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"@ Connie, I've sent your information over to White Cloud for them to call you back.”
Key Facts
  • Starter Kit Range: $49.95 - $199.95
  • Cartridges Cost: $2.75
  • Cartridge Life: 250 - 300 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 400+ Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB & Car
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Since purchasing my first White Cloud starter kit, the company has completely changed. Over the years, I’ve watched as they introduced new models and nearly all of the prices on their site have been reduced tremendously. People used to complain that White Cloud was totally unaffordable, but that’s not the case anymore. For instance, the Cirrus II used to cost $239.95, but now it only costs $49.95. This is very exciting because now everyone should be able to try out these great ecigs.

When it comes to creating a dense cloud of vapor that is full of flavor, White Cloud certainly knows what it is doing. I couldn’t believe how impressive the vapor was. The great thing about the vapor is that the flavored cartridges actually tasted just the way they were supposed to. They use “Smooth Draw Technology” to create huge amounts of vapor without sacrificing the taste of their awesome flavored cartridges.

The White Cloud Cirrus e-cig is their most popular kit and even this has changed heavily over time. We’ve seen three versions of the Cirrus so far and with each update, the batteries get smaller and last longer.

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  • starter

  • Cirrus II
  • Cartomizer
  • 2
  • 5
  • no
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • $39.95

  • standard

  • Cirrus 3
  • Cartomizer
  • 3
  • 5
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • $69.95

  • highend

  • Cirrus 3x
  • Cartomizer
  • 3
  • 5
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • $89.95

The Cirrus 2 is now available for only $49.95 and it includes two batteries, 5 SmoothDraw cartridges, a USB charger, and a manual. You can fully charge these batteries in just 90 minutes and they will last for 280 puffs.

The Cirrus 3 is $69.95 and it includes three batteries, 5 SmoothDraw cartridges, a squid charger (nice!), an AC adapter, and a user manual. This is a small, lightweight e-cig that measures only 3.5 inches fully assembled. It takes 60 minutes to charge and despite the tiny size, it will last for 200 puffs. Pretty impressive, right?

The Cirrus 3X is the newest version of this famous White Cloud e-cigarette. You can get this kit for $89.95 and it includes three batteries, 5 SmoothDraw cartridges, a USB charger, AC adapter, car adapter, and a user manual. The batteries in the Cirrus 3X kit take 120 minutes to charge, but they last and last and last some more. You can expect a fully charged battery to last for 600 puffs!

White Cloud recently introduced a brand new e-cig called the Phantom Kit. This is a sleek black e-cig that won’t be available for long. In fact, they are only releasing 500 kits, each with a numbered membership card so they could really be considered a collector’s item. The Phantom Kit is equipped with the long-lasting Cirrus 3X batteries and you also get a locking display box. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

White Cloud is constantly coming up with crazy new accessories to enhance the vaping experience. I love their Squid Charger, which costs only $29.95. You can plug in three batteries at the same time and it works with all the different versions of the Cirrus kits.

You might also like the ShotGun tips that allow you to vape more than one e-cig at a time. You can use double or triple barrels to get mega clouds of vapor and mix different flavors. If you want to get a little crazy with your vaping this weekend, grab some of the ShotGun tips. You can get a variety pack for under 10 bucks.

So what’s the verdict on White Cloud? This brand has been in my personal Top 10 since the beginning and it’s not leaving anytime soon. If anything, I think they have only gotten better over time. They continue improving their products and reducing their prices so I will be a loyal White Cloud fan for a long time to come.


  1. @ Connie, I’ve sent your information over to White Cloud for them to call you back.

  2. It’s difficult to rate, since I just got my kit. But I really need more info about the flavors! The Espresso is dreadfully harsh and strong! I tried to call, left a number and still have heard nothing! Sadly, I have 3 packs of the Espresso!!! If anyone has advice on milder, and/ or sweeter flavors, I’d appreciate some advice.

  3. James and Geralyn – Sorry to hear that you purchased right after our price drops. Call our customer care hotline so we can assess the problem. We will look up your account, and see what can be done to help you out. 1-800-491-CIGS

    White Cloud Cigarettes

  4. I love white cloud electronic cigarette its my favourite.

  5. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about low prices but I bought A LOT of White Cloud’s products about a year and a half ago because they’re my favorite. Now it seems like everytime I go on their site their prices get lower and lower. I feel a little bamboozled for spending so much with them shorltly before the cut their prices and I also hope that the lower prices don’t result in lower quality.

