Learn How Sub Ohming Will Change Everything You Know About Vaping Learn How Sub Ohming Will Change Everything You Know About Vaping

Understanding what are ohms, what does ohm mean and what is a sub ohm tank are only a few keys to truly getting sub ohm mod meaning. Sub-Ohm Vaping is here to stay either way.

For advanced vapers, Sub Ohm Vaping has become the preeminent vaping experience. However, this form of vaping requires a lot of know-how to be done safely, and that can be intimidating for some. It is crucial that vapers take the time to learn about sub ohm vaping before taking it up to ensure safety and success. We’ve put together this guide to help cover the basics for those thinking about starting to venture into the cloud filled world of Sub Ohm Vaping.

The Golden Rule

The first thing that users need to understand is a physics equation known as Ohm’s Law. Ohm’s law is the golden rule when dealing with electrical components, especially high powered batteries, like those used in box mods. Named after German Physicist Georg Ohm who worked out the equation in the late 1800’s, the equation is I=V/R or Current=Voltage/Resistance. What this means is the current passing through a conductor is equivalent to the amount of voltage supplied by the source divided by the resistance of the conductive material.

This means that the higher the voltage of your battery, and the lower the resistance of your conductor, the more powerful the current running through it will be. This equation has been pivotal in battery making, allowing manufacturers to make increasingly powerful batteries without needing to increase wattage further. Ultimately, Ohm’s Law improved power output most cheaply and effectively.

So What Is Sub Ohming?

So then the next questions to answer are: What is an Ohm or ohm meaning, and what is sub ohm? An Ohm is the standard unit of measurement for resistance, determined by Ohm’s Law. This means it gauges the amount of current that will pass through a given conductor. In the case of vaping, this concerns your atomizers and sub-ohm coils. So by using coils that have a lower resistance, you will be provided with more power than a higher resistance coil supplied with the same voltage. Vapers and now, increasingly, manufacturers utilize Ohm’s law to push the limits in creating powerful sub ohm tanks. With a more powerful current, these tanks produce significantly more vapor.

In the beginning, manufacturers stayed within the average range of ohms, between 1.5 and 3.0ohms. As the vaping community required more and more powerful devices, they started pushing the limits to get lower ohms, resulting in stronger currents. The term Sub Ohm definition simply refers to when the resistance of the coil being used is lower than 1.0 ohms.

While this sounds very simple, in practice there is a lot more to it. Sub ohm vaping increases the volatility of batteries and atomizers, so taking proper care of your rig and its components is essential for your safety. Mod definition and understanding all components, as well as how sub ohm vaping effects them is key to ensuring consistent satisfaction.

So Is It Dangerous?

As is the case with most things the answer is yes and no. If the sub ohm user neglects proper care of their mod, it can become dangerous. Risks with mechanical mods are higher as well since they are unregulated and don’t have any internal safety features. Without these features, there is nothing but the users care and knowledge to prevent potentially dangerous issues like the battery overloading your atomizer. On the other side of the coin, if the user is knowledgeable on Ohm’s Law and takes care to maintain and monitor their device properly, mechanical mods offer some of the most incredible clouds and can provide an unmatched experience for many vapers.

Mechanical mods aren’t the only option for sub ohm vapers anymore. There is a steady stream of regulated mods and tanks designed for sub ohm vaping. These tools make sub ohm vaping accessible to so many more vapers. Now you can easily use your favorite sub-ohm tank with almost any mod that functions with at least 30 watts. It is vital to make sure that your set up can handle sub ohm tanks before getting started.

Another thing to keep in mind starting out is premade coils. Don’t get us wrong; handmade coils are still king. But you should hone your skills at making your coils for a while before using them in your rig, especially when it comes to sub ohm vaping. If you haven’t done thing correctly, it could be potentially dangerous. That’s why the high quality premade coils offered by nearly every brand are such a great resource.

Last but certainly not least: batteries. Batteries are critical when it comes to sub ohm vaping. Because sub ohm vaping makes your batteries more volatile, you should make sure only to use batteries from reputable sources. Batteries can get expensive, and we love a deal, but this is the last area to go cheap. Make sure, if you’re getting a deal, that it is from a reputable source, as the best deals on unknown sites are also the most likely to be counterfeit. You also need to make sure that your batteries are graded to function with your specific device. Battery failure is not common, but using the wrong cells only increases your chances of an accident.

The biggest thing you can do to prevent the risk of accidents is to ensure you use the correct devices. For example, different types of batteries are graded for varying levels of amperage. That means two cells graded at the same voltage could have different amps. The low end of the spectrum is around 7A while it can get as high as 30A. To ensure battery safety, always use high amperage batteries with low resistance coils.

