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I think this product is amazing! It help me get away from using cigarettes and kept me smelling good. As a woman, I prefer to support other … 3.335 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews

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"I think this product is amazing! It help me get away from using cigarettes and kept me smelling good. As a woman, I prefer to support other women when it comes to purchasing produc…”
Key Facts
  • Starter Kit Range: $34.95 - $59.95
  • Cartridges Cost: $1.99
  • Cartridge Life: 300 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 200 Puffs
  • Charger Options: USB, Wall & Car
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Surprisingly, there are still very few electronic cigarette companies primarily for women. We were one of the first websites to review Vapor Couture – V2’s sister e-cig company just for women. While Vapor Couture caters to women very well by emulating high fashion icons such as Louis Vuitton and Coach, it may not fit every woman’s desires. Enter Vaping Vamps. Vaping Vamps electronic cigarettes are for the everyday woman. They are subtle yet elegant. Rather than flashiness, Vaping Vamps focuses on two (in my opinion) far more important areas – function and flavor.

Vaping Vamps developed its product line with a lot of care and planning. They held many female focus groups to determine the ecig model and flavors that most women would prefer. The end product was an all-black 510 style e-cig and five delicious flavors.

The main starter kit sold by Vaping Vamps is the Deluxe Kit. It comes with two rechargeable batteries, five cartomizers, one USB charger, one wall charger and a manual. This is all packaged and presented in a very nice black and purple gift box. As mentioned earlier, the Vaping Vamps e-cig is based on the classic 510 model which is well known for high vapor production and a warmer, stronger throat hit. It also brings out flavors that may not be as noticeable in smaller e-cigs. Unfortunately the battery life is subpar so be sure to always have one battery on the charger.

A common question among first-time e-cig buyers is “Which nicotine level should I choose?” While we often give suggestions based on our readers’ smoking habits, there really isn’t an easy answer for this. Vaping Vamps is the first company we’ve found that really addresses this problem. They offer a version of their starter kit, called the Tri-Level Starter Kit, which includes two high, two medium and one low nicotine strength cartomizers.

For under $35, you can purchase Vaping Vamps’ Try Me Kit which includes one battery, two cartomizers and a USB charger. It is a nice introduction to ecigs or the perfect kit for the very occasional smoker.

Additionally, for women who want the feel of a cigarette without any nicotine, Vaping Vamps offers the Vampstick. We’re a little confused by this model as both the Deluxe and Try Me Kits already have the option of zero nicotine. This leads us to our biggest gripe with Vaping Vamps.

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  • starter

  • Try Me Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 1
  • 2
  • no
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • $24.95

  • standard

  • Deluxe Starter Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 5
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • $49.95

Vaping Vamps’ website is a nightmare to navigate. It took me almost five minutes to finally find the page for the normal Try Me Kit. There is no clear direction or easy way to find or compare each starter kit. We also noticed some broken images and buttons while surfing the site. The whole experience left me more confused than everything.

Luckily their flavors earn some points back. The work and research put into the flavors of their cartomizers shows. While none of the options blew my socks off, I could happily puff away on any of them for days. Each flavor has an appealing organic taste with my favorite being Caramella. The other four flavors are Caroline (tobacco), Mint Julie, Tia Berry and Mango Lola.

Vaping Vamps is a powerful little e-cig with some nice flavor options. Battery life suffers but the result is a more intense vaping experience. With a re”Vamp” of their website and starter kit options, Vaping Vamps could give Vapor Couture a run for their money.

  1. I think this product is amazing! It help me get away from using cigarettes and kept me smelling good. As a woman, I prefer to support other women when it comes to purchasing products from businesses, so for me it was an obvious choice to go with Vaping Vamps. The vapor production more than meets my needs and I like the flavors a lot!

  2. I think it’s a cool product and great idea, but it lacks anything specifically for women compared to Vapor Couture. It’s a good choice, but my personal preference is Vapor Couture because of the style :-)

  3. I really like the idea of e-cigs for women as most of them have been targeting men overwhelmingly. I would just like to see more flavor options.

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