  6. I was a smoker for 15 years before converting to Ecigs a year ago. I have tried several different brands in an effort to find a quality product. White Cloud has, by far, the highest quality batteries and flavor cartridges that I have tried to date. The starter kits are a little higher priced, but just like everything else, you get what you pay for. The batteries have extended charge time with the 3x giving 600 puffs per charge. The flavor cartridges have amazing vapor production and flavor! White Cloud has also recently added several new exotic cartridge flavors. If you are serious about Ecigs, it is absolutely worth your time to try White Cloud!

  7. I’m annoyed because after I lost my job I couldn’t afford to replace my cirrus battery, so I had to buy a cheaper kit from a local guy. Two weeks later they dropped all their prices but it was too late for me. Although ok my new cig doesn’t come close to my old white cloud

  8. Dear White Cloud
    I would like to start by saying thank you for helping me quit smoking. For years my daughter has begged me to quit smoking. I have tried all the possible way’s available to men (or women)on the market. If there was a way I was there. I tried cold turkey, patch’s hypnosis and even a medical procedure called kicknic. Well it’s obvious to say none of them worked.
    I even tried to quit one Christmas promising both my kids that this was it…After 10 min’s at my house on Christmas day my little girl said daddy it’s ok go get a pack of cigarettes.
    That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I went back to trying everything nothing worked. Then one day (about 3 months ago) I saw your White Cloud Kiosk in Tyrone Mall. I went up and talk with the salesperson to see what this was all about. After explain everything he could I was still a little skeptical to try it out, when up came a women to get a pack of cartridges.
    So I ask her if this system was any good, and she said it was the only thing that seems to work. I thought what have I got to lose right. Well I WOULD HAVE LOST BIG TIME if I would have said no. I have gone from FULL-NICTONE TO NO- NICOTINE ESPPRSO in 3 month’s Using the White Could System My Kids couldn’t be happier and nether could I
    The Komarnitzky’s

  9. I strongly believe that this is the best E Cig out there. I have the V2, Blue and Mistic.

    The Cirrus 3 is my favorite by far. I was a smoker for more than 30 years and White Cloud finally got me off analog Cigs.

  10. I have been a regular user of white cloud products since 12/2011. I tried many other brands which were just ok. I was curious about white cloud when I saw their kiosk at a mall I frequent. After much discussion with the represenitive there, I decided to just go for it. To my amazement this brand of ecig was exactly what I was searching for. The quality, taste, and ease of just stopping by to buy more products was well worth it. Oh, and the extra warranty is worth it also. I had a defect in one battery and they replaced it with no questions, no hassles!

  11. After researching several brands of e-cigs I purchased a White Cloud starter kit about eighteen months ago. My experience has been great! I never regretted paying for a more premium product and probably saved money but not shelling out for lesser brands and then switching over. Their flavors are great(try the Espresso)and come in multiple strengths. The customer service department is top notch and the cartridge pricing, vapor quality and quick shipping all add up to me being a very satisfied customer.

  12. White Cloud’s prices have dropped. White Cloud is the best electronic cigarette money can buy, so I recommend people take advantage of the sales and lower prices going on right now!

  13. Usually I love White Cloud. They sell the best ecigs you can get and their cartrdiges are awesome! But they recently started selling some very strange flavors and I just had to comment. I’m a spicy food enthusiast so I had to try out the Diablo cartridges. It wasn’t fun. I took one puff and immediately began coughing, choking and almost threw up – I wish I could say if found something pleasurable about it but I cant. I could see this being a competition on Man Vs. Food – Smoke a full cartridge in under an hour to win (impossible!). I could also see their new Moscow Mule flavor on Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern. I can’t even describe what it tastes like but I don’t like it. Maybe people in Moscow would??? I give White Cloud props for mixing things up a bit, but please invite me for some taste testing next time you are trying out a new flavor!

  14. My White Cloud E Cigarettes look great, I love the little jackets I can change the look of them when ever I want to match what I’m wearing, that is besides the perfect minty flavor, from the very first time I used it I loved it!! Slightly on the pricey side though!

