The Five Most Expensive Vapes In The World The Five Most Expensive Vapes In The World

Learning more about the most expensive vapes in the world can be fun even if we don’t have enough money for these unique vape mods

Lifestyles of the rich and famous can often be endlessly entertaining. Even if most of us don’t have the funds, it can be interesting to see what the elite spend theirs on. In the world of vaping the expensive vape mods have become very impressive, sometimes even excessive. Leading companies have their top experts continually working to outdo each other. Others take the tactic of starting with something they know and crafting excellently made products which foster a consistently excellent experience.

Since we like to indulge in being a bit nosy, we’ve compiled a list of the most expensive vapes in the world. These are incredibly luxurious vapes and e-liquids. While most people would scoff at the price tag, for those who can afford them, these are some of the most beautiful devices ever crafted. In addition to that, we’ve gathered some of the far more affordable but still very luxurious vapes that the rest of us can realistically aspire to afford. Then, because you wouldn’t use just any old juice in your prized possession, we’ve also put together a list of the most expensive e-liquids out there.

If you are looking to treat yourself to something new and don’t want to break the bank, may we recommend our deals section. There we’re always keeping things updated with the latest fantastic deals from around the web.

The Most Expensive Vapes in the World 

  1. Shisha Sticks Sofia – $725,000
  2. Top Hat Mods TI 26650 – $10,000
  3. Otto Carter Designed Vapes – $3,000
  4. SX350J Dual 18650 Squonker – $1,893
  5. Gepetto Elite V2 Mod – $450 (retail)

You’ll note that the differences in prices drop dramatically throughout the list. We’ll get into why that is, along with some of the details of each below.

Shisha Sticks Sofia – $725,000

You probably picked up from our little intro list that no other vape comes close to being as expensive as the Sofia. This vape was specially made by Shisha Sticks, based in the UK, for an anonymous Russian billionaire as a gift to his girlfriend.

The base of the pen and firing button is constructed from 24-carat gold. The hand-blown glass specially imported from Italy. Then the pen is inlaid with 46 yellow Swarovski crystals, 246 clear diamonds, and finally, in the tip, a six-carat oval diamond that on its own is worth over $60,000. This pen is, naturally not readily available for sale from Shisha Sticks. However, you can commission one if you’ve got that kind of money to spare.

Top Hat Mods TI 26650 – $10,000

Next on our list, the Top Hat TI 26650, is also currently unavailable for purchase from the makers. This means if you are looking to buy one you have to procure it from a third party seller, which given this piece’s cult following will be difficult. If you are ever lucky enough to get one you would be looking at one of the most beautifully designed mods in the world. The high-quality wood grain and titanium casing make the TI 26650 a unique style that other mods can only ever hope to evoke.

Otto Carter Engraved Vape Mod – $3,000

World-renowned metal engraver, Otto Carter works exclusively by hand. Each piece he creates is done painstakingly with a chisel and hammer. Otto is well known for his work with many different products, but his vape mods are especially known for being beautiful. They are all done on a commision basis so the actual prices can vary greatly. Depending on how large and intricate the design, you can be looking at anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. No matter what design you get, you’ll have a piece of art that is utterly unique.

SX350J Dual 18650 Squonker – $1,893

This installment on our list is unique in that it is 3D printed out of the finest materials. It is also the first installment on our list that is readily available for sale. Made of gold-plated brass this mechanical mod can be ordered directly through Shapeways and will ship to your house. However, once it is delivered, there is some assembly required. So buyer beware.

Gepetto Box Mods Elite V2 – $450 – $6,000

The Elite V2 by Polish woodcarver Geppetto is one the most popular of the high-end mods. The base model, which is extremely rare to find, retails around $450. Since there is such scarcity for a product in high demand, however, secondary sales of the product have gone as high as $6,000. The V2 is a beautiful hybrid of art and technology that is hand carved, meaning each piece is unique.

Most Expensive E-liquids

GRND RSRV Collector’s Edition Set – $189.99

At $189.99 this is the most expensive vape juice on the list, and it’s a premium bundle by the experts at VaporFi. GRND RSRV Collector’s Edition Set has several award-winning e-liquids in special edition packaging. The eight 60ml bottles include flavors like Pineapple Pow, Havana Beach, and Cloud Candy. They have been painstakingly crafted to foster an excellent vaping experience.

Classic Black Label – $67.99

This next installment on our list is a combo pack of e-liquids from The Classic Black Label brand. At $67.99 you choose three of the 60ml bottles out of a selection of nine flavors, each offered at four different nicotine strengths. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, they come in high-quality Chubby Gorilla style bottles. They will be shipped to you directly from their factory in sunny Honolulu, Hawaii.

Vanilla G by Big Fat Juice – $29.97

Vanilla G by Big Fat Juice is widely considered one of the best e-liquids ever introduced to market. This 120ml bottle has a 30/70 PG/VG and is available for $29.97. The flavor is expertly made to bring you back to childhood with a delicious graham cracker and cream taste. Vanilla G is available in three different nicotine strengths. This flavor is so delicious and widely regarded that you really must try it at least once.

Best of the Rest

Obviously, we can all acknowledge that many of the items on our list here have been excessive, or at least extreme luxuries. The majority of us can still get a similar quality experience without having to clear out all the money we have. So here we have a list of luxurious, but substantially more affordable vapes.

Asmodus Minikin Boost Kodama 155W Mod – $329.99

The Asmodus Minikin Boost Kodama 155W is built to take whatever you throw at it and keep on going. This mod offers portable design and a high powered output achieving a combination that very few mods can boast.

YiHi SXMINI G Class SX550J-L Luxury Golden Mod – $299.99

This mod, constructed from fine and durable materials, is coated in 24k gold plating, taking it to the next level of luxury. Beyond just the style, this mod features the SX550J-L chipset which is highly regarded as one of the best on the market.

Project Sub-Ohm Edition VMA Mods Jester DNA Mod – $299.99

This mod is a collaboration between two leaders in the business, VMA and Project Sub-Ohm. It has a beautiful stabilized wood finish and detailing, but that’s not all. On top of its elegant look it has a 97% efficiency rating and is Escribe compatible, so your investment can stay up to date.

Boxer Mod Classic DNA 250C BF Mod – $259.99

This classic DNA BF Mod is 3D printed and utilizes many high tech features. Outfitted with the Evolv DNA chipset, this mod offers excellent performance for years to come and is an excellent fit for those looking for a high-end squonk vape experience.

Smoant Battlestar MU 200W Mod – $229.99

This mod is an upgrade of the Smoant Battlestar mod, which is already a fantastic choice. The MU steps things up, with a beautiful stabilized wood body and a suite of features that offers any tools you may need.

Is it Worth it?

The excess and luxury of having the most expensive vape mod on the planet is enticing, and indeed a draw for the truly passionate. That being said, many high-end vape mods offer the same experience at a much more affordable price.

The best vaping experience is unique for each vaper and for most it is entirely attainable without spending more than a few hundred dollars. The five mods we outlined under “best of the rest” are perfect examples of this. Don’t be tricked by flash into spending a fortune. That is unless you have tons of extra cash and care about the social status that comes along with that kind of excessive purchase. In that case it is totally worth it.


While we all like to be a bit of a nosy neighbor and glimpse into the life those with money to burn, some of the most expensive vapes are over the top. Others are beautiful works of art, which is reflected in the price. This means most of us will be opting for the more affordable options.

Most reasonably priced high-end mods are still an investment, but comparing a few hundred dollars with a few thousand is a no-brainer. For even better prices we still highly recommend you check out our deals section. We work hard to keep them up to date so that you can save money on high-quality items.


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