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What Happens When Scientists Compare Cigarette Smoke and Ecig Vapor in the Lab?
As more and more public places move towards vaping bans, a lot of health experts say that we just don’t know enough about electronic cigarettes to allow them. But the truth is that we know more than the mainstream media is telling you. In fact, there have been hundreds... Read more
Two-Thirds of Smokers Will Die From Tobacco Related Causes
Everyone knows that smoking is dangerous, but do you know just how deadly it can be? Even casual smoking can do major damage to your health and now the latest research shows that two-thirds of smokers will die from tobacco related causes. Investigators from the National Centre for Epidemiology... Read more
Victory: British Association of Adoption and Fostering Changes Ecig Policy
Earlier this week, we told you the devastating story of a British couple that was denied the opportunity to adopt because a social worker saw the husband using an electronic cigarette. This story has caused such an uproar of protests from vapers worldwide that the British Association of Adoption... Read more
Social Worker Says Couple Cannot Adopt Because of Ecig Use
There is a serious shortage of foster parents in the world today and there are even fewer families that are willing to adopt a child out of the foster care system. In England, there are more than 69,000 kids in the system and many of those will wait indefinitely... Read more
First Vaping Tribunal Warns Employers to Develop New Ecig Rules
In most workplaces around the world, smoking is prohibited, but few employers have developed a separate policy to dictate whether ecigs can be used in the workplace. Most of the time, employers assume that workers will know that no smoking also means no vaping, but that is not necessarily... Read more
Vaping Advocates Fight Back Against EU’s E-Cigarette Money Grab
Despite more than enough research to prove that electronic cigarettes are an effective way to quit smoking, the European Union wants to impose a new “sin tax” that would level the playing field between Big Tobacco and ecig companies. After news of the new tax hike proposal was released,... Read more
San Francisco Bans Ecigs On All Trains
This week, the directors of San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) voted unanimously to ban electronic cigarettes in all stations and on board the city’s trains. Until now, passengers were free to vape on public transportation, but directors claim that they were getting an onslaught of complaints from... Read more
British Airways Employee Interrogated For Traveling With an Ecig
British Airways is taking drastic measures to protect employees and passengers after a terrifying event in the Middle East. According to reports from the Mirror, a crew member faced a heated interrogation by border patrol agents in Qatar after he attempted to bring his e-cigarette into the country. The... Read more
Research Shows You’re More Likely to Get Hooked on Nicotine Gum than Ecigs
One of the most common arguments we see against electronic cigarettes is that they will only hook more people into nicotine addiction. Many worry that vaping will act as a gateway and eventually cause nonsmokers to start using tobacco products. But is there really any need for concern? Scientists... Read more
US Surgeon General Takes a “Wait and See” Approach to Vaping
Far too often, health officials make snap judgments about electronic cigarettes. Thankfully, the new US Surgeon General is being a little more cautious before he takes an official stance on vaping. Dr. Vivek Murthy believes our nation is “in desperate need of clarity” about the real impact of ecigs... Read more
California Senator Wages War on Ecigs With New Misguided Bill
It’s no secret that Democratic Senator Mark Leno doesn’t like electronic cigarettes. He has publicly stated that he believes vaping could be deadly and now he is pushing for a new bill that would ban vaping in public places and enact harsh penalties to stores that sell vaping products... Read more
Quebec’s Health Minister Sets the Record Straight on Vaping
It’s a rare day when we see a major health authority stand behind the vaping movement and publicly give support to electronic cigarettes. That’s exactly what happened this week when Quebec’s Heath Minister Gaetan Barrette did an interview with CBC Daybreak. He gave a frank and authoritative look at... Read more
New Research Reveals High Levels of Formaldehyde in Ecig Vapor – Are You at Risk?