  15. I love the White Cloud Brand electronic cigarettes because of the amount of vapor that is created from every drag. It feels the most like smoking a real cigarette out of every brand I have tried. My favorite time to use it is in the car on trips when I am bored. It gives me something to do besides eating junk food, and whenever I get to my destination I do not wreak of cigarette smoke. My friends who do not smoke love that I have my e-cig because it means I don’t have to go out side and away from the party but can stay and socialize without giving anyone second hand smoke. I love the different flavors, but espresso and strawberry are my favorite. Delicious! Also, I definitely recommend getting the two year warranty, accidents happen and it is a relief to know that I can have my ecigs replaced free of charge if said accidents happen. Also, White Cloud has the BEST Customer Service around. Great Company, Great Product.

  16. I’ve seen other reviews that call White Cloud the Rolls Royce or Cadillac of e-cigs. Well if this is the case, White Cloud should be helping me land business deals or attracting ladies (maybe it will one day but not yet). It is a very good and strong ecig but at these prices, im not even sure I’m saving money over smoking in the end. Please lower prices.

  17. I never thought I would be able to kick a 20 year pack and 1/2 cigarette habit. Thanks to the ease of use of White Cloud and the great test of their cigarettes, I have been smoke free for 8 months with no desire to pick up a real cigarette. I have a friend who bought one of those cheap brands in the convenience stores. Yes, they are cheap for a reason! She still smokes her Marlboros while I smoke my White Clouds. Some day I hope she will be smart enough to spend the money on White Cloud so she will really be able to quit. I can’t say enough great things about White Cloud. I credit them with me getting my life back.

  18. Their website is very annoying and I always had trouble buying from them. Just because they are twice the price of a normal cigarette doesn’t mean they are 2x as good. Maybe only 1.5x as IMO.

  19. I have the White Cloud Cirrus 2 e-cig. I initially had a hard time justifying paying more for the product, but the quality is evident. The batteries last about 12 hours, and the cartridges are always consistent and reliable. Unlike other brands I’ve tried, the cartridges never leak. I would, however, like to see improvement in the flavors. That is the only area where I feel the competition has the edge.

  20. I tried several brands – White Cloud was the only brand that closely approximated a real cigarette – it draws, tastes, hits the throat, fills the lungs, exhales, and has the same effect as smoking a real cigarette of a brand different than my own. There is a discrepancy on the battery life – this can be traced to which battery the person purchased – White Cloud offers 3 models, only Cirrus 3X has the long battery life. The starting price appears a bit high, but 1. you can get large discount codes searching the internet (current is 30% off kits) 2. you can become an affiliate for free and get a 20% rebate 3. the kits come with more than just the batteries 4. The Cirrus 3X kit has 3 batteries 5. The Cirrus 3 kit comes with the 2 year warranty which includes a free battery exchange after the 1st year – the result is the battery elements can be a more reasonable $25-30 each, but you have a large up front cost. If you are looking for a high quality sealed cartridge with small batteries, Cirrus 3X is the best. If you are looking for a hobby (make your own flavors, build your own elements, change your own batteries, etc.) While Cloud isn’t what you want.

  21. I am on White Clouds for almost 2 years now, never looked back, never considered a different brand. Yes, the starter kit is a little expensive at first, but so are real cigarettes. I did not quit the habit to save money, but to avoid smelly rooms, dirty ash trays as well as running into trouble like “why are you still smoking?”. White Cloud’s customer service is outstanding, and when you order online, there is always some kind of promotion, discount or coupons available. If a cartridge doesn’t work right, they replace it. Your online order is processed the same day, delivery usually within 2 or 3 days. They recently lowered the price for cartridges. They had free shipping until recently, it is now $4.99, no matter how much you order. They have all kinds of different strengths and flavors, although I like the regular tobacco flavor the best. They recently came out with the PHANTOM, which does not even create vapor anymore, you can smoke them and nobody will even see any kind of vapor. Way to go, White Cloud.

  22. I loved my Cirrus I a year ago. As time went on, I even added a Cirrus II. (Cirrus I has been eliminated, now). The problem is with the cartridges. I generally buy 5 boxes at a time. At first, there was the occasional ‘nasty-tasting’ cartridge and I thought oh well, everybody messes up now & then. This happened more & more. The last bunch I bought were consistently the same, but the flavor (menthol) in my case just wasn’t there. Worse, everytime I vaped, I got slightly nauseated. That SCARED me. I am searching for something else now.

