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I know V2 Cigs gets a lot of good reviews and overall, I think you are right that it’s a good product. But I have to complain a little bec… 4.765 out of 5 based on 43 user reviews

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"I know V2 Cigs gets a lot of good reviews and overall, I think you are right that it’s a good product. But I have to complain a little because I felt like it took forever for my …”
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  • Starter Kit Range: $24.95 - $159.95
  • Cartridges Cost: $1.99
  • Cartridge Life: 150 - 220 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 300+ Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB, Car & PCP
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We have watched V2 Cigs come up from a small company to one of the most well-known and highest rated electronic cigarette brands on the market. V2 Cigs reviews can be found everywhere. They are always positive and V2 continues to be ranked #1 across most e-cig review sites online. They have also become my favorite brand for many reasons such as constant innovation, consistency and price. When I tested and reviewed my first V2 Cigs Ultimate starter kit I was impressed, but I also saw room for improvement. I enjoyed the flavors but the options were limited to Cowboy, Congress, Menthol, Coffee, Vanilla and Cherry. My favorite at the time was Congress but hoped to see more options available. Well a lot has changed since then!

V2 now offers 10 standard flavors – Red, Sahara, Congress, Menthol, Peppermint, Mint Tea, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla. They also have three Limited Edition flavors – Grape, Cola and Classic Menthol. V2 Red quickly became my favorite flavor and it is my daily choice. Taking it further, V2 also offers limited flavors for their customers to try out. For those of you with very particular tastes, V2 even lets you design your own custom cartridges and flavors. We haven’t had the chance to order any custom flavors, but hope to soon – if any of our readers have, we’d love to hear your thoughts below.

For a more in-depth look into V2’s cartridges and flavors, check out the V2 Cartridges Review section, where we also discuss filling your own cartridges, using drip tips and V2’s batch testing process. We have many tips for getting the most out of your V2 Cig.

Another way V2 Cigs has shown their dedication to innovation is by increasing the power of their e-cigs. My first V2 electronic cigarette felt a little too weak and I would have to take a long drag to get enough vapor and a strong throat hit. Their new 4.2V batteries power the atomizer much faster and it feels very similar to the drags I would take from a regular analog cigarette. I own and have used every product V2 Cigs sells, and I have never had a faulty product. Receiving a dead battery or atomizer is a surefire way to lose interest in e-cigs. I never have to worry about this with V2 that is a big reason our readers rank it #1 as well.

V2 bundles all of this technology into six unique starter kits. V2’s disposables and Express Kits are a cheap way to try out e-cigs, but I recommend getting one of their starter kits with at least two batteries. If you’re a smoker that always needs a cigarette when you drive, like I was, I highly suggest V2’s Power-Cig. You’ll want to also purchase the car adapter so you can plug your Power-Cig into your 12-volt power outlet. That way you can enjoy the maximum amount of vapor and flavor from your cartridges at all times without worrying about a dead battery. I personally keep one in my car and one in my computer at all times. You can customize your V2 experience with their large list of accessories. Whether you need a lanyard to keep your e-cig accessible, or one of the nicest portable charging cases I’ve seen, V2 has you covered.

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  • $149.95

Zig Zag Flavor Cartridges

V2 recently launched a brand new line of disposable e-cigarettes and cartridges called Zig Zag. We got a chance to test these out through an exclusive trial and they are really amazing! We got a sampler pack that included Clove, Mango, Caribbean, Columbian Coffee, and Vanilla. They were all really delicious and none of them gave us disappointing results. The vanilla was the best cartridge we had ever encountered in this flavor. It had full vapor and a great throat hit. The mango flavor was the most realistic fruit flavor we’ve ever tried too. It was really delicious. The coffee flavor was spot on and it would be a good choice for someone that enjoyed taking their coffee really strong or black. The Caribbean flavor as a fresh, pineapple taste that is perfect for spring or summer. The absolute best Zig Zag cartridge is the clove. This cartridge tasted so much like a clove cigarette that it was really uncanny. It had that unique smoky aftertaste and if you close your eyes, you really almost feel like you are using an actual clove cigarette!

