The Safe Cig Coupon Codes

The Safe Cig Coupon Codes

*** Attention! As of this morning, 2/4/13, Safe Cig’s website is down. We believe this is just a temporary issue and will post any updates as we get them. In the meantime, we are recommending V2 Cigs because they have very comparable products. Check out the V2 Cigs Review here!***

The Safe Cig is one of the leaders in the e-cig industry. Safe Cig products consistently rank at the top in electronic cigarette reviews and users constantly brag about the many benefits of these high quality e-cigs. The Safe Cig has recently made news in the e-cig world with the release of the smallest ever electronic cigarette – The Safe Cig Micro. This new e-cig is tiny, measuring only 5 ½ cm long and 1/8 cm in diameter. Despite its small size, the Safe Cig Micro packs a powerful punch in terms of vapor. You will enjoy consistently full vapor production that leaves you satisfied every single time.

If you want to try the new Safe Cig Micro or another great Safe Cig product, now is the perfect time. Cocktailnerd readers can enjoy exclusive savings on all of their Safe Cig purchases with these coupon codes. Save money on your next purchase by grabbing one of the coupon codes below.

35% Off Safe Cig Kits!

The Safe Cig are celebrating the holiday sales period and the new year by offering an amazing 35% discount on their starter & pro kits. A chance to bag yourself a classic e-cig at a great price. Other great discounts available too for a limited time only.
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5% off The Safe Cig

Thanks to reader Chris Reeder who emailed us this 5% off coupon for The Safe Cig!
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