  23. I purchased my White Cloud starter kit about 2 years ago. I use it as a backup for those times a real cigarette is not permissible such as a non smoking room at a hotel, etc. White Cloud is the third and last brand of e-cigarettes I have purchased because hands down it offers everything I was looking for. The draw, the taste and the battery life are what sold me on it. I also personally love the very clean and sleek look of it. I find their customer service to be top notch and right on top of any question or problem I had. My emails were always answered very quickly. The other thing I might mention is I was very impressed with all the choices you have in flavor cartridges and different size kits.

  24. I love white cloud, it’s the best e-cig I’ve ever used, I’ve tried a few and none of the others can even come close to what this company has created. I love the different flavor cartridges, they taste better than the other ones I’ve tried also. I’ve saved a ton of money, I can smoke these wherever I want to, and the customer service is the best! They answer any questions you have, are always willing to help, they’re great! White cloud is the only e-cig I recommend to my friends. :)

  25. When I went looking for an ecigarette, I was prompted by a workplace policy that prevented smoking on site–I mean within two miles, not in your car if its in the lot–nothing. Naturally I flipped out–I tried so many of the brands, the ones in the gas stations, the liquid ones, some blue garbage, and then I found white cloud. At first, the investment seemed steep compared to other brands, but in this case, I found you REALLY do get what you pay for. I couldnt find something that satisfied every physical dependency I had on cigarettes, either I couldnt feel the burn, I couldnt see the vapor, or the taste wasnt dirty enough. This hit every spot. So I bought it just for use at work about two years ago. Id take my little pack of nic-fix with me in the morning and light up right after my shift was over–well after I was well off the lot. I’m not sure when it happened, but eventually I stopped going for the real ones after work, the nicotine fix was such that, I didnt even crave one. Over about a year, I completely stopped smoking the real things. I cant even stand the smell of one. I feel so much better, I smell so much better, and I try to tell everyone about this-dont look at it like you are trying to quit–you set yourself up for failure–look at it as someone trying to lose weight does a slim fast–something to tide you over until you can pick up the chocolate shake.–eventually, you forget all about it. Its the best thing I never meant to stick with. Now I just pray they go out of business. Ever.

  26. I love my White Cloud e cigarette I have tried a few other brands and I have to come back to the White Cloud. The ease of use, the size of the unit(most people don’t even realize that it is not a “real” cigarette), the taste. Really every thing. I put a pen pocket clip on my smoke and don’t drop it so much and it is very handy to keep it near by.
    The price is high but you get what you pay for. I have never had any problems with my smoke but like I say it hasn’t been dropped a lot. It has come in handy when I had a stay in the hospital also when I had to fly to the other side of the US, all in all, LOVE it.

  27. Great cigarette. Really like to use it while driving. I smoked about a pack or a half a pack day and I am completely satisfied with the whit cloud electronic cigarette. It really satisfies my desire to smoke. It actually feels like you are smoking and I love watching the vapor smoke . I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to quit. I also feel it is very reasonably priced compared to smoking. It is very easy to order refills online. Love It.

  28. I’ve been smoking for over 4 decades, with the occasional year or two break (just to change things up a bit) so, I think I qualify as a professional.
    I was given the Cirrus White Cloud E-Cigarette as a Christmas gift from my sister in 2011, and for months I looked at it, promising myself to really commit to quitting for good “this time.” Well, after the usual delays (there’s always a reason not to quit: I’m too busy, I gained weight over the holidays, it’s tax time, or some such nonsense) I finally made the decision to completely cease and desist when I found myself waking up at night to have a smoke and would retch once that first drag was taken. I had had enough, and the next morning, 4 weeks and 4 days ago today, I used the White Cloud e-cigarette, and haven’t looked back since.
    The WC is EXACTLY like having a smoke, without any of the 10,000 or so toxins and chemicals gift-wrapped in each pack. I am free, and have my taste buds, clean clothes, smooth, glowing skin, and a new appreciation for the independence which eluded me for so long at my fingertips. I’ve talked to many people who have e-cigs, and they’ve tried mine, all saying they wish they bought the White Cloud solution as it’s so light, clean, slim, and smokes like a regular cigarette. I’m thrilled to pieces with the product, and know this time, it’s curtains for my habit!
    Thank you, White Cloud!!!!

    Thank you for helping me get my life back!!!

  29. I have been using White Cloud batteries and cartridges for a little over two years. I initially bought the Cirrus III starter kit with the two year warrantee. It comes with three batteries, a charger and a 5-pack of cartridges. Having three batteries is very nice because one is always charging while the other battery is in use.

