While they could use more flavors, they have added new ones that are quite to my liking. Is it the best e-cig on the market? Probably not, b… 5 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews


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"While they could use more flavors, they have added new ones that are quite to my liking. Is it the best e-cig on the market? Probably not, but it is well worth the money based on p…”
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  • Starter Kit Range: £20.00 - £49.99
  • Cartridges Cost: £2.19
  • Cartridge Life: 150 - 220 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 250 Puffs
  • Charger Options: UK Wall, USB & PCC
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Were SKYCIG and Blu eCigs separated at birth? While we haven’t found definitive evidence that US-based Blu and UK-based SKYCIG are or ever were related, the similarities between the two brands are remarkable. Blu has become the most well-known electronic cigarette companies in the United States. While they’ve led sales since they hit the internet, it was their acquisition by the tobacco giant Lolliard that blew them out of the water. First we saw the national advertising featuring actor Stephen Dorff which I still see on my TV a few times a week. Next, Blu hit the streets and increased their retail presence vastly. There aren’t many convenience stores left that don’t carry Blu disposables and starter kits.

SKYCIG was formed a little less than a year after Blu Cigs. They offered the exact same e-cig model – a poor performing three-piece mini cig – and the same flavors. Later on Blu upgraded to a stronger two-piece e-cig and so did SKYCIG. Even the branding and website of both companies have remained very similar through the years.

So why all of the talk about similarities? Well, one of our gripes with the electronic cigarette is blatant mimicry and lack of originality. So many brands join the game but bring nothing new. They simply rebrand the same products and change the price. So, if SKYCIG has simply copied Blu, they lose quite a bit of respect from me. However, if there is a relationship between the two companies and Blu simply wanted to extend their reach to Europe that is acceptable. If you have any inside knowledge or have come across sources explaining the connection, please leave a comment below!

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Getting to the SKYCIG itself, it’s a well-rounded brand. The flavors are average and vapor production is decent. The throat hit is smooth and realistic. SKYCIG sells two starter kits, the SKYCIG freedom and SKYCIG start. The SKYCIG freedom was their only starter kit for a very long time. It includes a portable charging case, two batteries, a UK wall and USB charger and a five pack of sample cartridges. The included flavors are Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Crown Tobacco, Crown Menthol and Crown Cherry. The SKYCIG start kit was just recently announced. As of writing this, it’s difficult to find this kit on their website. The only way I could find it was by clicking one of the slides on their homepage. This smaller kit includes one battery, three cartridges (Menthol, Crown Tobacco and Classic Tobacco), a USB/wall charger and a nice looking unpowered carrying case.

SKYCIG’s flavors are one of the few differences from Blu. Blu used to offer a sample pack of cartridges in Vanilla, Cherry, Menthol, Tobacco and Coffee flavors. They’ve now gotten rid of the sample packs which is unfortunate. Beyond the included SKYCIG flavors you can order refills in Vanilla and Cinnamon. The cinnamon flavor has an interesting taste and is a nice change of pace. The options of different tobacco flavors is also great because finding the right tobacco flavor for ecigs can be difficult. My favorite SKYCIG flavor is Tobacco Gold. It is reminiscent of Camel’s taste.

The cost of the SKYCIG freedom kit is slightly less than Blu’s Premium starter kit at £49.99 (about $74.50 in US dollars) but their refill cartridges are much pricier at £10.95 per five pack. In US dollars, that’s about $16.30 compared to $12 for a five pack of Blu cartridges.

While the SKYCIG is a sufficient brand, I have issues with it being so similar to Blu. We recently reviewed E-Lites which is another European e-cig company that we really enjoyed and offers a more unique e-smoking experience.

  1. While they could use more flavors, they have added new ones that are quite to my liking. Is it the best e-cig on the market? Probably not, but it is well worth the money based on price point. I would say it is one of the best values on the market though.


  2. My flatmates were quite impressed by me switching to Skycig. They did not want to smell cigarettes on me anymore and now I have achieved that. My Mum is also happy I quit smoking and overall, this product has changed my life.

  3. It’s a bit like the old Blu Cigs, but I personally like the customer support much better. If you are looking for a small, lightweight, and affordable electronic cigarette – Go with SKYCIG. You won’t regret it!

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