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I tried South Beach Smoke and honestly, I just wasn’t that impressed. I mean it’s not that it’s awful or anything. It’s just nothing… 4.325 out of 5 based on 37 user reviews

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"I tried South Beach Smoke and honestly, I just wasn’t that impressed. I mean it’s not that it’s awful or anything. It’s just nothing special. When there are hundreds of eci…”
Key Facts
  • Starter Kit Range: $59.99 - $159.99
  • Cartridges Cost: $2.66
  • Cartridge Life: 150 - 220 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 250 Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB, Car & PCP
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South Beach Smoke has been around for a while, but it is still standing strong compared to the many new e-cig companies that are popping up. The South Beach Smoke e-cigs really speak for themselves, but the company is still constantly coming up with new rebates, coupons, and promotions to offer their customers. If you are looking for a good deal, you’re going to like South Beach Smoke. If you’ve had a South Beach Smoke kit for awhile, you might want to considering upgrading to one of the brand new kits because their latest e-cig model is highly superior to their older options. You will know you have one of the brand new kits if the box has an orange corner. Both of their older versions were packaged in boxes with a blue corner.

South Beach Smoke currently offers 5 starter kit options, but I opted to try the deluxe kit. The kit included a standard SuperMax battery, an extra-capacity SuperMax battery, a USB charger, a wall adapter, 10 large cartridges/atomizers, an owner’s manual, and a membership card. I thought the South Beach Smoke membership card was a neat little touch. It’s pretty handy to keep in my wallet in case anyone gives me hassle about vaping in public. Just keep in mind that every establishment has a different policy about whether using e-cigs is allowed or not so just respectfully ask if it’s okay and follow the rules to be a respectful vaper.

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  • Battery Wall Charger Included?Wall Charger:
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  • starter

  • Deluxe Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 10
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • $59.99

  • standard

  • Deluxe Plus Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 10
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • yes
  • no
  • $89.99

  • highend

  • Deluxe Ultimate
  • Cartomizer
  • 3
  • 20
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • $159.99

South Beach Smoke had a lot of good flavors. I really liked the Peppermint Flavor. It had a sweet aftertaste that was awesome. Cartridge flavors are available in 10 options: Tobacco Classic, Tobacco Blue, Tobacco Gold, Menthol, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry, Peppermint, Pina Colada, and Peach. You can get a variety pack if you want to try a few flavors and that is what I always recommend. You never know what you will like until you try them all! The South Beach Smoke e-cig gave me pretty decent vapor and a great throat hit.

I could definitely tell a difference in their newest updated e-cig in terms of vapor production. It had a much fuller vaper that was a lot more satisfying than their older 3-piece designs. I also noticed that the tobacco flavors seem to have a better vapor volume than the other flavors. Of course, you can read more about that in the South Beach Smoke cartridge reviews so I won’t give you all the details here.

In early 2013, South Beach Smoke updated their operations and now supply 100% American-made e-liquid in their cartridges. Juice made in the US is known to have better ingredients and quality control standards. They also taste much better than e-liquids made in other countries in most cases. While most of the e-cig industry is still relying on Chinese-made e-liquids, South Beach Smoke has really stepped up their game by using liquids made in country. The results are noticeably better flavors and an overall better vaping experience.

With this change, South Beach Smoke is definitely moving up in our rankings! You will definitely be able to tell a difference from the older kits when you try this new design. So ultimately, if you’ve never tried South Beach Smoke, I recommend that you get a kit and see what you think. They have some good affordable options and you get a really good quality e-cig that will last you a long time. If you are already a fan of South Beach Smoke but you are still using one of their previous kits, it’s definitely worth it to do an upgrade. You will appreciate the difference when you try their new USA-made e-liquids and the new SuperMAX battery technology.

