BUYER BEWARE!! I just purchased the starter kit and ordered the Regular flavor 16mg cartridges. I received the order and eagerly opened a c… 3.075 out of 5 based on 13 user reviews

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"BUYER BEWARE!! I just purchased the starter kit and ordered the Regular flavor 16mg cartridges. I received the order and eagerly opened a cartridge and tried the product. To my di…”
Key Facts
  • Starter Kit Range: $59.95
  • Cartridges Cost: $1.99
  • Cartridge Life: 150 - 220 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 250 Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB, Car & PCP
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If you have never tried a SmokeTip e-cigarette, you are missing out on a really good product. This brand is completely different from competitors in the e-cig market because they keep everything simple from beginning to end. They only offer one single starter kit so you are not overwhelmed with dozens of options. Still, this kit is more than sufficient for both new and experienced vapers.

The starter kit is only $59.95 and it includes every you need to begin vaping. Inside your kit, you will find two rechargeable lithium batteries, five flavor cartridges, a wall adapter, a USB charger, and an instruction book. The cartridges are available in packs of 10 and the price varies depending on how many packs you order at once. If you order just one pack, it will be $19.95, but if you order 5 or more packs at once, you can get 10 cartridges for just $15.95.

Each cartridge typically lasts about the same amount of time as about 25 tobacco cigarettes and once the cost of the starter kit is recouped, which doesn’t take long, a typical smoker will save bundles of money. SmokeTip is an economical choice for an electronic cigarette, but that doesn’t mean that their product is cheaply made!

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The SmokeTip e-cigarette is easy to assemble and the batteries arrive charged and ready to use. I was quite impressed with the vapor production and throat hit that I received from SmokeTip. The key to using SmokeTip is to take a few moments to prime it first and to make sure you are vaping with the correct technique. To prime the e-cig, you just take a few short little drags first to get it warmed up. Then as you start vaping, take long slow drags and puff your cheeks out as you inhale. This insures you are getting maximum vapor production and will generate nearly as much vapor as the Green Smoke e-cig.

One of the biggest benefits of SmokeTip is the affordability. The price point is amazing when you factor in free shipping, a 30 day money back guaranty, and a lifetime warranty which all create a great product for consumers who are not looking to spend hundreds of dollars.

While SmokeTip doesn’t offer multiple starter kits, they give you plenty of options with their cartridge selection. The cartridges are available in four nicotine strengths and 21 flavors including regular, menthol, cowboy, mild menthol, vanilla, coffee, almond, apple, banana, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, clove, grape, orange, peach, peppermint, pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon.

Ultimately, SmokeTip is an excellent choice when you want a simple, affordable kit that offers strong vapor and a nice throat hit. Check it out and let us know what you think!

    I just purchased the starter kit and ordered the Regular flavor 16mg cartridges. I received the order and eagerly opened a cartridge and tried the product. To my dismay they sent menthol. I contacted customer service and they said that even though it was their mistake they would not exchange the cartridges because it was opened. I explained that I opened it not knowing that they sent me the wrong thing; even the receipt had my correct order. I threatened to return the entire product if they didn’t accommodate me and they said the “owners won’t exchange an opened package” and get this!! they are going to take $10 out of my product return for the open cartridges!!!

  2. I can thank SmokeTip for the absence of tobacco in my life for several months now. But now I want more. I’m kinda a brandwhore and most of the companies, like apple and Nissan are always coming out with something new and better. I think SmokeTip has added a couple flavors for their cartridges but I haven’t seen any other changes on their website since I first discovered them. Does anybody know of any brands that are continuing to push the barrier to come out with something new?

  3. I like excitement and SmokeTip bores me. I heard really good things about the quality so I ordered a kit from their boring site. When I got my kit, once again, boring. There’s nothing in this kit that makes it stand out from the rest of the pack. It works well except a few dead cartridges and the flavors are OK but overall, considering the many flavour options – nothing to write home about.

  4. The product itself was not bad; the customer service on the other hand is terrible. I ordered a pack or 6mg cartridges flavored, I opened them immediately to use and happened to notice that they were the wrong strength. I never used the product and didnt even open the 2nd pack which held the other half of my order. I immediately contacted the help desk and requested an exchange, they REFUSED! Due to the fact that I broke the foil they would not exchange them–even tho it was THEIR mistake. Unreal, I could not believe a company would be so sketchy. I understand you have to have strict return rules but when it was the companies mistake to begin with an exchange should have been made. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  5. The thing I love about SmokeTip is the throat hit. They call it the “easy drag” and it really is easy… it goes straight to the back of your throat just like a cig would. I use the 16mg tobacco flavor and it even tastes like a cig. I have found the vapor production is steady and doesn’t weaken even after you’ve been using it for awhile. My only complaint is the battery is really heavy. It’s not unpleasant, but it feels a little awkward after using lighter e-cigs.

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