Woman Could Face Jail Time for Using Ecig On Flight Woman Could Face Jail Time for Using Ecig On Flight

Everyday, vapers fly with their ecigs in tow and usually, it doesn’t cause any problems. But this week, things went sour for Hawaiian realtor Kristen Sharp as she tried vaping on a flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu. Witnesses claim that Sharp was vaping in her seat and in the restroom when the flight attendant told her she couldn’t use the ecig on board. The confrontation quickly turned ugly and now Sharp is facing an investigation from the FBI and could wind up behind bars.

Passengers claim that Sharp cursed and threw her soda can at the flight attendant and even exposed her breasts. They describe her as being drunk and belligerent when the confrontation escalated. However, Sharp argues that she was treated unfairly and insists that she complied with the flight attendant’s request to put her ecig away. “After he asked me to stop vaping, I did stop vaping and I put my vapor away in my purse,” she said. “I was just not happy with being treated poorly.”

“So I’m apologizing that it did happen, but it did not need to get carried to the level that it did,” she said. “I think he (the flight attendant) had a bad day and was taking it out on me with a bad attitude.”

When the plane landed, Sharp was detained by the FBI and later released pending an investigation. Allegiant Air issued a statement after the incident, reminding passengers that ecigs cannot be used during flights. “FAA regulations prohibit the use of e-cigarettes while on board an aircraft, and also require that all passengers comply with crew member instructions to ensure the safety of all on board.”

If the FBI decides to bring charges against Sharp, she could face a steep fine or even serious jail time. The penalty for interfering or assaulting a flight attendant is up to 20 years in prison. Do you think Sharp should be punished for her actions on the plane? Did the airline overreact by involving the FBI?


Katie Bercham - CocktailNerd Editor

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