White Cloud Fling Disposable Review White Cloud Fling Disposable Review

There are so many things we at CocktailNerd love about White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes. Perhaps their greatest asset is their approach to evolving e-cig technology. Every time I go to their website I’m impressed by a new addition to their store. Let’s take a quick look at some of the innovations that White Cloud has spearheaded.

SmoothDraw Cartridges: Many years ago, White Cloud introduced their SmoothDraw cartridges and boy were they a game changer. These new cartomizers mimicked the drag and feel of traditional cigarettes like none other.

StealthDraw Cartridges: White Cloud created an exclusive starter kit for e-smokers who preferred to go unnoticed. These all-black e-cigs had no LED light and their innovative StealthDraw Cartridges gave the flavor and throathit of normal cartridges but produced almost no visible vapor.

ClearDraw Cartridges: The latest addition to White Cloud’s catalog is the ClearDraw Cartridge. These cartridges are their best yet. They use White Cloud’s SmoothDraw technology but incorporate a clear window along the side that allows you to see exactly how much e-liquid or “E-lixr” is left in your cartridge. To top it off, ClearDraw cartridges are 33% lighter than their previous models and use White Cloud’s RealSoft technology which better resembles the feel of traditional cigarette filters.

Fling Disposable E Cigarettes: White Cloud was the first e-cig brand we know of that offered disposable e-cigs in flavors other than tobacco and menthol. In fact, the White Cloud Fling is available in almost every flavor that their cartridges come in including; Regular, Menthol, Cinnamon, Apache, Bora Bora, Peach Pit, Bad Apple, Vanilla, Strawberry, Kick, Snap, Moscow Mule, Lime & Coconut, Banana, Maple Bacon (sounds gross but it’s so good!), and Espresso. These flavors are also available in a range of nicotine strengths such as light, full, extra and double extra strength.

Most disposable e-cigs from other brands come in plastic display boxes. White Cloud Flings come in completely sealed foil packaging so the freshness is unbeatable. The Fling is also soft so it feels like a traditional cigarette between the lips. While we love the flavors and options for the Fling, we do have one major complaint – its size. While White Cloud’s rechargeable batteries continue to get smaller and smaller while increasing battery life, the Fling is awkwardly big. The plus side of this is that it lasts longer than any other disposable we have used – typically over 500 puffs.

White Cloud offers some of our favorite flavors so to get a good sample and find your personal flavor, order one of their Fling 10-packs for $39.99. Once you’ve found your flavor, come back and buy the recommended Cirrus 3x starter kit using our coupon below!


Katie Bercham - CocktailNerd Editor

Katie actually had a negative first experience of electronic cigarettes, picking up a cheap and horrible model from my local mall. Thanks to a chance meeting with co-editor David, she hasn’t had a tobacco cigarette in over 5 years. She brings a strong female voice to the e-cig community.