Revolver Electronic Cigarettes Coupons

Revolver Electronic Cigarettes Coupons

Revolver Drip Tips: Buy 2 Get 2

Revolver is offering a limited-time special where you receive 2 FREE Drip Tips when you purchase 2 Drip Tips of equal or lesser value! Hurry and order now, this great deal won't last long!
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15% Off Revolver

Revolver have reduced 15% off everything on their site. That’s 15% off all their e-cigarette starter kits, cartridges, e-liquid and accessories. Valid for Cyber Monday Only!
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Revolver is the brand we recommend to advanced vapers that want to move up to something more powerful than the basic two-piece e-cig. After testing several Revolver kits, we loved their innovative designs and delicious e-liquids. This brand offers high quality products that are perfect for the experienced e-cig fan. Now you can try Revolver at a discount using our exclusive coupon codes.

All of the Revolver e-cigarettes operate with a tank system. We liked the Talon kit because it was easy to fill and the e-liquid didn’t leak or make a mess. This e-cig offers massive clouds of vapor and a really strong throat hit. With a silver design, it is really sleek and beautiful for both men and women that want a more powerful e-cig.

If you are looking for the ultimate powerful e-cig, try the Revolver Magnum. This is a huge e-cig with a completely unique design. It is a variable voltage model so you can change the battery power using a simple dial, ranging from 3.0 to 6.0. We found that even at the lowest setting, this e-cig produced amazing amounts of vapor. It was impressive to say the least and we are confident that some of our long-term fans will love this unit.

Ultimately, Revolver is a great choice for e-cig users that are ready for the next level of vaping power. If you have been dying to see what the powerful Revolver Magnum is really like, grab a coupon code today and place your order. With free shipping over $50 and a one year limited warranty, you really have nothing to lose and you stand to gain a lot when you choose Revolver.


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