North Carolina Lawmakers Vote to Require Warning Labels on Eliquid North Carolina Lawmakers Vote to Require Warning Labels on Eliquid

North Carolina has historically taken a hard line against electronic cigarettes. Lawmakers have already instituted ecig taxes and age verification requirements. Now they are pushing for a new legislation that would require all eliquids to be sold in child proof packaging with warning labels. As lawmakers are considering the new Senate Bill 286, it looks like it will be accepted without any problems. If retailers violate the rules and sell eliquids without warnings, they could face a Class A1 misdemeanor.

Not surprisingly, the Big Tobacco companies are embracing the new bill. Reynolds American and Lorillard have both given their support. When the bill was brought before the House Health committee, it was unanimously passed with very little discussion. Concerns about children being at risk for poisoning seems to be the main talking point that is propelling this new bill forward.

Senators Stan Bingham and Don Davis are the primary sponsors of the new bill. Bingham has spoken out repeatedly about the need to tighten down the ecig rules to protect North Carolina’s children, especially those under age five. He believes child proof caps and warning labels are the first step. Bingham recently said that he sees the warning labels as “an educational tool, as much as a warning, for all ages of the potential harm.”

“We’re concerned about the bootleggers of these liquids who are selling products without warning labels, either from recipes they make themselves or they get from suppliers,” Bingham said.

In 2013, North Carolina passed a law that bans ecig sales to anyone under age 18. They also require age verification for buying ecigs and eliquids online, although that is nearly impossible to enforce.

Do you think eliquid companies should be required to use child proof packaging and warning labels? What kinds of warning labels are most appropriate?


Katie Bercham - CocktailNerd Editor

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