I get that some women want an attractive ecig, but I just can’t justify the premium prices for basically a different battery color. Even i… 3.845 out of 5 based on 13 user reviews

Vapor Couture Review

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"I get that some women want an attractive ecig, but I just can’t justify the premium prices for basically a different battery color. Even if this ecig is great with performance, i…”
Key Facts
  • Starter Kit Range: $79.95 - $149.95
  • Cartridges Cost: $2.59
  • Cartridge Life: 150 - 220 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 300+ Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB, Car & PCP
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Alright ladies, this review is for you! Are you sick and tired of e-cigarettes that are designed for men? If so, then Vapor Couture is going to be the perfect choice for you. When you think couture, you probably do not think in terms of electronic cigarettes, but that is exactly what Vapor Couture is—a cigarette with style. These e-cigarettes were designed specifically to appeal to ladies with an eye for fashion. You will love the ultra thin jewel-tipped rechargeable batteries with finishes that look like they just came off the stages of fashion week.

Vapor Couture uses the most powerful technology of V2 Cigs—the leading electronic cigarette manufacturer in the world. And in addition to the hot colors and finishes, the cartridges for these e-cigarettes are color coordinated to match their batteries. There are also many tasty flavors to choose from so you get the best look and the best vape all at the same time.

As if all this glitz and glamour was not enough to entice any woman to vape a Vapor Couture electronic cigarette, you will also like the slimmer style that makes this unit feel more natural in your hand. The Vapor Couture cartridges are available in four unique flavors and each one is characterized by a unique female caricature.

Your flavor choices include fresh mint, passion fruit, bombshell, and rodeo drive. You can choose any flavor in both light or full strength nicotine levels. You can also choose the color of your cartridges to coordinate with your batteries. Color choices include the white signature logo pattern, rose gold, platinum, or deep purple. They are all feminine and quite beautiful!

Here is a run down of the newest and most popular electronic cigarette starter kits from Vapor Couture.

L’essentiel Starter Kit

If you want a basic starter kit that is both feminine and versatile, this is the kit for you. At only $64.95, it’s a total bargain! You get 2 batteries in your choice of colors, 10 cartridges, the charger pack, and a user manual. The batteries come in Deep Purple, Rose Gold, Brushed Platinum, and the well loved Signature Logo design. My favorite is the Deep Purple because purple is my favorite color.

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  • starter

  • Essentials Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 10
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • $55.20

  • standard

  • Deluxe Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 10
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • yes
  • no
  • $84.95

  • highend

  • Maximale Kit
  • Cartomizer
  • 3
  • 20
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • $199.95

Passeport Starter Kit

If you are looking for more than just the basics, try the Passeport Kit. Inside, you get two batteries, ten cartridges, a charging kit, the auto adapter, a portable charging case, the stainless steel fluted charm necklacke, and a user manual.

Both of Vapor Couture’s starter kits offer great performance and satisfying vapor. The throat hit is perfectly balanced and gentle. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s definitely noticeable.

My Favorite Vapor Couture Accessories

Vapor Couture recently unveiled an entire new line up of accessories and they have some fabulous options! The Smartphone Clutch is my absolute favorite. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and a wristlet strap so you can carry it day or night. You can pick from four colors: plum, black, white, and crimson. Plum was my choice and it is beautiful. It has a grey leather interior and a zippered compartment to hold your extra cartridges and batteries. There is also room to store your smartphone, credit cards, and a lip balm.

I also have a metal carrying case from Vapor Couture in the Deep Purple color. It is very sleek and small and I love to store my batteries and cartridges in it when I’m headed out to work or going shopping. It slides right in my purse and I can grab it out to quickly access my vaping supplies whenever I need them. You can get the carrying case in Brushed Platinum, Rose Gold, or Deep Purple.

They also offer a portable charging case, which comes as pat of the Passeport Kit or you can buy it separately. The case holds a battery and two cartridges and you can recharge your battery six times before you need to plug in the case. It comes in the same color options as the metal carrying case, but gives you the option to charge your e-cigs on the run, a huge perk for busy girls!

The final e-cig accessory option from Vapor Couture is the sterling silver necklace. It can be worn as a wrap bracelet or a necklace and the fluted charm attaches to your e-cigarette battery tip. It’s kind of like a very sophisticated alternative to a lanyard, but it’s pretty enough to wear as an everyday piece of jewelry.

Overall, Vapor Couture is making huge strides in designing a line of products that is perfect for women. With beautiful feminine designs and plenty of customization options, you simply can’t go wrong with Vapor Couture.


  1. I get that some women want an attractive ecig, but I just can’t justify the premium prices for basically a different battery color. Even if this ecig is great with performance, it seems silly to pay more just to have a pink battery or a jeweled tip. I want big vapor and don’t care so much about if it’s pretty. This isn’t a beauty pageant, we’re talking about vapes so I just don’t get the appeal personally.

  2. Finally a pretty electronic cigarette! It doesn’t feel awkward or clumsy and it actually gives you a good bit of smoke unlike some of the crappy disposables I bought before. I like the minty flavor I got with my starter kit and I don’t feel embarrassed when I use it in public because it looks kind of glamorous!