Our Favorite V2 Products

Our must-have recommendation from V2 Cigs is the V2 Ultimate Starter Kit. At $169.95, this kit is their most expensive, but it is well worth the price because it includes so many products. In this kit, you receive 3 V2 batteries, 25 V2 flavor cartridges, a wall adapter, a smart charger, a 2 amp car adapter, a portable charging case, one power-cig, a metal carrying case, a lanyard, and a detailed instruction manual.

When I first got this kit, I was just amazed at how much was packed into that one box. I love that the kit includes 25 cartridges because even if you are a really heavy smoker, that means you are getting your money’s worth from this kit just in cartridges alone. I also love that the batteries arrive with a partial charge so if you just can’t wait to take that first puff, go ahead. The battery is charged enough to let you try it out before you plug it in!

I also really like the design of the V2 Cig. The tip lights up white when you are using it and that is completely unique from other industry products. Most e-cigs come with a blue or red tip, but V2 keeps it unique and the result is a really clean, elegant looking e-cigarette that is pretty discreet even in a large crowd. The vapor production from V2 Cigs is out of the world. Seriously, if you think that Green Smoke is the only hard hitter in the vaping world, think again. V2’s e-cigs crank out some serious vaper and they have the perfect throat hit.

Usually you have to spend a lot of money for a quality electronic cigarette. It’s a tradeoff that has become fairly accepted in the market. However, V2 has developed a catalog of unbeatable products while maintaining low prices. For even more savings, stop by their clearance section. I have complete confidence when recommending V2 to family, friends, and our readers because it is one of the few brands that truly caters to consumers’ needs and offers a product that never sacrifices quality while maintaining low costs. V2 Cigs is always rewarding our readers through contests and the largest coupons available. They also offer a loyalty program through their website that will reward you for spreading the word – definitely worth checking out!

  1. I know V2 Cigs gets a lot of good reviews and overall, I think you are right that it’s a good product. But I have to complain a little because I felt like it took forever for my kit to arrive. It wasn’t a one time thing either. Everytime I have ordered more ejuice, the shipping times are just kind of ridiculous. Wish the shipping was faster.

  2. So I had read about the new V2 Pro and how it was just killer so I ordered one. First impression was that it’s nice – sleek design, easy to assemble, and I really like the interlocking parts. I’ve been vaping with it for a couple months now and still like it just as much as when I opened the box. On a side note, V2’s eliquids are the best I’ve tried. I highly recommend the peppermint flavor. V2 rocks!

  3. V2 is my favorite brand because they have a lot of flavors. Most brands only have basic tobacco and menthol, but I like that V2 offers cherry, coffee, etc. If you order, get the EX cartridges. They just perform better. This is an all around good brand that I recommend.

  4. My wife and I decided to try ecigs together to see if we could quit smoking. That was about six months ago. We got the couples kit and I really liked it. I found that vaping my V2 is just as satisfying once I got over the initial transition. We’ve both been tobacco free for five months now thanks to V2 Cigs.

  5. I tried several of the cigalike models before I ordered a starter kit from V2 and it is by far the best one I’ve used yet. It hits stronger than your typical ecig and I think the flavors are good. My favorite cartridge flavor is the Congress, but I liked most of the options they sent in the sample pack.

  6. I recent purchased some e-liquids from V2 and was very impressed with how potent and tasty their flavors are. I went with the flavors Congress and Cherry. Congress is a very nice tobacco flavor, it’s what I use every day now. When I’m feeling a bit more adventurous, I use the Cherry flavor, which tastes great and is really nice when I have a craving for something sweeter tasting. I’d definitely recommend these. I’m going to have to buy some more to expand my collection.

  7. Just bought the V2 Pro Series 3 and am super happy with it. It lets you blow out huge clouds of vapor and is super easy to use. I also really like the magnetic charger, it pops on and off super quickly and I never have to worry about breaking it. I wish it was cheaper, but overall I think it was worth the money. Can’t wait to try the Series 5 when it comes out.

  8. I found out about V2 through this site and decided to give it a try because of all the good reviews I read about it. I bought the V2 Standard Kit and was not disappointed. It’s super easy to use and it holds a good charge. It also produces a lot more vapor than I was expecting it to. The flavors I chose were Vanilla and Sahara. Sahara is a smooth tobacco flavor and Vanilla is well…vanilla. I like them both a lot. Now I just need to buy more cartridges so I have have a bunch of flavors to choose from.

