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Vapage Review

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  • Starter Kit Range: $29.99 - $99.99
  • Cartridges Cost: $2.99
  • Cartridge Life: 200
  • Battery Life: 250 Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB & Car
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I’ve been hearing a lot about Vapage e-cigarettes lately so I decided to grab a starter kit and see what all the hype was about. After trying all of the flavors and a variety of nicotine strengths, here is my Vapage review…


As soon as I opened up the box, I was excited to try Vapage. The packaging was really professional and the metal case had a really unique, cool design. The kit had a QR code so you can conveniently get to the Vapage website if you have questions, but everything was well organized and the e-cig was easy to assemble. The user manual was also impressive with color printing and professional design.

My kit was the Vapage Premium E-Cigarette Kit. It included:

  • 3 batteries (2 white, 1 black)
  • 10 cartridges (5 Classic Tobacco, 5 Red Tobacco)
  • USB charger
  • Wall charger
  • Car adapter
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Registration Card

I liked that there were both white and black batteries included. I definitely liked the black battery design best because of the glowing blue tip. The white battery looked more like a regular cigarette with the orange/red tip.


I tried both kinds of cartridges included in my starter kit, plus I made sure to get cartridges in the other flavors too so I could try them all. The cartridges in my kit were gray and I didn’t really like the overall design. The gray color didn’t look too good with the black battery in particular. It just looked a little cheap overall. The other flavor cartridges were tan colored and they looked much nicer.

First up was the Classic Tobacco 18 mg. Immediately, I noticed that it had an easy draw, but it did need to be primed to get good vapor. You also need to really know the proper way to use an electronic cigarette to get the full benefit of Vapage. If you try to inhale like a regular cigarette, the vapor isn’t that consistent so that could really hold some new vapers back from using Vapage.

In order to make your Vapage e-cigarette work best, you need to take a slower draw while expanding your cheeks rather than just sucking in. Once I got the hang of it, the Classic Tobacco had a pretty good amount of vapor and a strong throat hit. It would be comparable to Premium or V2 Cigs. Unfortunately, I didn’t think it had a great flavor. In fact, it didn’t have much flavor at all! It tasted like an ultra light cigarette or one of the Korean cigarettes with charcoal filters.

When I moved on to the Red Tobacco 18mg cartridge, I was expecting a Marlboro Red flavor. This was also a disappointment because it was much different. The Vapage Red Tobacco flavor has a sweet component to it. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting based on the name.

Next, I tried the Blue Frost 24 mg cartridge, which is Vapage’s version of menthol. This one had a really strong throat hit that heavy smokers would love. For me, it was a little too strong, but that is just personal preference. The Blue Frost was actually one of the best menthol e-cig flavors I’ve ever tried. It was sweet and minty like Marlboro Menthols. Vapor production was decent, but not as strong as the tobacco flavors. Of course, most menthol cartridges have less vapor no matter what brand you use because the flavoring impacts vapor production.

My next cartridge was Coffee 8 mg. I’m not a coffee fan so I didn’t love this one, but I thought overall it did taste exactly like coffee. This one had a little less vapor than the Blue Frost and a much slighter throat hit because of the low nicotine level.

Pina Colada 24mg was next up. There are a lot of brands that have these fruity flavors, but they are rarely what you expect and usually a little disappointing. Vapage turned out to be the exception. I could smell the pineapple as soon as I opened the pack. It was sweet and summery and while it wasn’t exactly like a real pina colada, it was close enough. This cartridge would be perfect if you were vaping while you had a mixed drink. Yum!

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  • $29.99

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  • $99.99

In terms of vapor, Pina Colada ranked high. There was plenty of vapor, but the throat hit wasn’t overpowering. I thought that was actually pretty nice because some vapers (like myself) enjoy the higher nicotine strengths without a super strong throat hit.

My last Vapage e-cigarette cartridge was a Cherry 24mg. This one was a really nice surprise! Instead of the typical e-cig cherry flavor, the Vapage cherry tastes kind of like a jolly rancher. It left a good aftertaste and I really enjoyed it! Most of the time, Cherry cartridges have weaker vapor production, but not with Vapage. This cherry cartridge had full, thick vapor and it actually was a little more than the vapor from the pina colada. If you have been looking for a cherry flavored e-cig with heavier vapor production, Vapage is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Vapage is a really solid electronic cigarette that ranks somewhere in the middle of the road in my brand comparisons. It might be a little above average, but it’s definitely not perfect.

There were two major drawbacks that I noted while trying Vapage. First was the price. At $99.99, I would expect a little more from this kit. Similar e-cig brands offer comparable products at a lower price so that is definitely worth some thought. I would say this kit would be more appropriately priced at around $60. The second drawback is that new vapers might not know how to use Vapage correctly. It takes a little practice to really nail down the correct technique to get the most from this e-cig so it’s not a great choice for people who are new to e-cigs.

Overall, Vapage has a great assortment of enjoyable flavors and nicotine strengths. I really loved the Cherry and Pina Colada cartridges and in the end, I was pretty satisfied with my Vapage e-cig.


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