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Revolver is THE best electronic cigarette store to go to! They are very helpful and also informative. They helped me set up a talon kit and … 3.18 out of 5 based on 11 user reviews

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"Revolver is THE best electronic cigarette store to go to! They are very helpful and also informative. They helped me set up a talon kit and explained everything, I am very happy wi…”
Key Facts
  • Starter Kit Range: $19.99 - $119.99
  • Cartridges Cost: $1.78
  • Cartridge Life: 150 - 220 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 400+ Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB, Car & PCP
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If you are a medium to advanced vaper looking for a little more than the standard e-cigarette, you definitely want to check out Revolver. The Revolver kits utilize some of the most cutting edge vaping technology along with innovative new designs so that you are getting the most unique experience possible with every kit. I recently tried two of the most popular Revolver kits and I thought both of them were high quality products that a lot of people will enjoy.

First, I tried the Revolver Talon. This kit sales for $74.99 and it comes with a ton of supplies. In my kit, I had a 650mAh manual battery, a 1000mAh manual battery, 2 tank atomizers, 5 blank tank cartridges, a USB charger, a wall adapter, a USB cable, a lanyard, two tank cartridge covers, and a 10ml bottle of e-liquid. If you are curious about a tank system, this e-cig is a good way to try one out. It’s really simple to fill and the e-liquid didn’t leak out everywhere in the process.

I like that the Talon comes with two different batteries. You can really vape all day without worrying about refilling or recharging even if you are a really heavy smoker. The batteries have a built in shutoff switch, which is a really nice touch. The safety feature keeps your battery from accidentally turning on in your pocket so it doesn’t overheat or have the power drained when you aren’t actually vaping.

This is a 3-piece unit with an atomizer that screws on. To fill it, you just pour the liquid in the bottom of the mouthpiece. There is no foam in the tank and it is just pure liquid so you get a much nicer flavor, no matter which e-liquid you decide to use. Just keep in mind that Revolver kits like the Talon are really designed for medium to advanced e-cigarette users that are already familiar with e-cigs, but just want a little more from their products. This kit might not be a good fit if you’ve never used e-cigs in the past, but if you are already a vaping pro, you will love it.

The Talon gives a good throat hit and the vapor production is impressive. It’s really above average for an e-cigarette and gives you all the perks of a tank system with a completely unique design. The difference between the Talon and other ego models is the look. This e-cig is silver from tip to tip and the result is a very sleek looking unit. It is just as good as any ego out there in function, but it looks better than most of the other egos on the market today.

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  • starter

  • G2 Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 5
  • yes
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  • $49.99

  • standard

  • Talon
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 5
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
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  • $69.99

  • highend

  • Magnum Volt
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 0
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • yes
  • no
  • $99.99

The second Revolver kit that I tried was the Magnum. This kit is really the big-daddy of ego kits with a larger size and larger performance capacity than most of the kits I’ve tried in the past. That’s really saying something too because I’ve tried a ton of e-cigs! The Revolver Magnum comes with 1 Magnum Volt Device, 2 Magnum batteries, 1 Magnum XL Tank, a 10mL bottle of e-liquid, a 5mL bottle of e-liquid, 1 Magnum battery charger, and a carrying case.

The Magnum is a much larger unit than the typical tank system. Beyond its size, it is also a really unique design. The battery charger is different from other models too. You basically take the battery out of the e-cig and insert it in the charger almost like you would charge the battery for a camera.

This is really the ultimate e-cig when you want a variable voltage unit. You can use the dial to change your voltage from 3.0 to 6.0 depending on how powerful you want your vapor to be. The 3.0 will give you a very satisfying throat hit and a nice cloud of vapor, but the 6.0 will totally blow your mind. When you start using the Magnum, make sure you begin at the 3.0 setting. Don’t even think about starting at 6.0, no matter how experienced you are with vaping. Seriously, it is so strong that you will be overwhelmed and it’s just generally not a good idea. Start low and work your way up because this is one extreme, high-powered e-cigarette.

Ultimately, Revolver offers some really great units, but they are definitely not for the brand new e-cig user. However, if you’re already experienced with brands like V2 and Green Smoke and you really want an elevated experience, check out Revolver. You will definitely enjoy these products and get a completely new perspective on vaping.


  1. Revolver is THE best electronic cigarette store to go to! They are very helpful and also informative. They helped me set up a talon kit and explained everything, I am very happy with my product! I haven’t smoked a cigarette in months and I am very proud, and it is all because of them. The people that work there are so friendly, I will definitely go back! Revolver will always have me as a customer!!!

  2. Revolver e-cigs had the power to help me quit smoking. I bought their Talon Tank System when I first started and while the thing was a little weird to get used to, I figured it out. Once I figured it out the vapor was great and their USA liquids are extremely flavorful. Their stores look awesome and their customer service is great. It takes a little while for the online customer service to get back to you but they always have taken care of me one way or another. They ship relatively fast as well.

  3. I have had the best experience coming to this store. Right from the start everyone has been so helpful with answering all of my questions and any problems I have been having they fix them. I absolutely love their warranties for the batteries and the devices. I had one of my talon batteries just stop working, brought it in the next day they looked at it and I showed them my receipt and no problem they changed it out for a new one! I was in heaven again! I would recommend this store first to anyone who wants an alternative to quit smoking!!

  4. Revolver is the best place to go if your looking to quit smoking. They have amazing service and they are very informative. They make sure you know the product and how to use it before leaving. They have always been very polite. I love their store and they will always have me as a customer.

  5. I’ev been using the Talon system for about a month. It is ok at best. The small cartridges don’t last long, and not much vapor. I ordered Revolver’s Magmun tank system, with a couple of bottles of e-liquid. Cost over $70.00. The system is clumsily put together. For a new user, you are going to spill that expensive e-liquid trying to put it together and adjust it. The center loaded atomizer just slips out of the cartridge if you try to disconnect it from the battery after the initial connection. There is a small white gasket type piece that you won’t know where it goes. If you study their on-line vid’s, you can kind of figure it out, but it’s difficult. I got even less vapor than with with original system. After trying the products, I feel I wasted a lot of time and money. They don’t really work well, and are difficult to use. Plus the atomizers tend to overheat a lot.
    After ordering, it was several days before they shipped the products.

  6. By far the best company I have worked with. They always make it right for me. I love the Menthol Ice USA Premium eLiquid!

  7. My friend from work recommended these to me and I trusted his word because I had seen him at work with various electronic cigarettes over the past few years. He smokes some long metal pipe from revolver and said I would go far wrong with them. So I bought a sample kit and although it was their lowest priced model, I wasn’t impressed by the cheap feel. The usb was very flimsy and the battery didn’t last very long.

  8. I absolutely love Revolver. They offer a wide range of stuff from basic setups up to variable volt devices. Their customer service kicks ass, too. On the rare occasion I have something go wrong, they’re right on the spot to get it fixed. Love them!

  9. I appreciate what Revolver has set off to do – be the anti-ecig company. They focus their efforts on uncommon ecig models and wacky accessories. This would be great but I generally feel confused with their products. Recently ordered the Magnum Tank 2 and I think I already broke it trying to figure out how to adjust the airflow. They have a video on the site but it doesn’t make much sense. I’m very inturested in the Magnum Volt but I wont order it unless I know it will come with better instructions. I think every site should have tutorial videos for every product they sell.

  10. Revolver discontinued the Elite model. This was my favorite ecig and I really liked my white charger pack. They say the ION is better and I’ll probably try it but this p####es me off.

  11. i used to use a venturi filter on a regular cigarette and saw the tar that was in cigarettes so the switch was easy to white cloud smokes

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