Five Tricks To Bring Your Vaping To The Next Level Five Tricks To Bring Your Vaping To The Next Level

This how-to vape tricks guide is designed to ensure you know everything you need to know about vape tricks for beginners.

As long as people have been smoking, they’ve been trying to impress each other with smoke tricks. As the vaping industry has grown, it has become apparent to many that vaping gives you even more freedom and flexibility to perform classic tricks and create new ones that previously weren’t possible. These vape tricks can be enthralling with their intricacies, pushing the boundaries of what can be done. It is not uncommon to find people practicing their skills in your local vape shop, these vape trick artists are known as cloud chasers.

Cloud chasers can test their skill against each other in vape trick competitions, often found at local shops. As the cream rises, the best vapers can compete at expos and fairs, gain sponsors, or even compete professionally. But making it that far in the world of cloud chasing requires passion and discipline.

Here we have a guide to help those interested in entering the world of vape tricks, whether you are looking to work your way up the competitive rings, or just impress your friends while you’re hanging out. We will go in depth on how to do vape tricks. In fact, we’ve got a selection of both simple, and advanced tricks. Then we will go over some other information to help you step your vape trick game to a whole new level. If you dedicate enough practice and effort to learning the ways of cloud chasing you may find yourself at the top in no time.

Beginner Tricks

Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale is a fairly simple trick, but to do it with finesse can be challenging and take some practice. Some people feel that the ghost inhale is merely a subset of the French inhale, which we will go over later, but there are enough distinguishing factors that most agree they should be considered separate entities.

The process of a ghost inhale is to release a puff of smoke, and rapidly inhale it again. This is performed by taking a big hit and letting it sit in your mouth for a second. Then you force the vapor out of your mouth in a single burst, as quickly as possible. Finally, you collect the vapor again by inhaling and moving your mouth towards the cloud until it is all collected.

Vape Rings

We’ve all seen this move before across TV and film screens. Indeed, the smoke ring is one of the most popular tricks practiced around the world. What seems like a relatively simple skill, once again, requires a lot of practice to perfect. Once mastered this quickly becomes the basis for many more tricks and variations, so it is an important one to get down pat.

In vaping creating a ring is accomplished exactly the same way as the classic smoking trick. You start with a deep pull from your device, holding the vapor in the back of your throat. Hold your tongue on the bottom of your mouth slightly back from its normal positioning. Then you proceed by making your lips into an O shape. Then you force a short burst of vapor from your throat. It helps to visualize this as stopping yourself mid-cough. If done correctly, the result is a small puff of air in the shape of an O.

One of the more simple variations on a smoke ring is size. To make your smoke rings larger or smaller, you just change the size of the O your lips are forming. Once you’re more comfortable with smoke rings, you can also practice some more advanced variations. Some of the most popular are doubling and spamming. To double your smoke rings, you perform the trick as usual, but then put a single finger across the opening of your mouth. This splits what would have been one single ring into two. The other common variation is spamming. To do this you tap the side of your throat repeatedly instead of exhaling the vapor. This helps you produce rings in rapid fire. You can use one, two, or all of these variations to quickly fill a room with a variety of different types of vape rings.

French Inhale

The French Inhale is another trick you’ll have seen in the media, it also originated with smoking. As Mentioned earlier the French inhale, and the ghost inhale have similar skill sets. They are also both deceptively simple. There are several differences between the two tricks. The most obvious being that with a ghost you re-inhale the vapor through the mouth, with a French inhale you re-inhale through the nostrils.

To accomplish the French inhale you first take a hit and let it settle in your mouth. Then you part your lips and extend your lower jaw. You do not exhale, but rather let the vapor rise out of your open mouth. While that is happening you simultaneously inhale through the nostrils.

This trick can take a lot of practice in front of a mirror to really perfect. Once you do it perfectly, you can try a few variations. The most popular of these variations is the Bane. To do this, you hold your teeth together while you perform the french inhale. This causes the vapor to split into multiple streams before you inhale them.

Advanced Tricks

Now that you’ve mastered the more basic moves you can move onto advanced vape tricks. These tricks require a bit more practice, but the results can be mesmerizing. Expert cloud chasers refine so many of these moves they are capable of putting on entire shows by themselves. Many advanced tricks can get intricate and complicated. To start you off we selected two of the more common skills, the jellyfish vape trick and the vape tornado.

The Jellyfish

Also known as the atomic bomb or the forcefield, this move is most commonly known as the jellyfish. It’s a visually stunning trick that will easily impress. To accomplish this move, you first have to master the vape ring, both large and small. How the jellyfish works is by having two vape smoke rings pass through each other. The smaller ring will pass through the larger one, and when done correctly it resembles the shape of a jellyfish.

You start by blowing the larger ring. Once blown immediately place your palm behind it, this slows down the movement. Then you blow a second, smaller ring through the center of the first. When done correctly the rings combine with the smaller wrapping around the larger and leaving a tentacle-like trail as they move. Some vapers leave the trick hanging, possibly repeating the trick to fill the room with a school of jellyfish. Others prefer to ghost inhale the jellyfish when the move is complete as a tidy finisher.