This week, Portland State University published findings from their recent study on electronic cigarettes and now a lot of ecig users are worried. Scientists said they found high levels of formaldehyde in vapor samples and said the ecigs are actually producing much higher levels of the carcinogen than tobacco... Read more
Profits Down for Big Pharma As Smokers Look to Ecigs
Ten years ago, smokers relied mostly on nicotine replacement therapies like patches and gums when they wanted to kick the habit. But that has all changed thanks to electronic cigarettes. As the ecig market continues to grow by leaps and bounds, Big Pharma is feeling the heat with profits... Read more
Rugby Team Revokes Vaping Ban and Offers Ecigs to Fans
The Warrington Wolves is one of the UK’s most popular rugby teams, but until recently they banned vaping at games in the Halliwell Jones Stadium. This week, the team announced that after giving it some more thought, they are reversing the ecig ban and even offering Wolves themed ecigs... Read more
New Ecig Regulations Coming to China
China is the world’s largest producer of electronic cigarettes, making roughly 80 percent of ecig products on the global market today. With Big Tobacco getting involved in the ecig industry, global health experts are putting pressure on China to implement new regulations through State management to ensure that ecigs... Read more
10 Real Studies That Disprove Lies From San Francisco #Curbit Campaign
The San Francisco Department of Public Health probably thought it was just clever marketing when they launched their new #curbit campaign, but they apparently forgot to do some basic fact checking. As dozens of posters and billboards have popped up across the city, the #curbit campaign has tried to... Read more
Breaking: 10,000 Lives Saved by Electronic Cigarettes in 2014
We all know that electronic cigarettes are a much smarter choice than tobacco, but until now, it has been unclear just how many lives were saved thanks to the vaping alternative. This week, the Scientific Director of CASAA, Carl Phillips, revealed a more precise look at just how important... Read more
Tennessee Prison Reports 80K In Ecig Profits
Electronic cigarettes have become a popular choice among smokers trying to kick the habit and inmate smokers are no exception. In the Dickson County corrections system, cigarettes are considered contraband, but county officials decided to allow inmates to purchase electronic cigarettes this year to see if they could be... Read more
Tragedy Strikes as NY Toddler Dies from Liquid Nicotine Exposure
This week we received a timely reminder after a New York toddler died from nicotine poisoning. The one-year-old child was discovered unresponsive after ingesting liquid nicotine and police say he was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. While they did not directly say if the baby had ingested... Read more
Experts Predict Major Changes for Electronic Cigarettes in 2015
As 2014 comes to a close, we can look back and see that a lot has happened in the ecig industry. The FDA has continued to push forward with regulatory efforts, new technology has emerged from some of our favorite brands, and ecig activism has grown by leaps and... Read more
Charity Group Provides Ecigs to Homeless Smokers Battling Addiction
No one ever plans to be homeless and live on the streets, but it happens all too often. In fact, more than 633,000 Americans are homeless and that number is only growing with each passing year. That’s why the Dao Group is taking action to help those living in... Read more
Bizarre New Workplace Policy Could Leave Smokers Jobless
Over the past few decades, workplaces across the nation have developed smoke-free policies. In fact, most employers no longer allow workers to smoke in the office, but a new policy could make it impossible for smokers to even get a job in the first place. In Pima County, Arizona,... Read more
Researchers Find that E-Cigarettes Are Less Addictive Than Tobacco Smokes
Everyone knows that tobacco addiction is serious and it’s really hard to kick the cigarette habit. But a new study from Penn State College of Medicine recently revealed that ecigs are less addictive than tobacco smokes. Jonathan Foulds, professor of public health sciences and psychiatry, said that surveys shows... Read more
Arizona Eyes a New E-Cig Tax to Help With Billion-Dollar Deficit
Over the past seven years, electronic cigarettes have boomed into unexpected levels of success in the United States. With an industry now estimated at $1 billion per year, it only makes sense that money-hungry lawmakers are fixing their attention on ecigs as a potential new way to bring in... Read more
Judge Says E-Cigs Cannot Be Treated as Medications in Germany
Every country is debating how to handle the growing e-cig trend, but regulation plans are varied heavily from one place to the next. While the United States is looking to treat ecigs as tobacco products, the UK plans to classify them as medications and regulate them accordingly. But in... Read more
Teen Ecig Use on the Rise, But is Regulation the Answer?