Here are a few details on the new kits from South Beach Smoke…

Deluxe Kit – $59.99
• 1 standard SuperMAX battery
• 1 long, high capacity SuperMAX battery
• USB charger
• Wall adapter
• 10 large cartridges
• User manual

Deluxe Plus Kit – $89.99
• 1 standard SuperMAX battery
• 1 long, high capacity SuperMAX battery
• 1 Power Cig
• Wall charger
• USB charger
• Car Adapter
• Universal Carrying Case
• 10 Large cartridges
• user manual

Deluxe Ultimate Kit – $159.99
• 1 standard SuperMAX battery (automatic)
• 1 long, high capacity SuperMAX battery (automatic)
• 1 long, high capacity SuperMAX battery (manual)
• 1 Power Cig
• Wall charger
• USB charger
• Car Adapter
• Personal Charging Case
• Universal Carrying Case
• Lanyard
• 20 Large cartridges
• User manual

Deluxe Couples Kit Combo – $109.99
• 2 standard SuperMAX batteries
• 2 long, high capacity SuperMAX batteries
• 2 USB chargers
• 2 Wall adapters
• 20 large cartridges
• User manual

Reusable Express Kit – $21.99
• 1 standard SuperMAX battery
• 1 USB charger
• 2 cartridges

  1. I tried South Beach Smoke and honestly, I just wasn’t that impressed. I mean it’s not that it’s awful or anything. It’s just nothing special. When there are hundreds of ecigs to choose from, I’m not going to pay out my hard earned cash for something less than spectacular and SBS failed to wow me. I moved on to another brand.

  2. It’s really rare to find an ecig that gives you decent options for cartridges. I don’t like dealing with the eliquids and want cartridges that I can screw on and then toss when they’re empty. South Beach Smoke is cool because they have all the good flavors in cartridges too. I like the Orange Mint a lot. Kind of reminds me of those Creamsicle ice cream things I ate when I was a kid.

  3. I don’t like Cigalikes so I didn’t get South Beach Smoke a shot for the longest time, but then they started offering the tank vaporizers and I couldn’t pass it up. I got the Curve starter kit. As a girl, I like a pretty color and the purple is so cute. Plus they have good ejuice flavors and prices are really competitive. Now I’m a die hard South Beach Smoke fan.

  4. South Beach Smoke might be an older brand, but they are keeping up with the market by rolling out new stuff pretty regularly. I recently updated to their Storm starter kit which is basically a tank ecig. I got the camo color, which is better in person than I even thought. I love their eliquids and their high quality ecig builds so I think this brand is really the best.

  5. I decided to take advantage of their 25% off deal that they have going on right now and so far, I’m really impressed with my kit. It’s really high quality and gives me a lot more vapor than I was expecting. Their flavors are awesome too.

  6. South Beach is getting better and better. Shipments arriving quick and on time now. Batt quality improving. Wish they had more flavors but the ones they got are great. And they’ve always had great vapor! South Beach has been around for a while but they are really stepping up there game.

  7. South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes have been amazing for me. I love them! I have tried both models, and I think the Deluxe style is totally worth the extra money. I have also tried both switches too, Auto is my fave. I really enjoy the experience, and how smooth the vapor goes down- highly satisfying. They have excellent customer support, and just really great policies. Fast shipping, too!

  8. The flavor was great! The shipping took a long time and I thought it was over priced. I didnt have a great expereince. I was over charged three times and two times I didnt even get the product. (not great when you just quit real cigs and you are waiting for a shippment.

  9. I would let you know how I got on with SB but USPS lost my package! Unacceptable. Sb offered to send another out but I don’t trust USPS. They refunded my money straight away, but it took over a week to appear back on my card before I could buy elsewhere. SO FRUSTRATING I COULD CRY !!!!!

  10. No other electronic cigarette company matches up in every way to South Beach Smoke. Everyone I know uses them! I have single handedly turned on 6 different family members to these, and it’s so much fun during big family gatherings now! The whole crew of us smokers no longer have to be segregated outside to smoke! The value, the quality, the convenience are unimaginable if you have been smoking regular cigarettes. Thanks, SBS- you guys are amazing!

  11. I have South Beach Smoke’s Basic Deluxe starter kit, the PCC, and a few days ago, I received my newest (Home Delivery) shipment of refill cartridges with the new Tobacco Blue flavor. I have been with this company for a long while, and really like everything. Service, shipping on the home delivery, product selection, the quality and performance of these is really good and I entirely happy with them. I love my PCC to death!

  12. I have saved plenty of money since I started using e-cigs from South Beach Smoke. Coming from tobacco, these are no match for them. I love all the freedom, and I feel so much healthier and cleaner. It’s really nice to not stink all the time too. My advice for new customers: get the Personal Charging Case, and join the Home Delivery-worth the cost for sure!

  13. I have been a South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette user for over 6 months, with a really excellent experience in every way. Hence the reason I am leaving this review! They have an amazing customer service department, and they make just the best e-cigarettes. You do not get better vapor than this, and the throat hit from these is nicely satisfying. I am a really big fan, and a very happy customer!

