Vaping Vamps Coupons

Vaping Vamps Coupons

$5 Off Any Starter Kit

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$10 off a VV Deluxe Kit

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Electronic cigarettes are increasingly popular among women. As more and more ladies get involved in the vaping craze, a handful of companies have created products that cater specifically to the female audience. Vaping Vamps is one of those brands. When you choose Vaping Vamps, you enjoy a great functional e-cig that is perfect for the everyday woman. It is not overly flashy and it’s also not as expensive as some competitor brands. However, the quality is good and these e-cigs will be satisfying to any woman that is interested in trading her old tobacco habit for some new e-cigarettes. Now you can enjoy lower prices on your Vaping Vamps orders with our exclusive coupon codes.

We really love Vaping Vamps because they really put in the time and research necessary to create quality products. Before these e-cigs were ever created, the Vaping Vamps team worked with women in focus groups to find out what they most wanted from e-cigarettes. As a result, they have a simple 510-style e-cig with five delicious flavor options. The starter kits are affordable and come equipped with all the gear women need to start vaping.

With Vaping Vamps, you enjoy good dense vapor and a satisfying throat hit. The best part is the lightweight design that is going to be more comfortable for the female smoker as opposed to more clunky e-cigs designed with men in mind. We also love that they offer a Tri-Level starter kit where you can try various nicotine strengths to see which is best for you.

Grab your coupon code below and give Vaping Vamps a try today! We are confident that you will enjoy this simple, stylish e-cigarette perfect for any woman that wants to give vaping a try.


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