Eluma Cigs Coupons

Eluma Cigs Coupons

10% Off First Eluma Kit Order

Eluma Cigs is offering our readers 10% off their first complete e-cigarette starter kit. Eluma offers great products at low prices and with this coupon, our readers will save even more! Redeem your code at the bottom of the ‘Checkout’ page.
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expired 09/30/2013

10% Off All Eluma Starter Kits

Eluma Cigs is celebrating Black Friday by giving everyone 10% off their orders of starter kits! This is limited to only starter kits though and is only for a limited time!
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expired 11/30/2013

Eluma offers electronic cigarettes that are both affordable and high quality. Our readers love Eluma because the love prices make it a good fit for any smoker. However, the vapor is thick and the throat hit is satisfying so it outranks many of the competitors with higher price tags. Now you can try Eluma at the lowest price ever using our exclusive coupon codes and discounts.

We highly recommend the Eluma EPack kit. It comes fully equipped with two batteries, four cartridges, and a charging pack that allows you to keep your e-cig fully charged no matter where you go. For vapers that lead a really busy lifestyle, the EPack is a great solution. You don’t have to stop and plug in your e-cig batteries to the wall or computer when you need a recharge. Just place the batteries in your charging pack between vapes and you will always be ready when you are craving a hit of nicotine.

Eluma’s cartridges are very reasonably priced at just $1 each. Each cartridge lasts about as long as a pack of analog cigarettes so it’s really going to save smokers a lot of money in the long run to switch to Eluma. After investing in that initial starter kit, the savings start to add up quickly when you consider how much you normally spend on cigarettes each week, compared to just $1 per cartridge with Eluma. Choose from six flavor options and four nicotine strengths to customize your vaping experience.

Grab a coupon code below and enter it at checkout to get an instant discount on your next order from Eluma. This electronic cigarette is the perfect starting point for smokers that want to try e-cigs without investing a fortune on their first kit. Give it a try!


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