  14. Really great prices for the high quality. I have seen some serious rip offs from some e-cigarette companies, and I am so glad to have been referred to South Beach Smoke! Best brand, for sure. My best friend used the for about 6 months before I started, and I knew she knew what she was talking about. The batteries are amazing, they can go for days with causal use. The different chargers work nicely for me, and I like the convenience a whole lot. Goodbye smoke, goodbye mess, goodbye tar! This is the smartest way to smoke for sure!

  15. Definitely the best E-cigarettes you can find right now. A lot of the others break easily, have bad cartridges, and can’t produce enough vapor. I love that they are always updating their products, and coming out with new gadgets. I am very happy with the level of quality, and the way they work. Excellent prices, too. South beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are amazing!

  16. The first time I browsed through South Beach Smoke’s website, I was just impressed by the selection. They really offer something for every type of smoker, no joke. Flavors, nicotine strengths, accessories that take you from home to the car, to the office, the mobile office, vacation, anywhere! I ordered my first starter it that day, and haven’t looked back. Such a great company to do business with, and their e-cigs come everywhere with me!

  17. It is really hard to find an e-cigarette company that has the level of quality that South Beach Smoke has. I am so impressed with them, and I’ve been a customer for more than a year! They are always updating the products, staying on top of trends, and coming out with exciting stuff. I am really happy with the excellent accessories, and especially the Personal Charging Case. I find the prices to be very competitive, and when you factor in how well they work, and how you really won’t be replacing them constantly, you get your money’s worth. I have had a really great experience with South Beach.

  18. From the moment I tried these guys they just didn’t seem right for me. I didn’t like the taste of any of the cartridges and they just didn’t feel the same as my old cig. I was impressed with the battery and the battery pack, which seemed to be of a good quality. I used my right to my money back in the first 30 days, however they refused to refund my now open cartridges packs. This made my wife very upset as we had bought a 30 pack with our kit and I was disappointed this wasn’t made CLEARER. I’d say stay away from large cart purchases if you’re buying a new brand. All in all south beach didn’t live up to my expectations.

  19. this is BY FAR the most and best amount of vapor i’ve ever experiences with an e-cig!!! my fave flavor is the menthol but they all produce the same amount of vapor anyways. South beach smoke is the 4th brand i’ve tried and i for sure am sticking with it (Finally right???) before i had v2, blue and greensmoke and none of them produce this much vapor… I LOVE SBS

  20. Love my South Beach cartridges although I feel the battery could be improved, I have to carry two with me if I’m out the day. Someone told me it’s because they are getting old, but I’m not sure if I should switch brands and try something new?

  21. These electronic cigarettes are fantastic! After trying a slew of brands, South Beach Smoke is for sure my favorite. I love the way they work, and I love the wonderful way SBS is always coming out with new products to keep things. The PCC is so awesome! Great brand, great e-cigs. Very happy customer here.

  22. I was a really heavy smoker, and did not think I would really ever be able to quit in my lifetime. I’m talking a 22 year habit, and more than that many times trying to quit. I was really skeptical about e-cigarettes, and I figured that I had nothing to lose. But after trying them, I saw what all the rage is about, and really love them! I am extremely pleased, and if I can quit cigarettes with these, anyone can!

  23. South Beach Smoke is my number one electronic cigarette brand. They do it all, and make being a customer worthwhile. It’s nice being a part of a community of e-smokers, because it’s like we are in this together! I am really happy with the excellence of the batteries, and I love the Personal Charging Case so much! I love the trivia contests on their Facebook page, too!

  24. I am a nurse, and I wanted to quit smoking desperately. I had heard about e-cigarettes from everyone I work with, and the top brand is South Beach. So, I got a starter kit, and was really impressed from the beginning. I cannot believe the ease of these things, and how nice they work! All in all, really happy I ordered this kit- e-cigs rock!

  25. After using South Beach for a few months, I am sure they are the most consistent of all the electronic cigarettes I have tried. The flavors have been the same since day one: perfect. Battery life is good. Customer service is reliable. Nice looking pieces, too. Great brand of e-cigs, you won’t be disappointed!