This can be a tough subject for many to nail down, so if you’re finding that you’re still confused about when is the right time for different amperage batteries, be sure to consult with someone you know and trust on the subject. If you’re still anxious about battery failure, be sure to opt for higher resistance coils along with higher amperage batteries. While this combination might slightly reduce your overall cloud size, it will significantly reduce the chances of battery issues.

Is It Right For You?

While sub ohm vaping is fascinating and often impressive, that doesn’t mean it is for everyone. We’ve compiled some of the positive and negative aspects of sub ohm vaping to help you decide. If the cons outweigh the pros, then you’ll know that sub ohm vaping probably won’t fulfill your wants or needs from vaping.

Sub ohm vaping offers many things. With the right e-liquid, you can get massive clouds. The extra heat of the vapor often improves the quality of throat and mouthfeel. It also offers the chance to get more involved in your vaping experience by needing to stay on top of your mod upkeep as well as the complex customization options.

That experience, however, is not for beginners. Vapers need a solid understanding of Ohm’s Law and how different devices function to maintain sub ohm vaping effectively. The tools used also tend to be more of an investment. E-liquids are another cost that will go up, as juices designed for sub ohm vaping are more expensive and the volume of e-liquid required for each hit is a lot more money. You’ll also end up spending more on wires or premade coils thanks to the extremely high power output.

There’s no shame in not being a sub ohm vaper. There is a certain amount of dedication to your experience, and a certain amount of time spent to get that experience, that isn’t the right fit for everyone. That said, if all of those positive aspects sound enticing to you, it’s probably time for you to delve deeper into how to sub ohm.

Tools Of The Trade

There are many things you need to sub ohm vape, and the first one is knowledge. If you are not grasping Ohm’s law, then study up. You need to understand this principle to avoid any potential hazards as well as to get the most out of your experience. You also need to know or learn about proper battery care and how to maintain a mod, again this is to make sure you do everything safely. Once you understand those aspects, you’ll need some different tools.

E-liquids may not be the first thing about sub ohm vaping that comes to mind, but it can have a massive impact on your experience. While most e-liquids would work with a sub ohm tank, the higher temperatures mean they won’t carry as much flavor. Some manufacturers have started to specially engineer e-liquids to withstand high temperatures better while maintaining robust flavors. We know that finding the right e-liquid can be a hassle, but if you have patience, the payoffs on this one are worth it.

Next are your coils. While utilizing the right coils is vital in regular vaping, it is particularly impactful with sub ohm vaping. Make sure your wires are graded for your device; otherwise it could lead to some serious issues. Again we’d like to reiterate that you should utilize premade coils when you’re first starting out. They offer laid out specifications, and you can be sure they are compatible with your mod.

Then there is your power supply. This is super impactful for what kind of ohms you are getting. Most sub ohm tanks call for somewhere around 30W to work correctly. Most will need to be around the range of 30W-100W. Keep in mind that extremely high wattage rigs are not ideal either.

Sub Ohm Atomizers

Now you’ve decided to sub ohm, and we’ve covered the other bases you’ll need to choose which type of atomizer you’ll be using. There are three major types when it comes to sub ohm vaping: rebuildable drip atomizers, rebuildable tank atomizers, and sub-ohm tanks.


Rebuildable drip atomizers were the first to be used in sub ohm vaping, and the first widely available to the public. They are also known as drippers. They feature a reservoir tank that the vaper uses to drip e-liquid onto the coil and cotton. These devices are still very popular with high-level cloud chasers who view this set up as giving them more control over what they are producing. This style of atomizer requires coils made by the user.


Rebuildable tank atomizers are the next step up from RDAs. Instead of dripping e-liquid every few pulls RTAs have a tank that holds the excess juice in a much more straightforward process. Where RDAs shine in competition, RTAs lend themselves to more casual vaping. They offer a high volume vapor while getting a clean and robust flavor. They also require the user to make coils.

Sub Ohm Tank

Sub Ohm Tanks are the newest on the market and the simplest for users. Before they were released, people looking to sub ohm vape had to invest time and money into acquiring the precise equipment they needed including mechanical mods, batteries, wires for coil making, organic cotton, and any other accouterment. Now sub ohm tanks function with most 30W mods. They are also more accessible for beginners as they utilize premade coils.


Hopefully, this guide was able to walk you through some of the basics or at least give you a better understanding of sub ohm vaping and vape meaning. We want to encourage our readers always to do research and form their own opinions, not just blindly follow the latest trend. Sub Ohm vaping is now a considerable subset of vaping, and it is impressive to see what has come out of this culture that simply started for smoking cessation. We are fortunate enough to have an accepting and exciting community that is continually pushing the boundaries of what this technology has to offer.

That said always be sure to know what you’re doing and do it with safety in mind. This helps to minimize accidents and keep everyone safe in the long run. When done correctly sub ohming is a super fun and enjoyable way to experience vaping so we hope you have a blast with it.


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