V2 Cigs Teams Up With National Tobacco Company In New Partnership V2 Cigs Teams Up With National Tobacco Company In New Partnership

V2 Cigs is currently the top-ranked e-cig company according to consumer reviews, but the V2 empire is set to expand in 2013 as V2 teams up with National Tobacco Company to form a new partnership. V2 Cigs announced the partnership on April 22, 2013. National Tobacco Company is already a powerhouse with big name products like Zig-Zag® and Beech-Nut®, but by partnering with V2 Cigs, they will expand even further in the retail industry.
As V2 and NTC begin this new era of working together, V2 Cigs plans to launch a new line of electronic cigarettes that will be available in retail stores around the United States. The new line includes a brand new disposable V2 Cig with an all new design. According to Dan Recio, President of Business Development for V2, the new disposable is designed with a softer, pliable form to better resemble a traditional cigarette. The new products will be available to view in Las Vegas at the 2013 NATO Show.

The new V2 line will include disposable electronic cigarettes, express kits, and cartomizers. All of these new products will be available at retail chains through the partnership with National Tobacco Company. The new disposable model has created a lot of anticipation as it is expected to be the best disposable e-cig yet. In focus group testing, the new V2 disposable ranked above all competitor brands. The new economical disposable will provide more superior vapor and battery performance, offering more than 400 puffs, lasting as long as 1.5 to 2 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

National Tobacco Company currently sells its products in more than 150,000 locations throughout the United States, but that is expected to grow by 30,000 more locations this year. This will be a huge step forward for V2 Cigs, which formerly relied heavily on Internet sales with products only available in a few select retail chains.

Over a million customers in the United States rely on V2 Cigs for their e-cig merchandise and the new partnership with NTC will be a huge benefit for existing customers and new customers alike. Consumers will no longer have to place orders online and wait for their shipments to arrive. Instead, they can visit one of the thousands of retail locations and buy the products they need right in their communities.

V2 Cigs plans to unveil a new store locator feature on their website in the near future. This will allow customers to find the nearest retail location where they can buy their favorite V2 products. With a growing consumer reach, V2 will also launch a new marketing campaign with plans to begin television and radio advertising. They will also offer product testing and coupons at various promotional events. Coupons for V2 products will be available through newspaper inserts, direct mailings, and the Internet.

V2 Cigs has already dominated the electronic cigarette industry online, but with the new partnership with National Tobacco Company, they are expected to continue growing with rapid expansion thanks to the new products, new advertising plans, and thousands of new retail locations.

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