Horrible Ecig Tragedy Ignites Urgent Warnings to Vapers Horrible Ecig Tragedy Ignites Urgent Warnings to Vapers

This week, we saw perhaps most horrific ecig story ever. A 62-year-old UK man was tragically killed in an electronic cigarette explosion. Worst of all, the whole thing could have likely been prevented if he had followed the proper steps for safe vaping. Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) were called to the scene after the explosion and they found homeowner David Thomson deceased in the living room.

Investigators believe that a charging ecig in his bedroom sparked the deadly explosion. “The subsequent fire investigation identified that an e-cigarette that had been charging in the bedroom exploded, caught fire and ignited the oxygen tube of an oxygen concentrator, which may have been in use by the occupier,” said the MFRS spokesman.

The MFRS manager told reporters that Thomson appeared to have plugged an ecig battery into the wrong charger. “The investigation into the cause of this fire is continuing but at this stage it is thought that the charging device being used at the time may not have been the one supplied with the e-cigarette,” he explained.

We have seen these explosions repeatedly in headlines over the past few years and the events are always linked to using the wrong charging devices or making manual modifications to ecig designs. “We urge people to always use electrical equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and guidance, always ensure that no electrical items are left charging overnight or left unattended for a long period when being charged, and do not mix parts from different e-cigarettes,” said the MFRS manager.

Over the past eight months, Merseyside firefighters have responded to nine fire calls related to ecigs. However, this week’s call was by far the most tragic and the first ecig explosion that resulted in a known fatality. As a vaping community, we can stop these horrific episodes by following just a few basic guidelines. “Only use the original charger or electrical cables supplied and ensure you purchase electrical items from a reputable source,” the MFRS spokesman urged.

This is an important reminder that the ecig community cannot afford to miss. It is absolutely imperative that you only use the charger provided by your ecig manufacturer. Even if you have other charging devices that appear compatible, do not use them or you are risking a dangerous explosion. Let’s work together to get the word out about this horrific accident. As more people learn about the importance of using only manufacturer-approved chargers, we decrease the odds that another tragedy like this will happen in the future.


Katie Bercham - CocktailNerd Editor

Katie actually had a negative first experience of electronic cigarettes, picking up a cheap and horrible model from my local mall. Thanks to a chance meeting with co-editor David, she hasn’t had a tobacco cigarette in over 5 years. She brings a strong female voice to the e-cig community.