    The batteries last a long time; many recharge cycles. I have had to replace some that got wet or eventually wouldn’t hold a charge. The warrantee exchange was quick and painless. White Cloud pays for shipping of the replacements and includes a shipping label for the return. The replacements where shipped immediately upon contacting them and arrived a couple days later.

    Their cartridges are excellent although I would like them to have a bigger selection of flavors. They have recently addressed this and now have more choices. But I haven’t tried them yet. The cartridges last a long time. I bought a pack of refillable cartridges and fluid from V2 a few months back. Although they worked, they had nowhere near the longevity of the White Cloud cartridge.

    Even though the capital investment is high, the overall cost is low; much lower than the cheaper batteries and cartridges you find on the web. I recommend White Cloud to all my friends and colleagues who ask me how I quit smoking the dangerous sticks. Some balk at the cost and so have gone with cheaper stuff. I figure they will, as I did, sort things out and come around to White Cloud. If you’re just getting started, save your time and money. Go with the best to start and get the White Cloud products.

  30. White Cloud electronice cigs are the best! I smoked for over 30 years, was in the mall one day and stopped by their kiosk. I thought about quitting for health reasons and also the cost of cigarettes. The rep was very pleasant and I tried a few different flavors. That vanilla stuck with me and about 2 weeks later, I was down to my last pack of cigarettes and thought this is the time to quit. Went back to the kiosk and bought the starter kit and have used white cloud ever since. When I travel I am able to smoke on th eplanes and no more smoking breaks! I know other people that have used much cheaper electronic cigs, but u get what u pay for! Never any leaking and very high quality and customer service with White Cloud!

  31. After trying a variety of less expensive electronic cigaretts, and while I was reluctant to spend the high cost of the starter kit, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the kit. It was the best decision I had made. Not only do the cartridges deliver great vapor and right amount of hit strength in the throat, the flavors are excellent and not overwhelming as many of the refillable nicotine fluids are.
    Shipping is fast and fair priced and even free with the right purchase amount. The batteries are amazing for the length of time before a recharge is needed. The cartridges are well priced considering the concept of throw away cartridges with a new vaporizer in every cartridge.
    I would reccommend biting the bullet and paying for the starter kit before you waste time and money as I did trying to buy a less expensive or even other brand which you will most likely throw away after buying the Whitecloud.

  32. When I first saw White Cloud, I couldn’t imagine spending that kind of money. After all, part of the reason I switched from tobacco was because the cost was so high. But then my best friend got the White Cloud from her husband at Christmas and she offered to let me try it. After one test drive with White Cloud, I realized why it costs more than the brand I was using. It was SOOOO much better. So I bit the bullet and bought my own White Cloud kit. I haven’t regretted it at all.

  33. This company is nothing but a ripoff. If you are considering e-cigs, I suggest you try a company who offers a 100% refund in case you find out you don’t like e-cigs like I did. I tried the cirrus 3x product, was not impressed with the smoke, and I also found out I am allergic to something in the cartridges. Of course, they are charging me $63.00 for a restocking fee, which seems pretty high since I mailed the product back to them the very next day and I don’t think it will cost them $63.00 to restock the cartridges or anything else in the kit. I wonder what they do with the items they restock, maybe refurbish and sell them as new to other customers. When I was on the phone with customer service they said each battery costs $140.00. And one more thing I would like to mention, the 2 yr warranty that is included with the kit is only a manufacturer’s warranty, it is not the extended 2 yr warranty they sell.

  34. I had tried about 4 different e-cigs before I broke down and shelled out the RIDICULOUSLY high price for a White Cloud kit. However, I have to share that it was worth EVERY PENNY. The White Cloud is worlds above other brands. The quality is just amazing. The taste is better, the vapor is better, the e-cig is just made better all around. I won’t ever settle for less. If I’m going to invest in the e-cig, it’s going to be the best e-cig and that is definitely White Cloud.

  35. I bought my white cloud when I was getting serious about e-cigarettes after trying a few to help me cut down with my smoking. The price compared to other ec-igs is massive. TO be honest, having invested all that money, I was a little under-whelmed. The batteries last for ever, it produces lots of vapor but it doesn’t feel like the money I paid for it. Yes it is a big step up in quality from maybe the more popular brands I’ve tried in the past, but the price to quality curve isn’t even. Not to say I don’t enjoy using it and it is by far the best e-cigarette I’ve own, just didn’t quite meet my expectations. My e-cig using friends think I’m too harsh though and they would buy it if they could afford one.

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