  3. I really love Vapor Couture because they have pretty designs. Most ecigs look like they are made for men and I like to keep it classy. I think these have an Audrey Hepburn flair to them with the jeweled tips and pretty colors. I have been using Vapor Couture for awhile now and I plan to stick with this brand for good. Totally satisfied!

  4. Vapor Couture definitely caught my eye when I was on the market for my first e-cig. What really drew me to them is that they really put a lot of thought into their kits and the design of everything within it. I was very impressed with the battery styles that they offer. Instead of making them look like a traditional cigarette, they come in great colors that would appeal to pretty much anyone. I also love the little gem at the end, instead of a little light that lights up like I’ve seen from some other brands. The cartridges are just as stylish as the batteries, and attach extremely easy. They work great too! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a little extra color and style from their e-cig.

  5. Overall, I was really impressed with Vapor Couture. They’re e-cig batteries are beautiful and work really well. I’m able to exhale a large cloud of smoke, which was something I didn’t really expect at first. The flavors of their cartridges are also great, my favorites are the Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champagne flavors.

  6. I really loved the Vapor Couture battery colors and the taste of their cartridges, but I wasn’t really impressed with the Smartphone Clutch I purchased. It looks great on the website, but in person it definitely was not what I was expecting. It’s fairly large and not really stylish in my opinion and it definitely does not have enough room for all of my stuff. Maybe if the pocket dedicated to e-cigs was changed, I would like it more. I definitely didn’t think it was worth the $60. I normally stick to big purses so that was one reason why it didn’t really appeal to me. Maybe someone with a different taste preference would like it more than I did.

  7. I just got my Vapor Couture Passeport Kit in the mail. The first thing that really caught my eye was how well-made everything was. I got the batteries in deep purple and brushed platinum and they are beautiful!! I almost want to order another in rose gold just so I can have them all. I was also really impressed with the portable charging case. It’s SUPER durable and it not only looks great, but completely protects my batteries while charging them at the same time! I never have to worry about finding a USB port or a wall outlet while I’m at work, the case charges everything for me. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a beautiful e-cig that really works and comes with great accessories to keep you vaping all day long.

  8. I purchased the L’essentiel Kit from Vapor Couture. On first glance, I was really impressed with the packaging and style of their products. It’s presented very classy and upscale. The e-cig itself works well, it keeps me off traditional cigarettes with no problems. The batteries are also an attractive color. The one thing I wish was that they had more detailed descriptions of what each cartridge tasted like, some are a little vague. I also wish they had more flavors to choose from, but the flavors I chose (Rodeo Drive and Bombshell) tasted very good.

  9. I’m not usually the kind of gal to spend a bit extra money just to get something a bit more stylish. Although I feel in love with a Vapor Couture as soon as I saw it and finally talked myself into buying it for myself. I wasn’t disappointed and there is certainly some substance behind the style! Very happy!

  10. OK first, I like Vapor Couture. They taste good, work well and the ecigs alone are very stylish. Unfortunately one of my batteries arrived dead but that was taken care of promptly. My big gripe with this brand is that they don’t really live up to the name. Women like to splurge on fashionable things. Yes the ecigs look pretty but the included handbag/purse was quite poorly made and mass produced. I would personally pay an extra $100 for a beautiful and well-constructed purse to hold my ecigs and other belongings securely. Come on Vapor Couture – you’re in the right place to be the Louis Vuitton of ecigs! Maybe their afraid to make the investment but I promise there’s a big market of us that would snatch these things up right away.

  11. I’ve had my Vapor Corture kit for a week now and I have to say, I’m truly impressed. At first I wasn’t sure how it would work and if I would like the flavors. This kit just plain has it all. The batteries are gorgeous and they’re quick and easy to recharge. I won’t be embarrassed to take these anywhere. It’s truly a stylish and quality product. The case is perfect for carrying both batteries, the charger and several refills. The cartriges are really long lasting (a lot longer than the refillable ones we have tried). The bombshell flavor is my favorite one for after meals and with my morning coffee. It’s the closest to a traditional cigarrette that I have tried. I only wish they had more flavors to choose from. There are so many e-cig flavors on the market, if I had more variety, I’d buy more cartriges. Also, where is the men’s version? How about something camouflage for my husband?

  12. I first tried E-cigs, (the literal name) It got me through a particularly long hospital stay with out real cigarettes but I got rid of them right away, the taste was horrible, and the prefilled cartomizers leaked badly. Next I tried 51 duo, which was 150 times better. I actually quit smoking with those but wanted something a lot more attractive that hopefully would also taste better. I read every review that I could get my hands on and decided to order Vapor Couture. I’m very impressed with the flavor, the look, (I love sparkles) and the vapor production, I have not cheated with a real cigarette in 4 weeks! (YAY ME!!!!!) I have already reordered refills for my favorite flavors, and don’t plan on looking into other brands. I have the best so why go anywhere else? Love the V.C.!!!!!

  13. I’ve been an e-smoker for 2 years and can’t believe no one had though sooner of targeting females with their own e-cig. I’m no air-head, but I do like attractive things, especially if it’s something I carry on my person at all times like an e-cigarette. They work great, I’ve heard people saying that they’re nothing more than a V2 Cig with a different paint job… erm like that’s a bad thing? Sure if you’re already using V2 then they might not be worth upgrading to for now, but if you’re in the market for a new kit, that looks great but still is reasonably priced, you can’t look further than VC ladies!

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