  9. I just received my new V2 cartridges in the mail. I chose to go with the Mojito and the Pina Colada flavors since I wanted to try out some limited-edition flavors. The mojito is very nice, but it’s not something I could smoke all day. However, the Pina Colada flavor is awesome. I want to order more just so I can a backup stash!

  10. The product is good , the customer service is at fault. The wrong product arrived 1.8 instead of .6 and 0, menthol instead of red. I went through their return procedure & the money was never refunded or added to my account. I have lost out on both product and cash I feel very dissatisfied and will not buy from them again.

  11. I absolutely am in love with this brand!!! The flavors are awesome, I get the burning sensation like I would from a normal cigarette, AND the smoke.

    Before this I tried another brand in hopes of quitting smoking, Nicostop. There was not enough smoke and it didnt help.

    The customer service is amazing, so I feel bad for the other yelpers who had a bad experience. The only reason I picked up a cig again was my fault. I should have ordered my cartriges ahead of time, I do live across the country, that can explain a week wait for cartriges.

    But anywho, I just ordered 10 packs and CANT WAIT for them to get here! I want cigarettes to make me feel sick, because I want and need to quit. If you need to quit too, this will be your LAST brand of Ecig!

  12. I’ve been smoking analogs (see, i’m hep) since i was 11. I am now 68. I tried another brand (Blu), because they were easily obtainable from Walmart. I was becomming very discouraged and was ready to shuck the whole E-cig thing and go back to analogs, because of problems with their batteries. I ran into a friend at my ‘meeting’ and she recommended V2s. Well, i figured i’d give it one more chance. Couldn’t get any worse, right. From the first puff outa da box, i was very pleasntly surprized by the volume of smoke (vapor) and have been using them since (about 6 months). The only problem was when i ordered additional batteries and they sent the wrong one (three times) (although in a few days). The service person was EXTREMELY patient with me. And than i realzed ‘I’ had been ordering the wrong length. The service preson never once mentioned what a dummy i was and was always patiently professional; NOT snooty. On June 19 2013 (my birthday) i will have one year clean (free) from tobacco. I have saved enough money (and i buy every toy) to purchase a brand new (not pawned or used) Acoustic Guitar. Thanks V2 for a year clean of tobacco and patience with a crusty old man. I wish there was a strength higher than 1.8%, but whatever. Damn, did i write all that??

  13. Hi, I’m Tom. I just received my V2 Cig Standard Starter Kit. It’s freaking awsome! The coffee flavored cartomizers taste great, I can’t wait to try the other flavors. The vapor is nice and heavy and the 18mg strength carts are really potent. I’m a heavy smoker (was a heavy smoker, knock on wood!) so the potency of the full stregnth carts is ok by me. When I placed my order, I picked a white auto battery and a blue manual battery. They look nice and sleek and the quality is visably noticable. Nothing about these e-cigs looks cheap and poorly made. V2 Cigs are definately worth the investmant.
    I know that e-cigs aren’t meant to help smokers stop smoking but this is the first time that I have felt confident that I will be able to stop once and for all. I’ve tried all the other ways to quit and nothing would work. I find that using e-cigs to quit is the only thing that has enabled me to stop smoking for more than one day. I plan on weening off of the nicotine over the next few months and I think V2 Cigs will definately help me achieve this goal.
    I useed to use a different e-cig brand (Mystic, sp?) this summer past and was able to stay off regular cigs for three months. The only reason I stopped was because a law was passed in my area making it illeagle to sell any tobaco products, including e-cigs, at any store that has a pharmacy in it. I was getting my e-cigs at my local Walmart and when they stopped selling them, I went back to normal cigs. I didn’t try to get some more e-cigs online because I got addicted to normal cigs again and didn’t want to stop.
    I’m glad I decided to give it another go and I’m even more glad that I chose V2 Cigs as a means to quit. I did alot of research before i picked V2, I didn’t just pick the first thing I found. In fact, I was worried that the V2’s wouldn’t be all they were cracked up to be but I BE WRONG! I also use Blu e-cigs. I can buy them localy and i really like them too. But I can admit that the Blu cigs, even though they are a good brand, are not in the same leauge as V2s. V2 Cigs are at the top of their game in my opinion and I look forward to using them for a long time to come.
    Thanx V2, I’m gonna go have a Vape now. L8r!

