R.J. Reynolds Unveils Their New Vuse E-Cigarette R.J. Reynolds Unveils Their New Vuse E-Cigarette

Since the 2012 announcement that R.J. Reynolds would venture into the realm of electronic cigarettes, many vapers have waited with great anticipation to see what kind of product they would come up with. The wait has come to an end as R.J. Reynolds issued a press release on June 6 announcing the brand new Vuse electronic cigarette. Vuse e-cigs are now available in Colorado and there are plans to expand availability to other states very soon.

There is no denying that tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds has a tendency for success. With popular analog cigarette brands like Camel, Pall Mall, and Winston, they already know what it takes to make a product that people love. Over the past year, the company has taken the time to offer new Vuse e-cigs to a test market first. After making a few adjustments, they have officially released Vuse products for sell in Colorado.

Reynolds American representatives have high hopes for this new line of e-cigarettes. In the recent press release, they called Vuse “a game-changing product” that would provide vapers with the best e-cig experience yet. In fact, they described the Vuse experience as “the perfect puff”.

According to Vuse President Stephanie Cordisco, these new e-cigs are completely assembled in the USA, resulting in a big difference in quality from competing brands. Cordisco described what set Vuse apart from other e-cigs by saying, “Vuse is powered by Smart Technology which is designed to monitor and regulate the power, heat, and cartridge performance to ensure a perfect puff first time, every time.”

In order to produce this “perfect puff”, the Vuse technology is constantly adjusting the heat and power supply. The goal is a consistent vaping experience, which is lacking among some other e-cig brands. Upon initial impressions, the Vuse seems like a pretty typical e-cigarette so the jury is still out on whether it’s really going to be that different from e-cigs that are already on the market.

Vuse has the expected cartridge and battery system and it looks like any other e-cig at first glance. The cartridges rely on “v-liquid” which is just Vuse’s play on the typical e-liquid used by all e-cig brands. Vuse products will come in two basic selections. The Vuse Solo is a $10 e-cig with one rechargeable battery, one cartridge, and a USB charger. The Vuse System is a $30 kit that comes with a battery, three cartridges (two original flavored and one menthol), a carrying case, a USB charger, and an AC adapter. Refill cartridges are sold in a two-pack for $6.

For now, Vuse is only available to people in Colorado, but R.J. Reynolds insists that they will continue to expand in the near future to include retailers on other states. For the vapers in Colorado, look for the Vuse e-cig products at retail locations in your area. The rest of us will continue to wait until Vuse expands sales to the rest of the country.


Katie Bercham - CocktailNerd Editor

Katie actually had a negative first experience of electronic cigarettes, picking up a cheap and horrible model from my local mall. Thanks to a chance meeting with co-editor David, she hasn’t had a tobacco cigarette in over 5 years. She brings a strong female voice to the e-cig community.