There is no denying that teenagers are using electronic cigarettes these days. In fact, public health officials worry that we are facing a new national problem as vaping is a growing trend among our youth. The most recent Minnesota Youth Tobacco Survey revealed some startling changes compared to previous... Read more
US Smoking Rates Hit Historic Low As Ecig Industry Booms
As electronic cigarettes continue to help smokers find an alternative to tobacco, the CDC has released brand new data showing that smoking rates are now at a historic low. According to the latest data, the rate of smoking among American adults is now down to only 17.8 percent. This... Read more
New Jersey School Hands Down Drug Related Suspension for Ecig
In New Jersey, it is illegal to sell e-cigs to individuals under age 19, but that doesn’t stop teens from vaping. Local school districts have been scrambling to figure out how to handle ecigs, but some are taking things too far. This week, Kathleen Leone went to the press... Read more
New Ecig Research Reveals that E-Cigs Can Quell Tobacco Cravings
When today’s smokers want to kick the habit, they often turn to electronic cigarettes. Vaping works and there is constantly new research to back up that claim. This week, a new research project was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. After following a group... Read more
New Italian Study Reveals E-Cigs Work for Smoking Cessation
Regulatory agencies around the world are struggling to determine how to deal with e-cigs. Some countries are working towards regulating e-cigarettes as medications while others have chosen to treat them as tobacco products. In a handful of nations, vaping has been banned completely. In order, to better understand how... Read more
What Caused the Ecig Market to Crash in Spain?
Just one year ago, Spain seemed like one of the most promising places in the world for electronic cigarettes to successfully overtake tobacco. There were an estimated 3,000 vape shops selling a wide variety of ecigs and e-liquids, but then things went south. Now only around 300 ecig stores... Read more
College Editorial Board Calls for Tobacco Ban and E-Cig Support
Universities around the country are struggling to figure out how to handle the tobacco issue. While many have already banned smoking on campus, there are still a few colleges that allow smokers to freely smoke without any repercussions. This week, the editorial board from St. Edwards University decided to... Read more
Big Tobacco Employees Make Cigarettes, But They Can’t Smoke Them at Work
While smoking in the workplace is prohibited in most of America’s businesses, Reynolds American has continued to stand firm that their employees have the right to light up at work. But this week, the Big Tobacco company responsible for the Camel and Pall Mall cigarette brands announced that they... Read more
India’s Health Ministry Presses Forward with Plans to Ban E-Cigarettes
India is currently fighting an uphill battle for public health. With over a billion citizens, the nation has high rates of HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis. Children often die of malnutrition and starvation in the dirty streets, but the health ministry seems to turn a blind eye for the most... Read more
Pennsylvania Doctors Fight Back Against Ecigs on the Big Screen
Doctors know that cigarettes are lethal, so you would think they would be embracing electronic cigarettes as a helpful alternative to help their smoking patients finally kick the habit. Instead, physicians in Pennsylvania are putting their focus on electronic cigarettes and pushing to stop TV advertising and celebrity endorsements.... Read more
Research Shows Smoking Causes More Deaths than Diabetes and AIDS
Our country is facing a major health crisis with increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease, and even AIDS. However, the biggest problem of all is still tobacco use according to a new study by UC San Francisco’s Institute for Health and Aging and School of Nursing. Researchers found that... Read more
WHO Plans Top Secret Global Tobacco Tax to Drive Up Cigarette Prices
When the World Health Organization convened in Moscow this week, everyone knew tobacco control would be a top issue. However, everyone was shocked when delegates pushed for all media and public spectators to be removed from the room. In the past, meetings were open and transparent, but that is... Read more
E-Cigs Face Massive Tax Hike in Philly
Last month, Philadelphia added a grueling $2 per pack tax on cigarettes that left many smokers flocking to local vape shops. But now, city officials are setting their sights on ecigs as a potential new money maker. Today, councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown announced that she will push for a... Read more
Study Shows UK Smoking Rates Hit All Time Low
In the UK, smoking has been a cultural fixture for decades. But with the rise of electronic cigarettes, everything is changing. As thousands of British smokers transition to vaping, researchers are seeing the difference. Now a new study reveals that UK smoking has hit a historic low, with only... Read more