  14. I have gone through 4 different brands and this was by far the best. The customer service is good. The shipping is cheap and fast. The flavor is good. The price is good too! I have been smoking for 11 years and had no problem switching over!

  15. Great product, incredibly slow shipping with lack of options. I did a ton of research and testing before choosing v2 as my solution. I absolutely love their product! However if you are a first time buyer make sure you leave plenty of time for shipping, it stinks. Make sure you have plenty of filters before you refill because you may run out waiting for the shipment to come in.

  16. I just got my V2 Cigs and they are awsome best smoking alternative ive tried id recommend them to any long term smoke no doubt

  17. just got mine about 2 days ago. no urge to smoke cigarretes yet and i was smoking around a pack a day . hope that it will make me quite all together. its been 2 days and i already feel better. I’ve struggled with tension headaches and now my head feels so much better. i think regular cigarettes were severely aggravating them. i hope to stop using the ecig as soon as possible as well and stop this habit asap.

  18. @Anne: As with any electronic device, it is always a possibility that shipping or hard handling can cause a battery to die prematurely. However, V2 Cigs has a strong history of quality control and top-notch manufacturing. It’s a big reason they’ve become the leader. We’ve tested and used many of their models and have not had any problems. V2’s customer service is great too and their products are backed by a 30 day money back guaranty and lifetime warranty. So in the off chance that something malfunctions you’ll be covered. Thanks for the question!

  19. I want to buy the v2 cigs, but I’m a little concerned, because I’ve bought e cigs before and they simply stopped working after a reasonably shorty time. Can you swear that these will last?

  20. V2 was the brand I chose to try when I decided to take the E-Cig plunge 5 months ago and they have yet to disappoint. Wide variety of flavors in 4 different strengths with a nice throat hit and mouth feel to their vapor. V2’s customer service has always been top notch in my experience as well. After being a smoker for 25 years, I had my doubts that an e- cig system could ever completely replace my dependence on tobacco, but within 1 week, I was smoke free and have not missed it since. That in itself says a lot about the quality of the product V2 produces.

  21. I am 43 years young. I’ve been smoking for half of my life. I live with a wonderful “NON-NAGGING” NON SMOKER who has gently encouraged me in my MANY struggles to quit. She never asked me to I WANTED to. I have tried gum, patches, arricular therapy ( which worked well for a while)

    V2 ecigs are a miraculous dream come true!! The flavors offered are wonderful. I have my preferences but try a sampler pack & choose your own. Upon receiving my starter kit I haven’t had a craving for a REAL cig since! I love being able to puff anywhere I darn well please!!

    A few days into this I wondered if it was all “just in my head”, so I mooched a smoke from a coworker & darn near HURLED!!! :)

    V2’s customer service gets an A+++ rating, as I noticed one of my batteries didn’t last as long as the other & wasn’t as strong when fully charged. They sent a replacement immediately without so much as a struggle. So I am proof they stand behind their lifetime guarantee.

    I also like the fact that you can “step down” the strength of your cartridges without sacrificing feel or flavor.
    What other company offers or shows you a way to eventually GET OFF their product?? These guys are TOP SHELF in my book.

    TO summarize, THANK YOU V2 CIGS!! My lungs, wife, & family all thank you too!!

    SINCERELY!~!! Jeff D.

  22. I’ve tried using other e-cigs, but so far nothing has been as effective as V2. V2 has helped me stop smoking regular cigs. The amount of vapor, as well as the throat hit.

  23. I’m always of the opinion that if things are probably too good to be true they usually are. Having read the reviews on this site I was honestly expecting them to be more hype than anything. Although they don’t live up to the heighten expectations you’ll probably get from other reviews, V2 are an excellent e-cigarette. You get the feeling they are one of the bigger names just by the packaging and the build quality of their kit. In my opinion they don’t replace normal cigarettes, nothing currently available can. However they are helping me control my habit and I’m slowly reducing the number of cigarettes and feeling positive moving forward. Recommended.