  26. I am such a happy South Beach Smoke customer. They have amazing batteries, really great chargers, and fun accessories. In general, I vape a few times a day, and they
    last a really, really long time for me. The cartomizers are much better than others I have used, and they don’t leak! The liquid nicotine in them is really potent, and works like a charm. They ship really fast, too!

  27. South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes are such amazing and have done me a world of good! I try to live as consciously as I possibly can and e-cigarettes are the perfect alternative to tobacco for me. I feel good about them because they do not encourage wastefulness, and they are much better health wise. These have a great concept, and the batteries work really good. They took some getting used to but, they are so much better in so many ways than regular cigarettes, so they really overpass the few minutes it takes to learn to use them!

  28. Both of my SBS batteries from my starter kit died within a month but were replaced for free. Still, they both died around the same time and it was very inconvenient, and the shipping did take 4 days to NY. I have also had one or two bad cartomizers. I then bought a Green Smoke starter pack and compared the two. Green Smoke is definitely in a higher class, but does cost more to start. I don’t like having to prime the battery with the SBS, but the GS works on the initial pull, and produces loads of vapor. I am definitely going to stick with GS from now on.

  29. I love South Beach Smoke for the times I love me an occasional bit of vaping. I don’t use them daily, but when I just want a little nicotine with intense flavor, they satisfy perfectly. I love the convenience, and how these can go anywhere. Not messy by any means! Worth every penny, and much better priced than traditional cigarettes. Tobacco is a waste of everything, go vapor!

  30. E-cigs from South Beach Smoke are awesome. I can’t believe how much more versatile these are, and how well they are incorporated into regular use for me, and so many people I know. So simple you don’t even have to think about lighter, or ash, or polluting butts, or even think about smoke drifting into a nonsmoker’s breathing space!
    They have a really great design, and love the night features like the glowing crystal on the end. The mouthpiece is also fantastic, being made of silicon. I have turned 3 friends onto these, and all have been tobacco free since. These are seriously miracles in a starter kit, and I am beyond grateful to this awesome company!

  31. The tobacco industry is so going out of business! I know so many smokers who have switched to electronic cigs, with really good results. I myself am one, and I speak from my personal experiences. I love the freedom, and how I no longer bother anyone when I puff in public or my home. I am feeling better than ever, and I have even been able to decrease my nicotine level in my cartridge refills. I love using South Beach Smoke e-cigs, they are fantastic in performance and they are super quality. I am so proud to have gone totally smoke free with SBS!

  32. I am always happy with South Beach Smoke. They have the best customer service staff, who actually know what they are talking about! I have called a few times, and they are so friendly and really experienced with how to handle the products. The products work very well, and I am really crazy about the new flavors that just got included to the original lineup. Other e-cig brands I have used have been entirely lame, so it’s really nice to have e-cigs that work well!

  33. It’s amazing all the positive changes that have occurred since I became a part of the South Beach Smoke family. Way healthier, you can feel it! E-cigs are so much more tolerable for the body, and they are so much easier to use in daily life. More smokers should really be smoking these! I breathe far better, and I am really enjoying the lack of nasty phlegm. I am loving how nice and white my teeth are, and how glowing my skin is too!

  34. I love South Beach Smoke! Such awesome products they have, and are always coming out with. They make me feel much better than I ever felt with tobacco cigarettes, and I love how much more affordable they are. They feel great, and if you are a smoker like me who enjoy the monotonous experience of smoking, these will work great. I never actually paid a lot of attention to the act of smoking, it was just something I did. These work just the same for me. Vapor is excellent. Nicotine is so god it never leaves me with cravings. Amazing!

  35. I have been using South Beach Smoke e-cigs for a while now, and they have been amazing. I am really glad I started with this brand because they work perfectly. They have great prices, and are always running sales. I am always looking to save money, and being part of the Home Delivery program is the best thing you can do as an e-cig user. The savings are tremendous. I love the product selection, and the new flavors are delicious. Best e-cig brand for sure!

  36. South beach Smoke has an excellent customer service department. I like that a lot about them, and especially the fact that they get back to you really quickly if you shoot out an email. These have a great vapor, which has such a pleasant feeling to it. No smell at all! The vapor feels different than smoke, but it is really potent and you will definitely feel it in your throat. They are such a great brand!

  37. I have to agree with most other reviewers they are very good for the money. I purchased a kit from my local mall for twice the price as my SBS kit and it’s nowhere near the quality. Although I have had some faulty cartridges, but they are always happy to replace them.

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