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V2 Cigs Review

1st : V2 Cigs Review Hot

Electronic Cigarette Reviews October 14, 2012 62

V2 Cigs Reviews are all over the internet these days because they are one of the best brands available. The V2 Cigs starter kits are a two piece design that delivers large amount of vapor, great flavors, and many great accessories as well. For those consumers who want a custom flavor, V2Cigs allows users to order custom made cartridges to a flavor of their choice. Just pick anything and V2 Cigs will emulate it to the best of their ability.

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V2 Vertx & Vertx Plus

V2 Cigs Reviews are all over the internet these days because they are one of the best brands available. V2 just introduced their Vertx and Vertx Plus Starter Kits, which harness the power of a tank e-cig in a convenient and portable micro-cig. The LED display allows you to adjust the voltage and the powerful battery ensures you’ll be able to vape for hours without compromising taste or vapor payoff.

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South Beach Smoke Review
Introduction: South Beach Smoke has been one of the top e-cig brands in the industry for a long time.  They’re constantly coming up with innovative new products and expanding their line of devices to cater to every level of vaper.  South Beach Smoke began by offering high-quality cig-a-like e-cigs... Read more
SmokeTip Review
If you have never tried a SmokeTip e-cigarette, you are missing out on a really good product. This brand is completely different from competitors in the e-cig market because they keep everything simple from beginning to end. They only offer one single starter kit so you are not overwhelmed... Read more
VaporFi Review

VaporFi Reviews are all over the internet these days because they are one of the biggest brands available. The VaporFi starter kits delivers large amount of vapor, up to 30,000 different flavors, and many great accessories as well. For those consumers who want a custom flavor, VaporFi allows users to order custom made e-liquids with up to to 3 flavors of their choice. Just pick anything and VaporFi will create a custom-blended e-liquid suited to your unique preferences.

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JUUL by Pax Review
Introduction To JUUL Popular Products by JUUL JUUL Starter Kit Review JUULPods Review Accessories By JUUL Review JUUL Summary Introduction To JUUL James Monsees and Adam Bowen are the founders of Pax Labs and they are responsible for some of the best innovation in the vaping industry. While others... Read more
Halo Cigs Review
It’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking that one brand of electronic cigarette is just like the every other brand. The Halo electronic cigarette proves that this type of thinking is erroneous. Before releasing the Halo to the public, the company put a great deal of effort... Read more
White Cloud Review
Since purchasing my first White Cloud starter kit, the company has completely changed. Over the years, I’ve watched as they introduced new models and nearly all of the prices on their site have been reduced tremendously. People used to complain that White Cloud was totally unaffordable, but that’s not... Read more
Blu Cigs Review
If you are looking for an electronic cigarette that won’t break your bank account, Blu eCigs could be a good choice for you. With a reasonable investment of $69.95, you can get their entire starter kit with everything you need. Blu has been featured in numerous headlines since tobacco... Read more
Apollo Review
Apollo isn’t one of the most well known brands in the world of e-cigs, but they are certainly worth a second look. When I tried the Apollo e-cig, I had mixed feelings. Some of the kits are really good and others leave a lot of room for improvement. Overall,... Read more
Firebrand Cigs Review
When I first decided to try out electronic cigarettes I did something stupid. Instead of reading through reviews and asking lots of questions, I chose the cheapest brand of electronic cigarettes I could find. I don’t know why I was so worried about the price of the electronic cigarettes;... Read more
NicStick Review

NicStick offers some very good electronic cigarette products. Their best starter kits use the new and exciting tank cartridge system. Unfortunately their website is poorly organized.

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EonSmoke Review

13th : EonSmoke Review Hot

Electronic Cigarette Reviews October 11, 2013 1

EonSmoke is one of the smaller e-cig brands, but they still have plenty of devoted fans. Their website claims the EonSmoke “looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette.” I decided to try it and see if I agreed. The first time I encountered EonSmoke was online. After I... Read more
Bloog Review

14th : Bloog Review

Electronic Cigarette Reviews October 25, 2013 1

Bloog has recently gotten a lot of hype on forums so I was eager to see if it was really as awesome as everyone claimed. In the past month, I’ve tried two different Bloog kits a whole assortment of their e-liquids. To put it simply, this is a killer... Read more
Vaping Vamps Review
Surprisingly, there are still very few electronic cigarette companies primarily for women. We were one of the first websites to review Vapor Couture – V2’s sister e-cig company just for women. While Vapor Couture caters to women very well by emulating high fashion icons such as Louis Vuitton and... Read more
Premium Vapes Review

Premium Electronic Cigarettes are a great choice because they really cater to their customers. They care about what each customer wants and so they have created a variety of electronic cigarette starter kits and electronic cigars. You can choose the one that is best for you. Their newest e-cigarette starter kit includes two batteries that each have a sleek, custom design. It is truly a good looking electronic cigarette that you won’t mind carrying around. Premium Electronic Cigars are also available in various colors so you can choose the one that best suits your personal style.