  24. Excellent, although I had a few issues with battery life thanks to a faulty charger. This was replaced quickly and they’ve been great since.

  25. V2 Cigs is the best e cig for the money.

  26. My husband and I love the V2!! I was a closet smoker and mainly smoked at home after work, but we were creaping up to a pack a day just in the evening time. I was curious about the ecig and my husband tried a gas station ecig and didn’t like it. For some reason the last pack of real cigs we had just didn’t taste right so I bought a disposable v2 at a local tabacco shop and really liked it. I ordered my kit and after a few weeks my husband and I were sharing it. We now have our own kits and my husband is only smoking a real cig on occasion when he has a beer. Our kids are so excited that we quit and proceed to tell everyone how we can smoke in the car and house with them and they can’t even tell. I recently smoked a real cig while out at a bar and quickly realized that I didn’t miss it at all!! Loving our v2!!

  27. I purchased a different brand ecig first and had many issues with the cartridges, the battery would heat up so much that you couldn’t hold it, the charger pack didn’t charge properly and the vapor consistency varied with each hit. So I went on the Internet and did some research and decided on the V2 because of the easy to use screw-on cartridges and the flavour selection. I’ve had my V2 for a year now and it’s still working perfectly. The V2 delivers a nice consistency of vapor to each hit, long battery life and a convenient travel charging case. I definitely recommend the V2! :)

  28. I was a very happy v2 user. My last two shipments of cartridges have not worked well at all. They said no just keep count and we will replace those the next time you order. The quality has gone downhill!

  29. So I’m on Day 7 with my V2 and so far, so good. I smoked for about 18 years heavy… like at least a pack a day, but sometimes a lot more. I drive a truck and so all I do is drive and smoke most of the time. After my third day, I quit using my analog cigarettes and just used the V2. I keep varying the flavors cause I want to try them all. So far, coffee is my favorite, but the vanilla was pretty good too. The 18 mg strength is just right for me. I love that my truck doesn’t smell like smoke anymore. Everytime I pull into a truck stop, I feel like a walking infomercial cause I keep recommending them to everyone I see… seriously, I love them!

  30. V2 is the best e-cig! You have more flavors to choose from and you can talk to a real live person when you call their customer service number. I like that they have adapters so you can use the ecig battery you already have instead of buying a new one when you want to try their flavors. TOP NOTCH COMPANY! I highly recommend them.

  31. ok so far, took me a while to find the right strength (go lower than you think you’ll need)

  32. I could write a book about how to quit smoking. Or actually about how to NOT quit smoking. I tried it all. The last straw was when my doctor put me on Chantix. That stuff was horrible. I got so nauseous that I couldn’t even go to work. My boss got aggravated when I called in sick on the third day and he told me about V2 Cigs. His brother uses them and he told me to read about them and get back to work in the morning. (Gotta love bosses, huh?) Surprisingly, he was right about V2. After I read a bunch of reviews, I ordered my kit and threw the Chantix down the disposal. It only took a week to completely switch off of regular cigarettes to smoking only the V2. I really like the Congress flavor. It’s a little bit sweet and just has a good full taste. V2 shipped my order out really fast and it took a little less than a week to get to my house. I do think they should work on their chargers. Mine died after three weeks and another guy I know said his didn’t work at all when it arrived. V2 was really nice about it though. They sent me a replacement charger right away and it has worked fine. I don’t usually write reviews, but after everything I went through trying to quit smoking, I just wanted to encourage other smokers to try V2. It really works and I’m proof.

  33. Got my V2 in the mail about a month ago. It’s been a little hard to get used to, but I really like it. I’ve been trying to quit smoking for about 8 years and I finally threw out my last pack of cigarettes two weeks ago. So I would say the V2 definitely works. I am going to try some of the other flavors when I order my next set of cartridges. I feel confident I can stick with V2 and be happy for the long haul.