The Vape Tornado

The vape tornado has gotten very popular among tricksters. As you may be able to guess from the name, the goal is to create a tornado-like cyclone with your vapor. It can take a while to get the motions correct, but once you learn it this trick is reasonably straightforward.

You begin by taking a long pull from your device. Then on a table or some other flat surface, you exhale as slowly as possible. Doing this slowly is important because it keeps your vapor thick so your tornado will be visible. You also want to be sure not to disrupt the vapor in any way while it pools on the surface. Then you place the side of your hand on the table in the vapor. You move it forward and then upwards is a sort of scooping motion. When done properly this brings the vapor up and sets it in a cyclone motion.

The Best Trick Vaporizers

When getting into tricks, you may want or need to upgrade your device. The most significant factors to keep in mind for cloud production are the power supply, output, as well as airflow. Each individual needs to try things out to find what the perfect balance means to them. While it takes some effort finding that perfect fit is well worth it, especially in regards to performing tricks.

While the needs of each individual may differ, there are some more general things that lend well to easy vape tricks. More often than not you will be looking at a box mod for tricks, and you’ll want something with two or more batteries to help you get the desired power. A lot of the hot shots in vape tricks opt to use unregulated mods, which pair well with RDA’s. It is vital for your safety that if you use an unregulated mod you are well versed in battery care and Ohm’s Law. If you do not feel confident with an unregulated mod then you will probably want to opt for a sub-ohm tank, these relatively new devices are known for producing massive clouds. High-level vape smoke tricks require powerful mods and atomizers, so always make sure your batteries can handle the strain. Opting for a high-quality battery, for example, is a good investment for you and your device.

Coils are something else you’ll want to keep in mind. Make sure the material pairs properly with your type of device. Also, make sure that there is adequate surface area if the coil in contact with the wicking material. This helps to optimize your cloud production.

Best Trick E-Liquids

It is essential to keep in mind that with vape tricks you want to prioritize cloud production over flavor. In line with that, when shopping for liquids, you want to make sure that you have the proper PG/VG blend. You’ll want to opt for a blend with a higher VG level, 70/30 is probably a good fit for practice, but you’ll want to opt for even higher VG to use during competition.

It is also vital for your health and safety that you only use nicotine free e-liquids while practicing and competing. It’s very easy to become ill from taking in too much nicotine, and the amount of vapor you would be ingesting from practice could become dangerous.

Tricks With Cig-A-Likes

While powerful rigs are generally better to use for tricks, there are still some that can be done with a cig-a-like, like a Juul. While you may not be able to accomplish many of the advanced tricks, you can still do many of the simpler tricks, such as the French inhale. You can even find it relatively easy to produce rings with a cig-a-like as your rig of choice. The limit of what you are able to do with a Juul or the similar vape is ultimately tied to how much vapor you are able to gather when pulling.

Top Vape Artists

Manny Urzua

While his following is still burgeoning, Manny Urzua is an up and comer with big talent. Manny has even won the VC Cloud Trick Championship, known as the largest prize in competitive vaping, marking himself as one of the most talented players in the game.

Manny initially started vaping to quit smoking, inspired by the challenge and artistry of vaping tricks. As he tells it, vaping has saved his life, giving him both a passion and a career. Manny has a mastery of vape rings, and his combining and spamming talent really shows. Manny creates a dynamic show anytime he performs.

Titus Edwards

Titus Edwards, known on social media as King Titus, does have a following. His following is 242k strong in fact. He’s been vaping since 2015, initially to help him quit smoking. A friend showed him a video of cool vape tricks that inspired him and the rest is history. His practice drove him to start his Instagram where he earned a reputation among the vaping community. Sponsors poured in, paying him to use their products. King Titus really shines when performing his impressive splits and merges.

Japan Trick Factory

The only group on our list his team, Japan’s #1 vaping tricks team, is impressive, to say the least. Their Instagram videos show off a remarkable skill set along with a fantastic array of moves and specialties. They haven’t gained notoriety outside of Japan just yet, but with what they are doing it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world finds them out.

Zach Berge

Berge is one of the founders of the popular VGOD brand and is well known throughout the vaping world. When Zach put his first vape video online, it took less than a week for him to go from 75 followers to 75,000. Since founding VGOD he and his crew have worked hard to make themselves one of the biggest names in vaping. They are active on all the major social media outlets, continually posting insane moves. Berge says he feels fortunate to have had these experiences and is always looking forward for VGODs and for vaping.

Austin Lawrence

One of, if not the most widely known vape trick artists, Austin Lawrence, has earned his reputation through social media as well. Known better as his handle @vAustinL, he can boast 1.9 million followers on Instagram alone. This guy is constantly posting videos of amazing tricks all over social media. Even Drake is a follower, and a while back sought out private lessons from Austin.

At 23 years old Austin is co-owner of his vape shop, the setting for many of his videos. He is always showing off the latest gear and liquids available. Austin’s strongest suit is his smoke rings. His variations and specialized tricks are mesmerizing and a significant step above what even other top vapers are capable of achieving. If you are looking for top of the line, @vAustinL is there.


As a final shot of motivation for you on your journey to insane tricks, we present a few fantastic compilation videos that show off what it looks like when putting on a show.


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