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Vaporin Review
Updated: 3/20/2015 VaporIn has recently re-vamped their website and have released a bunch of new high-tech e-cigs to appeal to a wide variety of vapers.  They now have 14 different kits to choose from.  Many of them are tank-style e-cigarettes, which are geared towards somewhat more advanced users.  The... Read more
Henley Cigs

18th : Henley Cigs

Electronic Cigarette Reviews October 23, 2013 3

Henley is quickly becoming a very popular brand with really affordable prices and a good variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. After I kept seeing the Henley name on e-cig forums and hearing my friends mention them in conversation, I knew this was a brand that we needed to... Read more
Vapor Couture Review
Alright ladies, this review is for you! Are you sick and tired of e-cigarettes that are designed for men? If so, then Vapor Couture is going to be the perfect choice for you. When you think couture, you probably do not think in terms of electronic cigarettes, but that... Read more
EverSmoke Review
EverSmoke is quickly gaining attention as one of the high-end kits on the e-cig market. So far, it is getting great feedback online! I was definitely pumped to try it for myself after reading lots of positive reviews. When I got my kit, everything was packaged nicely. I really... Read more
Go! Electronic Cigarettes Review
While I’m not a huge fan of tank systems in general, I’ve heard a lot of people raving about the iGo3 and iGo4. So I decided to do a little research and check out these two e-cigs for myself. I was actually really surprised by how much I liked... Read more
Urus Cigs Review
I recently trying Urus Cigs for the first time and it left quite an impression on me. Urus Cigs hinges their entire marketing campaign on flavor. On their website’s home page, it says, “What sets us apart from other electronic cigarettes are our phenomenal bold flavors. We made sure... Read more
Vapage Review

23th : Vapage Review

Electronic Cigarette Reviews October 12, 2013 0

I’ve been hearing a lot about Vapage e-cigarettes lately so I decided to grab a starter kit and see what all the hype was about. After trying all of the flavors and a variety of nicotine strengths, here is my Vapage review… Appearance As soon as I opened up... Read more
E-Lites Review
While the vast majority of our visitors come from the US, we wanted to provide some better options for our European visitors. While our mates across the ocean can buy from most of the companies we review, the shipping time and costs don’t make much sense for them. After... Read more
Cigavette Review
Cigavette Electronic Cigarettes go by the motto, “It’s NOT a cigarette… It’s a CIGAVETTE!” While that statement is very true, I will look at how Cigavette stacks up against other e-cigs rather than traditional cigarettes. As always, it is our position that e-cigarettes are a better alternative to analog... Read more
Eluma Review
For the smoker who is looking to save a buck, Eluma Electronic Cigarettes are a great option.  You can get the Eluma starter kit, called the EPack, for just $79.99.  This includes 2 batteries, 4 refills, and a great little pack that lets you take your electronic cigarettes anywhere. ... Read more
Crown7 Review
If you are looking for a good electronic cigarette, Crown 7 will likely appear on your list of possibilities simply because it is so well known. This company held nothing back in advertising and the Crown 7 pen style e-cig has appeared in the New York Post, US News... Read more
Green Smoke Review

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Cigrex Review
I was really excited to try Cigirex electronic cigarettes because I have recently been hearing a lot about them online. This brand is really popular around the USA and it is sold in thousands of retail locations as well as through their website. My first impression of Cigirex was... Read more

30th : SKYCIG Review

Electronic Cigarette Reviews September 11, 2012 3

Were SKYCIG and Blu eCigs separated at birth? While we haven’t found definitive evidence that US-based Blu and UK-based SKYCIG are or ever were related, the similarities between the two brands are remarkable. Blu has become the most well-known electronic cigarette companies in the United States. While they’ve led... Read more
Pure Cigs Reviews
I tried Pure Cigs for the first time a couple years ago and while they were decent back then, their e-cigs have come a long way. They have made some major and impressive updates. First, they’ve updated their website and it is much nicer looking and easier to navigate.... Read more
Victory Electronic Cigarettes Review
Victory Electronic Cigarettes is a brand with a great website, but we are going to review the details of the product itself as well to see if they achieve Victory in appealing to our readers. Putting the word play aside now, the product we received for review is the... Read more
Revolver Cigs Review
If you are a medium to advanced vaper looking for a little more than the standard e-cigarette, you definitely want to check out Revolver. The Revolver kits utilize some of the most cutting edge vaping technology along with innovative new designs so that you are getting the most unique... Read more
The Safe Cig Review
*** Attention! As of this morning, 2/4/13, Safe Cig’s website is down. We believe this is just a temporary issue and will post any updates as we get them. In the meantime, we are recommending V2 Cigs because they have very comparable products. Check out the V2 Cigs Review... Read more
Charlie’s Club Review
Charlie’s Club is a brand-new e-cig company that’s revolutionizing the way we buy batteries and cartridges. Charlie’s Club doesn’t just sell you individual cartridges; they’re an exclusive membership club that you join. Have you ever forgotten to buy cartridges and realize that you have no more, forcing you to... Read more
Breathe Fresh eCigs Review
Breathe Fresh’s approach to selling electronic cigarettes is all about simplicity. Most e-cig companies are working hard to expand their product lines and introduce new, complex models. For newcomers to e-smoking, all of these options can be daunting and may make their shopping experience difficult and stressful. Breathe Fresh... Read more
AquaCig Review

37th : AquaCig Review

Electronic Cigarette Reviews November 15, 2013 1

AquaCig is one of the newest e-cig brands on the market, launching in July 2013. We were quick to order one of their kits so we could test it out and see what this brand was all about. The company started out with three kit options in really varied... Read more
Play Vapor Review

Play Vapor Electronic Cigarettes is an exciting looking brand. The marketing of the product is top notch. The starter kits come in packaging we haven’t seen before and the cartridges are as eye catching, if not more so, than the Blu Cigs brand. Everything is very colorful on the products as well as on the website at Play Vapor.

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