications direction from... Read more