  34. When I first looked at V2, the price was an issue for me. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on the starter kit. I held off for a couple of weeks and kept debating… but eventually I just bit the bullet and ordered the V2 kit online. You really do get a lot for your money and I figured it would be an investment if I saved money in the long run. I got the basic kit and it had 10 cartridges, so it was supposed to last me as long as 10 packs of cigarettes. I would say that is about right. I might have used them a little quicker than that, but it’s a close estimate. I tried the Reds flavor first because I am a Marlboro guy and read a review that said it was a close match. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t feel like it was all that similar. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t what I was used to. So then I tried the Coffee and I really love it. That is definitely my flavor of choice now. Overall, two thumbs up for the V2 Cigs. I’m glad I ordered the kit.

  35. V2 is better than I ever really hoped for. Ordering my kit was easy from start to finish. I ordered in January and my kit arrived quickly. It was packaged nicely and everything was there that I had ordered. Since I got my V2 kit, I haven’t had a single tobacco cigarette. I was surprised at how easy it was. I think having the flavor options really helped. I didn’t want my boring old cigarettes when I could have my new “toy” and try the new flavors. I like all of the flavors and haven’t really found any of them that I wouldn’t recommend. I’m still figuring out which is my favorite. I’m already saving money and it seems like one cart is lasting me about the same as a pack of cigarettes did. I love V2. Definitely try it!

  36. I ordered my V2 kit 2 months ago and first of all, let me just tell you that their customer service was really grate. They answered all my questions and I had a lot of them. I’m 55 and I’ve spent the last 15 years trying to quit smoking and nothing worked. I tried the gum, the patches, the pills, I did it all. I am so glad I found V2! Within a week, I had quit my Marlboro habit completely. This was the best thing I ever did for my health. I don’t wheeze at night anymore and I just feel better since I switched to V2.

  37. I can’t say enough V2. I’ve been really happy with it from the start. If you like menthol, I definitely recommend them. I tried a bunch of other brands trying to find a menthol that tasted right and V2 is the only one I’ve found that really hit the mark on that front. I like their Menthol and Peppermint and I switch them up from time to time when I need a change. It’s a good investment and I’m glad I ordered.

  38. I did a ton of research before I ordered my first kit and I was still super nervous when my V 2 traveler kit finally arrived. I was actually really shocked when I first started using it. I am really happy with it! It DOES feel similar to smoking my regular cigarettes, but I’m saving a ton of money by using V 2 cartridges instead of paying so much for my old brand of cigarettes. After a couple weeks, I quit using tobacco cigs altogether and now I’m an e-cig girl all the way. I’ve actually recruited a couple of my friends who smoke to try it and now we order the custom flavor option and split the cost between us. So yeah, V 2 rocks! Try it!

  39. Love this kit! It was actually easy to stop using my old cigarettes once I took a drag on the V2. The cost was pretty reasonable and the batteries last long enough to be convenient. It seems like the battery lasted about as long as one cartridge. My only complaint is that I had to deal with a backorder on cartridges to get the Menthol flavor I like. However, I did get them eventually and now I know better and order a bigger pack way ahead of time. Overall, V2 is great and I recommend it to anyone.

  40. V2 are really good, I would recommend them to first time e-smokers, because as one of the big brands they have a good reliable kit. The cartridge price is really reasonable which has saved me loads compared to other e-cigs, let alone compared to the massive saving of smoking cigarettes full stop.

  41. I was a bit apprehensive about buying from v2 because their web site was complex, but after reading reviews on other sites, it was certainly worth the time researching them. Everyone is as seems to be impressed as I am now.

  42. Had my v2 cigs for about 8 months now and I’ve now had 3 real cigarettes in as many months. Their spare parts are actually affordable, as when I was researching I found that some companies tried to catch you out and over charge for these. You need a spare battery with you at all times so you’re not tempted to buy a pack of smokes! Love them!

  43. V2 cigs was the 3rd e-cigarette brand I tried and it’s by far been the best. The battery is solid and long lasting and the standard cartridges actually taste and smoke really well. Their customer service is great too. One of my delivery of cartridges never showed, and although it turns out it was the carriers fault, they sent out some more to me and I received them a day after I emailed them! Certainly can’t complain, so would recommend to everyone who wants to try e-smoking.

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